6 Reasons To Why My Boss Ignores Me – Workplace Issues

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Most of us work at our best, still don’t get appreciation for our efforts. If you’re also one of such people then you must be sitting in a corner, thinking why my boss ignores me?

Instead of burning your calories through overthinking, you must discover the reasons behind such behavior.

A boss who ignores his employee can make him fall into a well of worries. It affects the overall productivity as well.

My Boss Ignores Me – 6 Potential Reasons To See

He might think that does my boss likes me? Did he like the work I submitted? Am I doing my job right? Is my career stable? The problem can be on the employees’ end as well. 

According to my research, here are some potential reasons to why my boss ignores me.

1. You’re always Under The Pile Of Files – My Boss Ignores Me:

If you’re always stuck in your work and wait for your boss to notice you. You’re doing it wrong.

This is not how things work. To not get ignored, you’ll have to come out of your cabin and make a little noise.

Make some friends at work and go to their cabins once in a day. So your coworkers and your boss knows about your efforts to the teamwork.

Boss Ignores Me
You’re always Under The Pile Of Files – My Boss Ignores Me

Being a good employee, you should do this once in a while. So you won’t have to suffer the pain of getting ignored.

If you are successful to promote yourself in the right way. It can bring good results to your career and salary as well.

2. The Boss Doesn’t Find You Worth Remembering:

Going to your job and fulfilling your responsibilities is not enough. If you want to take the limelight, you can’t sit in a corner and scold yourself that boss neglect me.

Be active enough to take part in every major event happening in the office.

Try to participate in every meeting so your boss won’t forget you while taking a pay raise decision.

Also, try to bring new ideas to help your company improve its performance.

Try Not To Be So Mainstream
The Boss Doesn’t Find You Worth Remembering

For sure the company and bosses remember only those people who are making efforts.

So try to make contributions and show active engagement.

3. You’re That “Easy To Find” Guy:

Are you the one at your workplace on whom anyone can rely and depend? Do you go out of your way to help other people?

If you’re doing so, then stop right there. Playing this role won’t make you nicer in the eyes of other people.

Rather you’ll exhaust and lose your energy. You must have to learn how to say ‘No’ when needed.

Develop some confidence in yourself and maintain your peace and worth.

Getting Ignored Is Because Of Being Nice All The Time
You’re That “Easy To Find” Guy

Maintain the balance between work and life and don’t force yourself to behave nicely to get sympathy.

Being too nice can cause you harm bcause nice employees get expected to clean the mess after everyone without complaining.

4. Your Introversion Is Going Out Of Hands – Reason My Boss Ignores Me:

Not being a people person is okay sometimes. But when you are working somewhere you have to socialize with your coworkers.

If you are getting an offer for lunch from your colleagues, then accept it.

Accepting such offers will help you to socialize. Even if you have too much work on your table, going out sometimes is not that bad.

Workplace Needs Unity
Your Introversion Is Going Out Of Hands – Reason My Boss Ignores Me

Have an affiliation and a strong connection with the people you are working with. This way they will remember you when the decision-making for promotion arrives.

If you aren’t socializing enough with them, they will forget you.

So come out of your shell and interact with your coworkers to get noticed.

5. You’re Afraid Of The Mess Afterwards Your Stand:

Workplaces aren’t soft and good always. There will be people at your workplace who will interfere in your business.

They do so because they want to make you look bad. If you are not clever enough to handle the situations.

Such people will step over you and try to push you back. This needs to deal with strategy.

And if the person doing so is your boss. You must be afraid of losing your job and let him do what he is doing.

That’s wrong. You need to take a stand for yourself.

Because if you don’t then your boss and coworkers will continue to ignore and belittle you.

6. The “Famous Employees” Are Stealing Your Shine:

You should never compromise to keep a low profile trying to keep your job.

Try to step up on your role and enhance your visibility. If you don’t do that, other people who are more visible will steal your shine.

You can do this by bringing quick and easy solutions to problems the company is dealing with.

Boss Ignores Me
The “Famous Employees” Are Stealing Your Shine

For instance, if your boss gets stressed out to prepare a presentation. You can offer help to them.

In other words, the more visible you are, the more success it brings.

Now the question arises what you should exactly do when the boss ignores you?

What To Do When Your Boss Neglect You?

It has always been difficult to deal with a boss who starts to ignore you. What you should do when you think your boss overlook you?

Here are some approaches you can use to help yourself in such situations.

1. Rethink:

First of all, you should think about the validity of your assumptions about ignorance at workplace.

Is your boss indifferent towards you? Or is it all in your head?

So before moving forward and taking any serious action. You should verify that your boss is treating you differently from other employees.

You Should Think Once Before Taking Any Step

You can also see the working style of your coworkers to check why they get more attention.

2. Rebuild Your Connection With Them:

Instead of going against your boss, you should give a try to rebuild your relationship.

It might be possible that the trustful relationship you had has now vanished.

If it is so, you need to get back into the good books of your boss. Show your boss that you respect and value them. And also you see them as their leader and mentor.

You also need to assess where you made mistakes that caused the damage to relationships.

3. Show That The “Problem” Is Not You:

It’s necessary to repair your relationship with your boss. But see if there is a problem on the other side too?

If your boss is not willing to help you. Then you should not waste your energy to focus on that relationship.

Because it will lower your performance instead of bringing you any good outcome.

Boss Ignores Me
Show That The Problem Is Not You

You can put these energies to do something that will contribute to the organization.

Also, invest your creativity in good things. And build good relations with your colleagues.

Frequent Asked Questions

How To Deal With Getting Ignored At Work?

If you feel ignored at work, the first thing you have to do is to try to accept reality. Don’t think too much about why this is happening to you. Keep it in mind that you are not alone in this. Keep learning so that you can improve your performance.

What To Do When You Feel Disrespected By Your Boss?

If your boss is disrespecting you, you should address that problem at that moment. But while doing so remember to be professional. Try to make a friendly relation with your boss. If nothing works, then you should talk to HR or leave the job.

How To Know If Your Boss Doesn’t Respect You?

There are many signs to tell your boss isn’t respecting your existence. The first one is your boss doesn’t value your time and efforts. The second one is your commitments and needs getting ignored. Your boss doesn’t respect your opinion and explains nothing to you.

How Does Getting Ignored Feel?

Being ignored doesn’t feel good to anyone in any situation. It can cause you to behave in a manner you wouldn’t in normal conditions. You might start to question and doubt yourself. And start to feel you are being needy and bothering others.


The conclusion of this article says that it’s not easy to get ignored by your boss. But you need to look at the other side of the picture.

It might be possible that your boss has some other important tasks to do.  You can also ask directly to your boss about what is the problem.

And if you think you’ve done something that offended your boss. Then utilize your communication skills and talk to your boss in a constructive way.

Making it easy for your boss, you should do small and regular meetings with him.

Make your presentations appealing and creative. If nothing works, then confronting the problem will release the stress.

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