14 Major Signs Your Boss Cares About You

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Bosses are known to be assholes as they have nothing to do with employees’ wellbeing, they just want the work done.

In such conditions, if you’ve got a boss who cares about you, you’re blessed beyond your imagination.

Being grateful for such kind of boss good, but don’t be too overwhelmed with this feeling, as excess always causes harm.

14 Amazing Signs Your Boss Cares About You

Working in an authoritative position, it’s necessary for the boss to take care of people working under him.

But if he doesn’t do that, it can bring chaos to the organization and people might quit their jobs.

If you have a caring boss, your next thought should be developing a positive relationship with him. A good boss is like a good friend who lets you think out of the box and respects your opinions.

Here are some obvious signs that show your boss cares about you and your opinions.

1. Pushes You To Take Part In Growth-Allowing Projects:

Your caring boss wants you to grow more as a person than his employee. For this purpose, he’ll push you to participate in every assignment that allows growth and development.

He’ll be happy to see you getting flourished in every aspect of life.

A good boss knows that a complete person can add more value to the company. So when you see your boss motivating you to go for such projects, remember that you’re lucky.

2. A Caring Boss Always Shields Your Weak Points:

Bosses know us the best! Working under him for so many years has made him aware of the areas where you lack.

If someone is targeting your weaknesses, he’ll be there to protect you and your image.

He might be doing this selflessly because he sees you as a significant asset to the company. 

Consider it a sign when next time your boss becomes a wall between you and your haters.

3. Offers You Coffee When He Grabs His Own Cup – Signs Your Boss Cares About You:

Does your boss sneak into your cabin to ask you for a coffee together? If he does this often, then you should be sure that he cares about you.

He wants to make sure you stay active and do your job in your best capacity. During the lunch break, he might ask you to go for lunch together and asks about your personal life.

Only a caring boss would go beyond expectations to do this all for you!

4. Your Boss Reaches Out To You More Often:

A boss who cares for you will catch up with you very often to see if you’re doing okay. He might ask you about your work and personal life.

The purpose is to check out if you have any problem and to provide a potential solution for it. 

So if you see your boss waving at you while passing your cabin then it’s a sign he cares about you. He might not do the same to others because you’re his favorite.

5. Your Boss Keeps His Ears Open For You – Signs Your Boss Cares About You:

A caring boss is always all ears to you because he doesn’t want to miss out on what you have to say.

He values your opinions more than he does to others. If you’re giving ideas for the well-being of your company, he welcomes your ideas with an open mind. 

Not only he listens to your ideas but gives you credit for your contributions to the company’s success.

Signs Your Boss Cares About You
Your Boss Keeps His Ears Open For You – Sign Your Boss is Caring

So if your boss is quite friendly and listens to your rants more often, then it’s a sign of a caring boss. It will also help you to keep your job.

6. He Calls Your Name When A Significant Project Approaches:

If your boss does care about you, he’ll always think about you first while assigning projects.

You will feel like you’re on a roll and have one project coming after the other.

Your Boss Knows Your Skills
He Calls Your Name When A Significant Project Approaches

Not only he cares about you, but your career as well, because he knows such things can boost your career. 

When you’re working under a caring boss it will be the beginning of your good performance.

7. You Can’t Fall When He’s Around – Signs Your Boss Cares About You:

A good boss is the one who has got your back and never lets you fall. Your boss will always stick up to your side when your name gets discussed in meetings.

He won’t let anyone belittle you or backstab you when you’re not there.

A Caring Boss Stand At Your Back
You Can’t Fall When He’s Around – Signs Your Boss Cares About You

Your boss always lifts your name and pushes you forward to the path of success.

It’s your right because you have been doing efforts for them. And you deserve something in the back.

8. A Good Boss Backs Off When Proven Incorrect:

It’s easier for a boss to put all the blame for a wrong project on an employee. But a caring boss won’t ever do this to you.

Because he’s well aware of his responsibilities and doesn’t want to make a mess.

If your boss is not willing to accept his mistakes, you should directly confront him and solve that matter out. 

Contrary, a boss who knows his mistakes and how to apologize for them is a gem.

If your boss compensates for his mistakes, you’re working under the right person.

