10 Signs Of Insecure Coworkers – Beating The Insecurities

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Insecure coworkers make the environment uncomfortable by either being too mean or too unproductive.

No one of us wants to work with insecure people who can’t bring any good to others as well as to themselves. So how do you deal with it?

10 Signs Of Insecure Coworkers To See

First of all, identify the signs of insecure people so you can decide the next step. Being with an insecure person for so long can cause you harm as this insecurity catches roots in you as well.

Insecure people are tricky, but the good part is these signs are red flags, and you can easily spot such a coworker.

1. That Insecurity Will Harm Everyone Around:

It’s one of the strongest signs of insecure coworkers where they put others down to feel good. They’ll mock other’s achievements and cut out their happiness.

Insecure Coworkers Put Other People Down
That Insecurity Will Harm Everyone Around

Secure people are always happy to see other people getting successful around them. Yet, if someone is negative towards the group achievements, then he’s one of those insecure coworkers.

People who are too competitive can also be insecure because they’ve to beat others to show their worth.

2. Blabbering Shit Is The Favorite Game:

Insecure people have to prove their worth by portraying others wrong in the picture. For this purpose, they talk wrong about others in their absence.

A little bit of workplace gossip is typical in most offices, and it’s even considered healthy.

But if a person is always occupied with gossips and finds new rumors, then it’s a sign of insecurity.

3. Insecure Coworkers Will Wear Away Your Excellence:

If you discuss an amazing idea with your insecure coworker, he’d probably steal it and present it as his own.

Also, your insecure coworker won’t involve you in the group project because he fears you’ll do good.

It’s an absolute sign of insecurity where your coworker is trying to mess with your work. They love to take credit for others’ work and bring you down every time you get successful.

4. Rarely Says Something Authentic – Signs of Insecure Coworkers:

It’s always difficult to trust dishonest people, so is the case with insecure coworkers. If you find your coworker lying or stealing the credit for other’s work, he is not only insecure but dishonest too.

Dishonesty Is One Of The Signs Of Insecure Coworkers
Rarely Says Something Authentic – Signs of Insecure Coworkers

You must be thinking that their lies haven’t affected you yet, but that’s not enough to trust a dishonest person.

You can’t expect that your insecure coworkers will keep your interests in their hearts.

5. A Deep-Seated Feeling – They Hate You:

If you have this strong thought in your head that your coworker doesn’t like you, it can be true sometimes.

A person who’s insecure about you will treat you differently from others, and you can notice it. You’re not their favorite person probably because you are doing good as compared to them.

So trust your gut and watch out for other signs that your coworker is insecure.

6. There’s Always A Clash – Signs Of Insecure Coworkers:

If a coworker bashes you for every idea you present, he might be doing it because of insecurity. 

It’s a bad thing as you’re demotivated for not getting to speak up and complete your sentence.

Insecure People Always Show Disagreement
There’s Always A Clash – Signs Of Insecure Coworkers

Due to the severity of their dislike towards a person, they get biased against his ideas.

So disagreement is a sign that your coworker is insecure towards you.

7. Manipulate You To Get Benefits:

Your insecure coworker will try his best to throw you under the bus every time there’s a problem in the company.

If this trick doesn’t work, he’ll try other tactics to get rid of you.

Have you seen them sending your job posting to other companies? Or do they always offer you to make contacts with another company?

It might seem that they are striving for you to get something better, but that’s not true. They’ll tell you that they want you to be happier and successful.

8. They’re A Bundle Of Pessimism – Signs Of Insecure Coworkers:

Insecure people show this behavior, including arrogance, bragging, and aggression. They try to mask their insecurities behind a curtain of overcompensation.

Signs Of Insecure Coworkers
They’re A Bundle Of Pessimism – Signs Of Insecure Coworkers

An insecure coworker is trying to cover up something by engaging in such behavior.

For instance, if your coworker always brags about his achievements, he’s probably insecure.

