20 Powerful Tips On How To Keep A Job And Why?

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While working on the same job, you may have forgotten the importance of your job. But keeping a job can be necessary to make your ends meet.

Whichever industry you are working in, there are some easy ways to help you get job security.

Let us make it clear why there is a need to secure your job. Why you should do it.

This article will tell you some amazing tips for securing different kinds of jobs.

20 Powerful Tips On How To Keep A Job

If you’re interested to secure your current position. Then these things can help you to do this task.

The more effort you’ll put in to secure your job. The more there will be chances for your job to stay for a longer time.

See these amazing tips on how you can secure a job.

1. Strive As Much As You Can:

Ask yourself is there a way to make your job work? Then explore these ways and how can they work for you.

Asking for a change in shift or transfer to another department can be helpful.

How To Keep A Job
Strive As Much As You Can

This way you can feel different about your job. Any small or big change can make you feel better.

So this is how you can convince yourself to stay.

2. Never Get Late From Work:

If you are not on time to work or taking too long lunch breaks and leave early. Then remember you can’t win your boss this way.

Being punctual is the best way you can use it. Arrive to work on time and be consistent in doing so.

Show you have respect for both your company and employees working there.

Punctuality Is The Key To Win A Job
Never Get Late From Work

If there’s a serious personal issue, then explain it to your boss. And ask for extra time to amend the loss.

Being punctual can also help you to complete your work. And make relations with your peers.

3. Keep Your Productivity At Its Highest:

Instead of wasting your working hours on texting or social media. You should be loyal to your job.

It means you should work for the things you are getting paid for.

When companies do downsizing, employers try to keep the most productive employees.

Make sure that you are one of such employees. It’s fine to take an occasional break, but fulfill your responsibilities in time.

4. Join Hands With Your Team:

Be such an employee who cooperates with everyone. Because it’s important to get along with your coworkers and manager.

Show everyone that you respect them and offer your help when it’s needed.

Working In Team Can Impress Your Boss
Join Hands With Your Team

All these things can make you a good team player. And you can play your role to create happiness at the workplace.

A positive attitude can help you to earn respect and trust from your boss.

5. Be The One-Of-A-Kind Person:

Adopt some traits that your employer would think of ten times before replacing you.

Improve your skills and make sure no one else possesses such skills. So when a problem arises, everyone reaches out to you.

This will depict that you not only can handle your responsibilities. But you can also go beyond in case of need.

6. How To Keep A Job – Avoid Making A Fuss About Everything:

Employers don’t like those employees who always whine about work. So even if your complaints are valid, you should not whine.

Remember that many other people are waiting to take over your job. So complaining can cause you to lose your job.

Keep A Job By Never Complaining
How To Keep A Job – Avoid Making A Fuss About Everything

Yet, in some cases, you should speak up. For example, getting discriminated against or harassed by someone at the workplace.

You should go to HR and document whatever happened in writing.

7. Serve As A Volunteer:

This is the best way to secure your job. You can volunteer to take on new responsibilities.

It will benefit your employer and also gives you more opportunities. Such as you can learn new things by being out of your comfort zone.

8. How To Keep A Job – Show Some Flexibility:

As an employee, you should be a bit flexible to meet the expectations of your employer.

What does it mean to be flexible? If your employer requires you to change the shift with another employee. Then you should be flexible enough to adapt to this change.

How To Keep A Job
Show Some Flexibility

Covering some other person’s leave or working overtime is to be flexible.

The more you are willing to adopt the change, the more valuable your image will be.

9. Be A Good Friend With Your Boss:

Consider making a positive and strong relationship with your boss.

Try to make a relationship where you both have trust and respect for one another.

Such a relationship can be beneficial. It decreases your chances to get laid off.

10. Be Positive Enough To Deal With It:

A positive attitude can play the role of a key component in keeping your job secure.

No matter what the circumstances are maintaining a positive attitude is important. It brings ease to your life as well as the ones working along with you.

Maintaining a positive attitude also shows your dedication to your employer.

It depicts you as a team player who can look behind the issues.

11. Avoid Posting A Rant On Social Media:

How to Keep your job and social media at separate places. Even if you don’t like your job, keep it to yourself.

Posting negative comments about your job on social media can cause bad results.

How To Keep A Job
Avoid Posting A Rant On Social Media

The chances are your employer or someone else from your workplace sees it.

So you can put your job in danger by doing so. Avoid posting discontent on social media.

12. Continue Your Professional Degree:

Always consider exploring more ways to grow in your career. There are several ways for career growth.

Earning a higher degree, taking training, or earning a credential. All these are good ways for career enhancement.

It can also help to increase your knowledge so you can do your job better. And also increases the probability of a promotion.

While doing this, make sure your manager knows about your efforts.

13. How To Keep A Job – Take Your Skills To Next Level:

Companies need those people who can always grow along with them. That’s because you need to keep your skills updated according to the time.

Improving your skills with the passage of time can contribute to the company’s success.

Your growth and contributions to the company can impress your manager.

So when lay-off decisions come, they’d never ever consider you for this.

14. Always Be On Your Active Mode:

Always show your company that you are there for them. Try to get involved with your company as much as you can.

For instance, you can take part in outings and dinners. This way helps to form your better image.

