14 Noticeable Signs Your Boss Likes You

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A good relationship with your boss without toxicity will make the workplace more like a heaven for you. But that’s possible only when your boss is willing to do so.

Sometimes bosses likes their employees but won’t let them know so they don’t become laid back.

Your boss may like you as an employee and they might be in love with your work. But they don’t show it often.

14 Clear Signs Your Boss Likes You

If your boss is not so expressive and doesn’t talk about his likeliness for you, discover the signs he likes you.

Knowing the fact that your body language boss likes you can increase the productivity and overall performance at work. That’s because you’re happier than before.

Also This article will tell you about some signs your boss Dont like you. 

These are the following things to consider to know the signs your boss relish you.

1. Your Boss Loves To Catch Up With You:

Whenever your boss catches sight of you, he either waves at you or passes a big smile.

He thinks that you’re the person he’ll better connect with. Your goals, ambitions, and skills inspire him to be near you.

Moreover, you’ll often find him asking you for a lunch or dinner out. How to know if your boss likes you because he loves spending time with you.

2. He Observes You With The “Magnifying Glass”:

You may have seen your boss giving you lots and lots of feedback. He is always pointing the tiniest things in your work.

He might give you negative feedback but you should not confuse this situation with micromanaging.

Your boss is observing you from a closer point because he wants you to perform at your best. If there’s any mistake, he’ll guide you in your best interest.

Constructive Criticism Is A Sign Your Boss Likes You
He Observes You With The “Magnifying Glass”

Take his negative feedback as constructive criticism and learn new things from it. Your boss is investing in your improvement because he wants to see you doing good.

So you should handle the constructive criticism with grace and keep doing better.

3. You’re That “Favorite Guy” In The Office:

It’s not necessary that my boss like you when he goes out with you for a lunch. What matters the most is respect and respect is often shown in other ways.

Moreover, you’re everyone’s favorite and they all show respect for you.

If your boss values your ideas and respects your opinions in important projects. Then you can say that your boss likes you.

Because respecting the opinion is of great signs your boss fancy you and is in love with your efforts.

4. You’re the Devil—Signs Your Boss Likes You:

Your boss gives you “that” work he thinks no one else can do my boss has a soft spot for me. Whether it’s dealing with a tricky client or handling the sales of a less wanted product.

So if you get a pile of challenging work and you think you can’t handle it. See it as a sign that your boss may like you.

It’s a way to groom you by putting you forth for tough projects.

Signs Your Boss Likes You
You’re The Daredevil – signs your manager likes you

Don’t you think working on tough assignments will enhance your performance? Thus leaving no space for mistakes.

Yeah, it will seem a little bit overwhelming for you. But it’s a very good sign that shows your boss likes you.

5. Your Sweat And Blood Doesn’t Go Unnoticed:

 He is well-aware of each and every contribution you’re making for the success of your company. 

Moreover, he likes to get your opinion and point of view on every big decision. You matter to an extent that your consultation in team meetings is important.

This is a higher level of trust where signs your boss is impressed by you and signs your boss is not impressed by you wants to add your opinion on serious issues.

Also when you get a pat on your back as an appreciation for good work. It’s a sign that your boss sees you as a potential employee.

6. He Lets You Take Things Upon Yourself – Signs Your Boss Likes You:

When your boss upgrades the level of your responsibilities from time to time. This is the sign that they have trust in your management skills.

He trusts you because he knows that you can complete the task on time and have the discipline to do so.

You Get Challenges Because The Boss Trusts You
He Lets You Take Things Upon Yourself – Top Signs Your Boss Likes You

So consider it as an opportunity to grow and think it of as a compliment for great performance.

This is one of the great signs your boss is attracted to you.

7. He Doesn’t Shower Unnecessary Love – Signs Your Boss Likes You:

Most of the bosses around the globe prefer not to give too many remarks to their good employees. Rather they prefer to praise those employees who are underperformers to encourage them.

The important thing is you should be clear about their expectations related to you. And also keep the track of how well you have been doing in the past years.

If you are getting enough recognition for big achievements, then that’s all that matters.

8. Your Boss Thinks You’re His “Safe Corner”:

If your boss calls you the most and you are the go-to for him, this sign tells you that your boss likes you.