9. They’re Always Looking For Some Credits:

People who want to get pleased and receive appreciation have an insecurity issue. It’s okay if someone wants to get praised, but needing external validation to feel worthy is another thing.

Such kind of behavior is somehow linked to low self-worth. Always seeking out compliments and going behind what’s expected are the signs of insecurity.

10. Overly Anti-Social Behavior:

Social withdrawal, anxiety, and avoidance are some other behaviors related to insecurity.

Insecure People Lacks Confidence
Overly Anti-Social Behaviour

Insecure people are never too social in the office; they don’t like to contribute or speak up for something.

Such people can be too conscious and even fidgeting in unfavorable conditions.

Insecure coworkers will avoid such situations that need confidence, like giving a presentation.

How To Deal With Insecure Coworkers

Knowing how to deal with insecure coworkers is necessary, otherwise, you can’t survive workplace politics. Here are some easy ways you should know while working with an insecure coworker.

1. Recognize The Signs Of Insecure Coworkers:

First of all, you have to recognize the signs of an insecure coworker. They might get involved in demeaning behavior or always brags about their success.

Spot The Signs Of Insecurity To Begin With
Recognize The signs of an insecure coworker

Another common trait in insecure people is bullying that they use to put other people down. In severe cases, insecure people use anger to feel powerful and self-confident.

Another sign can be going to managers for getting approval and feeling valued.

2. Build A Wall Around Yourself:

Secondly, you need to limit the time spent with your insecure coworker. It can be energy-draining if you allow them to come to you to get their frustration out.

Remember that they don’t have this right to bark at you, especially when you don’t deserve it. It can be impossible in some situations, but you can try coming early and leaving late from work.

3. Praise Your Coworker – Signs Of Insecure Coworkers:

You should praise your insecure coworker when they really do a good job. You might not need appreciation for little things, but your insecure coworker needs it.

Such kind of voluntary praise might reduce the coworker’s need to seek validation.

4. Have A Coffee Together:

Talk about the issues related to their job in private. If you confront your coworker publicly, he might need validation from everyone around them.

Confront Your Insecure Coworker In Private

If they start doing so, it can take too much time for others and affect their job performance.

5. Be Clear With Them – Signs Of Insecure Coworkers:

You should provide clear directions about the projects to your insecure coworker. Also, let them know the ways to fix problems rather than throwing them under the bus.

If you give solutions to your insecure coworkers, they won’t get indulged in unproductive behaviours.

6. Talk To Your Boss:

Talk to your manager or HR about this issue. You must not be the only one who’s dealing with this insecure coworker.

Getting your boss into the matter will help you better deal with the matter overall. 

If you bring this issue to HR, they’ll discuss it with the insecure coworker to get a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if a coworker feels threatened by you?

If a coworker says he’s too busy to help you, he might get threatened by you. Asking for help makes you feel embarrassed. A threatened coworker might talk negatively about you when you move away. That’s a clear sign of jealousy.

What are the signs of an insecure person?

An insecure person will always try to make you feel insecure yourself. Such people are always bragging about their achievements. You’ll always see an insecure person complaining that things aren’t too good.

What causes insecurity at work?

Insecurity at work is seen as a personal defect that’s linked with imposter syndrome. Sometimes it’s associated with ambition and overwork. That’s the case of people who are called overachievers.

What does insecurity feel like?

Insecurity is a feeling that makes a person think that he isn’t enough. It’s a feeling of inadequacy that produces anxiety for your work. Insecurity can appear in all areas of life and can come from a variety of causes.


If you’re aware of your insecure coworker and his toxic behaviors, it’s easier for you to protect yourself. You need to shield yourself from getting manipulated and undermined by such insecure behavior.

It also doesn’t mean to make yourself too much distrustful. If you do make yourself too much suspicious, you can’t make good relationships.

Be careful who you trust, but don’t be paranoid!

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