Participate In Everything
Always Be On Your Active Mode

Your employer would get convinced that you see the company as something valuable.

You can also ask valid questions during meetings to show your interest.

15.  Brainstorm The Solutions:

Instead of bombarding your employer with problems, try to find solutions.

If you have this skill to solve problems, it can cause you great benefits. When a problem arises, try to take over them and offer reasonable solutions.

Employers like those employees who are problem-solving instead or problem creating.

To offer solutions to impress the manager and increase your worth.

16. Request The Feedback:

Apart from employee performance reviews, ask your employer for ways to improve.

They are the best ones for telling what you are doing right or wrong.

This is a perfect way to be a better employee. Also, it shows your interest in the job and the efforts you have been putting into it.

17. Clean Up Your Desk:

The place where you work tells a lot about your personality. So it’s always important to keep your desk tidy and organized.

A Clean Desk Can Impress The Boss
Clean Up Your Desk

It will make a good impression on your employer.

Also, it saves you time when you have to locate things. And increases the productivity of work.

18. How To Keep A Job – Get Your Work Done On Time:

For securing your job, you should always complete your work on time.

Keep a record of assignment deadlines and meet these deadlines. Being organized and having a strong focus can help you to complete your work on time.

Meeting the deadlines increases the productivity and revenue of the company remains smooth.

19. Keep Up With The Workplace Rules:

We often don’t pay much attention to the company’s policies. But now that it’s an important thing to do.

Knowing your company’s policies can help you to better stick to them.

For instance, knowing about the dress code can help you to follow it better.

20. Upgrade Your Knowledge About The Company:

Research about the company’s goals, values, and mission. This way can help you to better fit in.

Exploring About Company Can Help A Lot
Upgrade Your Knowledge About The Company

If you know your company’s mission, you can better perform your job.

6 Key Reasons To Keep A Job:

As long as you don’t have a job next in the line, you should do efforts to secure the current job.

In case if you want to leave your job. Then you should see the following reasons why you should stay at your current job.

1. Provides Financial Security

Your current job is the strongest way for your financial security right now.

Leaving your job without financial security is not a good decision at all.

So your job is worth keeping if you don’t have another way of getting a paycheck.

Everyone Needs Financial Security
Provides Financial Security

Moreover, financial stability makes it easier to pay the expenses. Ordinary expenses like rent and utilities won’t become a burden.

2. Saves You From A Job Search

After you leave your job, you’d have to look for a new job. And that is quite stressful.

Because there would be other people looking for the same jobs. And that would be increasing the competition.

Even after finding a suitable job, the struggle doesn’t end. You have to go through a long process of interview.

And fight the competition to win the game.

3. Gives Health Security

Your current job must be providing you with health security and other benefits.

If you leave your job it means you will miss these benefits and opportunities.

In some companies, benefits packages have a bit longer duration. But still, these are going to expire at some point.

Before these benefits expire if you are unable to find a new job. Then you’ll have to pay for healthcare from your pocket.

4. A Leadership Change Might Occur

If you aren’t satisfied with your current job. Even then it’s a suggestion to stay for a while.

There may be a new leadership taking over soon. So if you stay there in such conditions then it can be worthy enough.

New Leadership Can Be Worth To Stay
A Leadership Change Might Occur

The new leadership can make positive changes in the workplace. These positives can be in the form of better work culture.

Or you may get advancement in your career.

5. No Need To Rebuild Workplace Relationships

Leaving the current job means leaving your current boss and colleagues too. And you’ll have to interact with new people in a new workplace.

These connections get built over time and it takes effort to do so.

Remember that your current co-workers won’t be there at your new workplace.

And you will have to start from the beginning to build new relations. It means investing more time and more effort.

6. Being Under An Year Of Employment

It’s generally recommended to stay at your job for at least 12 months after you started.

If you leave your job before the completion of 12 months. Then it will leave a bad impression on hiring managers.

And they might doubt your career dedication taking you as a non-serious person.

Stay At Least For A Year
Being Under An Year Of Employment

It questions your reliability and stability to stay at a job. So consider your reputation in the market before you decide to leave your current job.

Frequent Asked Questions

What Skills Are In Need Of Securing A Job?

Keeping a job requires certain skills. You should be flexible enough to change with the changing work environment. Reliability is in need so you do what you said. Punctuality is an easy skill to show job dedication. You can show cooperation with your co-workers and manager to secure your job.

How Long Is The Ideal Time To Stay At A Job?

The ideal time to stay at a job is at least two years. You should try at least for two years to stay at your job. Leaving before two years can leave a bad impact on your reputation in the market. And, also you’d have to answer why you left your previous job.

How To Improve Job Skills?

You can develop your skills to work at a job. Get yourself a mentor and seek knowledge from him. Accept the new challenges coming in your way to explore your personality. Look for learning opportunities and make new friends.

How To Protect Yourself From Losing Your Job?

You can save your job by building a strong professional network. Identify and do such tasks that are worthy to be in your resume. Get an education and updated skills. Try to be a leader and keep your resume updated.


These are the best ways you can go to ensure your job security. Yet, if you don’t see yourself keeping to them.

Then you should consider changing your job. But find another job before you leave the current one.

Remember this, your manager hired you because he saw the potential in you. But that’s not enough to stay at the job.

Have a passion for whatever you do and be proud of yourself.

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