The first person your manager would like to call when there is an emergency is you and that is their sign of trust.

If does your boss like you has this level of dependency, then you must be somewhere in his good books.

Reliability Is A Sign
Your Boss Thinks You’re His “Safe Corner”

The manager calls you to handle a matter because he thinks no one else can do this better, he sees the hidden leadership abilities in you.

9. You’re Always Dragging People Out Of Problems:

It’s natural to get frustrated when your boss sends those newbies struggling with problems to you. But you should be happy about it.

You’re someone that’s trusted enough to counsel other people on how to do their work. 

The boss thinks you’re a perfectly skilled person who should spread his vibes to surroundings, so others can benefit from it.

So consider it a good sign next time an intern comes to you with a working issue.

10. You’re The “Superman” Of The Office And Everyone Follows You:

This is because of your good work and great efforts that your boss sets you as an example.

You’re getting to be the role model for everyone around so they can get that inspiration.

And your boss wants you to teach tricks to new employees so they can learn better.

He Makes You An Ideal For Everyone
You’re The “Superman” Of The Office And Everyone Follows You

So it’s a sign when your boss makes you an ideal for others. That he is quite impressed by your skills.

And he wants you to spread these skills to others.

11. Your Boss Can’t Overlook You – Sign Your Boss Likes You:

Your boss often asks you questions about how you are doing. Because they want to check on you from time to time.

When your boss asks you about your happiness at the work. He is trying to analyze your satisfaction level at the job.

They take steps to keep you because they see you as an asset.

It’s a way of knowing how the company can keep you going on. So that there’s no danger of losing a valuable employee like you.

12. You’re The Life And Soul Of The Party:

You’re the first person your boss invites you whenever there’s a party in the office. He thinks that any event is incomplete without you.

Moreover, you always get invited to brainstorming sessions. 

Successful initiatives and success come into existence when different people think about it beforehand.

If your manager is inviting you to such brainstorming sessions, he values you as an employee and respects your input.

Signs Your Boss Likes You
You’re The Life And Soul Of The Party

You don’t need to worry about preparation for such sessions. Because you are getting invited to think and not solve everything.

So it’s fine if you don’t know the answers to all the problems.

13. He Excitedly Tells You About His Life Goals:

If you share the same mindset with your boss, you’ll be more likely to discover their priorities.

So if your boss lets you be in their space, don’t lose that connection. This is one of the signs your boss adore you.

Keep the communication channel open and know about their priorities and dreams related to the job.

This is the quickest way of how you can win your boss’ heart.

14. Relies On You To Handle The Profit-Making Deals:

If your boss and company send you to handle the matters when stakes are high. It’s a sign that they trust you enough.

Their Trust Makes Them Send You To The Game Of Risks
Relies On You To Handle The Profit-Making Deals

This is a game of trust where getting to do important projects is what makes you honored.

Interacting with important clients is a big sign of trust and likeliness your boss has in you.

Frequent Asked Questions

There are some obvious signs your boss wants you to quit the job. He won’t give you challenging or interesting work. Not receiving enough support for professional growth is also a sign. Your boss excludes you from important meetings and conversations.

How To Know Your Boss Care About You?

If your boss cares about you, you can spot it from their actions. Your boss would listen to what you are saying. And they will always have your back. Supporting your personal commitments matters to your boss. And they will always be truthful to you.

What To Do If Your Boss Is Picking On You?

First of all, test the situation without having clutter in your mind. Understand the other side. You don’t need to waste your energy thinking about your boss. And speak to HR if the matter is getting worse.

How Do You Tell If Your Boss Gets Attracted To You?

The signs your boss gets attracted to you are quite obvious. You will have a gut feeling when this happens. And you can also spot it from their preferential treatment. They’ll confide in you and text you for no particular reason.


It’s true that no one wants to have more workload but there can be benefits behind a hard reality.

So try to discover the positive side of everything. If your boss is giving you side assignments it doesn’t mean they want to burden you.

Your manager might be trying to bring the best out of you.

As an employee, you must use these opportunities to grow in your career. You must show your expertise in the office.

Be sure that they are showing these gestures because they have the interest to keep you.

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