12 Signs Your Coworker Is Fake – Here’s What To Do

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Have you ever heard the term “fake coworker”? If not, we’ll teach you how to beware of such people who can drive you nuts and how to dealing with fake coworkers at work.

You’ll come across different kinds of people; some of them will be angels, and others can be devils. Here are some of the signs of a fake person at work.

12 Disturbing Signs Your Coworker Is Fake

It depends on you how you tackle each one of them to keep going through the path. But before you make a plan to deal with a  fake coworker, you’ll have to spot one.

Why are coworkers so fake are those who say one thing to your face and then a totally opposite thing behind your back.

It can cost you to lose your integrity at the workplace, so it’s important to spot such snakes and crush their heads.

Here are some signs your coworker is fake and how you can deal with them.

1. Your Coworker Is A People Pleaser:

Signs of a fake coworker people at work are always trying their best to please everyone around them. There can be a psychological reason behind it, but let’s not get into it.

They Are Always Trying To Please Everyone
Your Coworker Is A People Pleaser

A fake coworker can do even the shittiest things to entertain and please the people around him.

But there’s one thing about such people; they never take the initiative to begin a contact. You surely have noticed that you’re the one who always makes the first move and not them.

2. Signs Your Coworker Is Fake – Uses You As A Shield In Bad Times:

The fake coworker is good as long as the time is good; once the difficult time kicks in, he changes the way.

You can never expect such a coworker to support you in such times. However, if the scenario is bad for both of you, then he’ll push you forward to face the consequences.

Fake people won’t hesitate to throw others under the bus and save themselves from bearing the burden.

3. Fake Coworker Is Always Full Of Excuses:

Your fake coworker will get benefits from you, but once you ask them for favours, they’ll turn their back on you.

They’ll be there for you only for good times; if you need a helping hand, your coworker will be too busy to help you.

Your Coworker Has So Many Excuses For Everything
Fake Coworker Is Always Full Of Excuses

Unlike genuine people, they’re always trapped in trouble if someone asks for help. The fake coworker will show you how much difficult it is for them to help you.

4. Not So Adaptable Towards Change:

If there’s a change in the company, the fake people will be the first ones to oppose it. They can’t adapt to the changed conditions because they’ve been falsely adjusting themselves from day one.

These coworkers have been getting their work done by others by taking advantage of the people around them.

So when there’s a new policy, they can’t accept it because they’ve been habitual to the last one.

5. Signs Your Coworker Is Fake – He’s Too Sweet With Everyone:

A truthful person will always have some enemies wherever he does. But the case is different for fake people; they are friends with everyone.

Honey Flows Out Of Their Mouth While They Talk
Signs Your Coworker Is Fake – Hes Too Sweet With Everyone

Honey flows out of their mouth when they talk, and they’re never aggressive for anything.

Fake people have different behaviour, they utter sweet words, and their expressions are positive.

There’s a smile on their face, and they’re making up plans in their minds to escape the scene.

6. The Coworker Tries To Get Attention:

They want attention, and everything is about them. Your fake coworker is always bragging about his achievements. That’s because he wants everyone to acknowledge his efforts.

But in reality, he isn’t making any efforts at all and just wants loads of attention.

Such people always look for other’s approval and want people to think good about them.

7. You Can’t Expect Him To Take Responsibility:

When it comes to taking responsibility, they’ll be the first ones to flee the scene. In such situations, they always have some important affairs to attend to outside the office.

Signs Your Coworker Is Fake
You Cant Expect Him To Take Responsibility

If there’s a disaster because of your fake coworker, it’s never their fault. Such people don’t admit their mistakes and throw others under the bus.

They’ve always been someone to blame for their negative actions. Fake coworkers signs are that they won’t spare anyone; they can blame their boss, friends, and even family.

8. A Fake Coworker Is A Gossip Machine:

It’s undeniable that fake people are the gossip makers; they can gossip about anyone.

Despite there are many things to talk about, they’ll always bad-mouth someone.

An interesting thing about such people is they even gossip about those they’re friends with.

If your fake coworker is bitching about someone to you, he’ll do the same about you to someone else.

9. Only Says But Never Fulfills Promises:

The fake people promise to be there in the hour of need, but they never really show up when you need them.

They Are Only Words And Promises
Only Says But Never Fulfills Promises

They won’t get back to you; no matter how many requests you make, they will never get in touch with you.