9. Giving You Unique Freedoms – A Sign Your Boss Cares About You:

You’ll find that you have much more freedom as compared to other people. It can be in the form of not getting your work micromanaged.

Signs Your Boss Cares About You
Giving You Unique Freedoms – A Sign Your Boss Cares About You

If your schedules are less rigid and you can put your opinions on the table, then you have that freedom. Because your boss trusts you and thinks you have communication skills.

You will feel like you are working with a peer more than a boss.

10. He Knows You Have Responsibilities Outside The Work:

A caring boss will always support your commitments. He knows that you are a human being and you have a family too.

Such bosses understand that you can’t do overtime even when not getting paid. So if your boss goes out of his way to do things for you then this is the sign.

As long as your boss is flexible and you’re playing your part the right way, then things are well and good. If your boss doesn’t respect your personal time, you need to speak up.

Speaking up will help you to not let your work commitments go wrong with non-workings.

If it doesn’t happen, and everything on your boss’s end is good, then take it as a sign.

11. Sticks Closer To The Facts When Working With You:

Another signs your boss has your back is that every relationship works on honesty and so is employee-employer relations. And we also know that truth is bitter so you will have to be able to take the truth.

Because an honest boss would give truthful feedback and it may include criticism and requests for improvement.

If your boss is criticizing you constructively, you should be glad that he cares for you.

Signs Your Boss Cares About You
Sticks Closer To The Facts When Working With You

A caring boss won’t ever hide bitter news from you, he knows what’s best for you. Such a pure relationship of employer and employee is quite rare, if you have that enjoy it!

12. Your Boss Believes You’ll Be His Lifesaver In Crisis:

Your boss trusting you more than he trusts anyone else is a great sign he cares about you.

He knows that you’ll be there to save him if he’s stuck in a bad situation. That’s why he gives you more and more freedom to work in your own way because he wants to see you stronger.

Also, he see leadership skills in you and considers you wise enough to fix things.

This sign shows that you are working with the right person and you are in your boss’s good books.

13. Your Boss Remembers Your Birthday And Sends You A Card.

One of the best ways a manager can show that they care for their team is by remembering important dates. These can be birthdays, anniversaries, or personal milestones.

They don’t let the day go by without a thank you. “An email with a short, sincere message will let your boss know that this type of acknowledgment is greatly appreciated,” says business etiquette expert Diane Gottsman.

This personal touch doesn’t have to be limited to birthdays, either.

14. Letting You To Be Frank And Candid:

This sign is no doubt an important one. Your boss lets you be frank and candid with him because he wants to listen to your input.

You Can Speak Your Heart Out
Letting You To Be Frank And Candid

He values your opinions and thinks these to be constructive.

So if you are speaking on the behalf of your coworkers and tell your boss that he was harsh. He might listen to you and respect what you say.

Frequent Asked Questions

How Do You Know If Your Boss Is Happy With You?

You can tell if your boss is quite impressed with your work. Because he asks for your input during meetings and considers it necessary. This is one of the signs your boss is caring when he gives you enough time to talk about your thoughts. And then responds according to what you said.

How Do You Know If Your Boss Secretly Likes You?

You can tell if your boss has a crush on you. Because if they do, they’ll consider you confidential and share their secrets with you. Because sharing secrets is a strong sign that someone likes you. Getting preferential treatment from your boss is also a sign that he likes you.

How Do You Know If Your Boss Is Taking Advantage Of You?

These are the major signs that your boss is taking advantage of you. Your workload is increasing day by day and you are getting unnecessary work. Doing other peoples’ work is also a sign. Your boss would try his best to make you feel worse.

What To Do When Your Boss Is Giving You More Work?

First of all, you should try to take some professional advice from a mentor. Then sit down with your manager and be honest about what you feel. Check your time and make a list of priorities. Say No to work which doesn’t belong to you.


These signs are visible and tell you that your boss cares about you. Because he gives you the credit you deserve.

And they stick behind your back because they won’t let you fall. All these are the signs that you are lucky to work with such a person.

A caring boss always takes care not to embarrass you. Because he doesn’t want to demotivate you and break your stamina.

The caring boss always goes out of their way to make a challenging life easier for you. Also, they’d make sure that you succeed at whatever you do and keep on learning new skills.

So if you are lucky to work with such a boss, keep that gem in your life.

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