Why My Boss Is Nervous Around Me – 10 Reasons To See

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My boss always struggles to keep eye contact with me when I talk to him. But he doesn’t do the same to others; he’s outspoken and enjoys talking to my coworkers.

Why Is My Boss Nervous Around Me – 10 Reasons To See

It was natural for me to feel awkward with my boss because of this indifferent behavior. But then I started digging into the reasons that made him do this.

After discovering the reasons, it’s right to say that the nervousness is either because of the fear or he has a crush on me. If you’re going through the same, I’ll suggest you read this article.

The following reasons will save you from further trouble and better deal with your boss’s nervousness.

1. My Boss Is Not As Competent As I Am

My boss was always quiet and calm whenever I saw him, and we never had a detailed conversation. So I always thought of him to be a nice person who doesn’t poke his nose in others’ matters.

The Reason Of Nervousness Is Incompetence
My Boss Is Not As Competent As I Am

Once I had a great idea for a project and shared it with my male boss acts weird around me. To my surprise, he presented my idea as his own and took all the credit for it. Of course, I got offended but couldn’t do anything.

The reason why am i nervous around my boss he was always why is he so nervous around me was the incompetence that he had been hiding.

2. Why Is My Boss Nervous Around Me – Too Shy To Make Eye Contact

A generally shy person who can’t keep eye contact with anyone will do the same to you. If your boss doesn’t address you directly, it can be due to that awkward shyness he feels around you.

In addition, you might find out that the boss lacks the confidence to come up and speak in front of you.

The lack of confidence can be because of the courage and tenacity in your personality.

3. The Boss Has Developed An Anti-Social Personality

Your boss is nervous around you, because he has developed an anti-social personality over time.

Whatever he does is a try to hide his true personality, but he fails up because nervousness is always obvious.

My Boss Generally Likes To Stay Away From People
The Boss Has Developed An Anti-Social Personality

The boss is now super sensitive, and even trivial things bother him a lot. As a result, he prefers to stay alone in his cabin and instructs you over the phone.

So whenever someone surrounds him, his hands are shaking, and he loses confidence.

4. The Boss Is Weird In Person But Follows Me On Social Media

We all use social media like a morning ritual now. So, either it’s Facebook or Instagram, scrolling through the newsfeed is necessary.

The Nervous Boss Follows Me On Social Media
The Boss Is Weird In Person But Follows Me On Social Media

If your boss doesn’t talk to you much in the office, but you get his likes on your post as soon as you wake up. Then there are chances that he’s just shy and nervous to talk to you in person.

It can also be due to a hidden infatuation of the boss that he likes to chat with you on social media.

5. Why Is My Boss Nervous Around Me – He Might Doesn’t Like Me

After noticing it several times, I’m sure to say that my boss behaves differently when he’s around me. For example, he can’t maintain eye contact when I brief him about a project.

My Boss Is Nervous Because He Hates Me
Why Is My Boss Nervous Around Me – He Might Doesnt Like Me

my boss seems uncomfortable around me and quiet when the two of us get left in the conference room at the end of a meeting. Initially, I confused it with being a coincidence and ignored it.

But the things were different when the boss was interacting with someone else. That’s maybe because he doesn’t like my presence and acts awkward around me.

6. He’s Head Over Heels In Love With Me

Last year, I was on a business trip with my boss, and I noticed a couple of strange things. First, we had dinner together, and there was an awkward silence, but I saw him blushing and smiling a bit of time.

At work, he doesn’t try to know me beyond work as he does to everyone else. But then he says, what will I do without you when he has to praise me for good work.

The Nervous Is Nervous Because He Loves Me
Hes Head Over Heels In Love With Me

That leads me to think that it’s not nervousness but his feelings for me that he’s been hiding.

So nervousness doesn’t need to be a sign of fear or lack of confidence. My boss is awkward around me. But sometimes, it can be a sign of a crush they have on you.

7. why is my boss acting weird around me – The Boss Is Afraid Of Me

Say you had easy access to your boss in the beginning, and you both made plans together. But now you feel that you have got shut out, and your boss doesn’t prioritize you as he did before.

That sudden weird behavior can be due to the fear they feel around you.

The boss might think that you’ll surpass him or snatch away his position. That’s why he has started to maintain a distance and doesn’t break the ice when you’re around.

8. My Boss Is Nervous Around Me Because He’s Generally Anxious

The work is as stressful for your boss as it’s for you. So it can be another reason for his nervous behavior around you that he’s overwhelmed because of work.

The Boss Is Overwhelmed With The Workload
My Boss Is Nervous Around Me Because Hes Generally Anxious

When things don’t go well in the office, your boss is the first one to feel the heat. He might be surrounded by external pressures and has to work for longer hours.

So your boss is avoiding everyone around and acting nervously because of the deadlines.

9. The Boss Has Some Feelings For Me

The boss, who’s very outgoing and frank with everyone else, is very uncomfortable around me. He barely says anything when I go to his office.

I wondered if he dislikes me, but then he doesn’t try to get away from me or anything else.

The Boss Feels Something For Me
The Boss Has Some Feelings For Me

Whenever I try to talk to my boss, he looks away from me or at the floor, blushes, and says just 3 to 5 words.

I’m not sure if he likes me, but I have heard it’s hard for a guy who likes in your face and has to hide it.

It’s evident that the boss feels differently for you because he doesn’t try to avoid you.

10. Why Is My Boss Nervous Around Me – He Feels Threatened By Me

Initially, my boss used to acknowledge my good work, but now he finds fault in everything you do.

Other people are always praising me, but my boss never does. i feel uncomfortable around my boss like my success threatens him.

The Behavior Shows He Is Threatened By You
Why Is My Boss Nervous Around Me – He Feels Threatened By Me

He avoids coming in contact with me and looks at me from the corner of his eyes.

Also, he started to take away those projects from me which had the highest impact and gave it to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I not be awkward around my boss?

To not be awkward around your boss, you should try these confidence-building tips. First, get to know more about your boss as a person. Rehearse your interactions with the boss and fix the mistakes, if any. Be a great employee, and remember that you both are on the same side.

How do you tell if your boss is scared of you?

If your boss refuses to share high-end projects and blocks your growth, he might be scared of you. You feel that your boss is overly critical and micromanages everything. As a result, they are uncommunicative and avoid meeting with you.

How can I be more confident around my boss?

You can be more confident around your boss if you ask for what you want. If you do not ask, you won’t get it. Try not to panic in stressful situations and regularly converse with different people. Don’t be afraid of your boss and celebrate your achievements.

What to do if your boss makes you feel uncomfortable?

Begin with evaluating the situation honestly. Then, try to understand your boss’s problems and communication style. Avoid wasting your energy thinking about your miserable boss. Instead, remember that you didn’t do anything wrong.


There can be other different reasons why my boss is nervous around me. But it’s more important to learn how to deal with this situation.

If your boss is afraid of you or has a crush on you, he will behave nervously. There’s nothing to get worried about.

You can help your boss in minimizing his stress and nervousness by staying positive.

So next time your boss looks away when you’re talking to him, ask him if he’s okay or needs something.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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