If you don’t have anything to benefit them, they’ll consider ending this relationship.

10. They Are The Life Of The Party:

You wonder that how this particular person in your office always has the time to party with everyone.

That’s the fake coworker who never says any to party, no matter what the circumstances are.

They won’t do anything to arrange the parties but participate as they own it. Such people want to steal the limelight and be the “hero” in every single event.

11. Signs Your Coworker Is Fake – Pretends To Make Efforts:

Fake people can only pretend that they are making efforts to get things done. While in reality, they work on the rule of “look busy, do nothing”.

Signs Your Coworker Is Fake
Signs Your Coworker Is Fake – Pretends To Make Efforts

In the same way, they pretend to make efforts in a relationship but don’t be meaningful for others.

You can spot a fake coworker by their behaviour. He’s the one who didn’t get to you in months, but as soon as he needs something, he’ll be your best friend.

12. He Tries To Seek Your Sympathy:

Fake coworkers signs are that they will try to seek your sympathy on and off. If they know how to exploit you to get benefits, they’ll use this power overtimes.

He’ll ask you to take care of his responsibilities while he’s away for some urgent errands.

He could’ve taken care of his work by taking some time out, but he knows you’re his rescuer.

5 Tips To Deal With A Fake Coworker

You must be thinking about how you can deal with a person who’s already being fake.

Do you need to put a smile on your face and be just like them? Or you should stay the real you? Here is the answer to how to deal with a fake coworker.

1. Clear Your Doubts:

Before you run into your coworker with steaming eyes, you should confirm he is really fake?

Make Sure Your Coworker Is Fake Or Not
Clear Your Doubts

Have you seen him being fake yourself, or did you heard it through the grapevine? If the scenario is the latter one, you shouldn’t forget how office politics work.

So before jumping to conclusions, make sure that you’re on the facts.

2. Signs Your Coworker Is Fake – Create Some Distance:

Now you know that your coworker is faking everything, and he’s something else from inside. What should you do next?

Keep a safe distance between you two because being in contact with such a person can only bring you harm.

Also, avoid being rude or blatant with such coworkers and do your best to save some space for yourself.

3. Make A Record Of Things:

The last thing you’d want while dealing with a fake coworker is to be trapped in a gossip game. That’s what makes it important for you to keep records of anything negatively said.

Keep Records Of Every Incident
Make A Record Of Things

Have important things in writing by getting in touch with that coworker through emails.

If something happens during a face-to-face interaction, jot down the date, time, and place.

4. Signs Your Coworker Is Fake – Talk To Them:

If the fake coworker is not bothering you, then that’s okay to continue. But if the clash between you two is ongoing, then it’s time to have that tough conversation.

You can request a sit-down with the person causing the problem. Open up to them about their behaviour that’s disturbing you, and they’ll probably apologize.

Yet, if things don’t get better after this, then you should bring this issue to someone superior.

5. Don’t Think Of A Revenge:

It can be really tempting to think of revenge when things don’t go your way. But that’s the wrong approach, don’t go for it!

Signs Your Coworker Is Fake
Dont Think Of A Revenge

You should focus on your work and do the best you can. Avoid getting into this trap of taking revenge on someone else.

Your coworkers don’t need to be ethical and moral, but you need not follow in their footsteps.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If A Coworker Is Toxic?

Spotting a toxic coworker is quite easy because you'll feel drained and negative after interacting with them. A toxic coworker will manifest his behaviour through his words, body language, and promises or commitments.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Cheating With A Coworker?

Your partner can be cheating on you with a coworker if he changes his work patterns. The partner is distant and keeps the phone secrecy. Getting annoyed or irritated without any reason is also a sign they like someone else.

How Do You Know If A Coworker Likes You?

The coworker probably likes you if he smiles at you or keeps consistent eye contact. He tries to know about your personal life. Moreover, he sits next to you in meetings and touches you accidentally. Also, it offers you help at work.

What Is Considered A Toxic Work Environment?

Toxic workplaces are those where jobs, people, atmosphere, or any of these cause a disturbance for you. Such disturbances can show in any physical form, even anxiety or depression.


Once you spot a fake coworker, you must get distant to save yourself from his exploitation and evil ideas.

Such people will act as your greatest supporters in private, but as soon as there are dark clouds, they’ll be your enemies.

Unfortunately, organizations don’t have systems in place to deal with such people. So you’ll have to be your own rescuer.

Don’t let them take your advantage!

Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.

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