Why Do I Keep Messing Up At Work – 20 Solid Reasons

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Are you one of those unfortunate employees who do everything wrong at work? Well, here is the answer to your question: why do I keep messing up at work?

You are not alone if you keep messing up at work. Many employees like yourself also mess up at work.

Why Do I Keep Messing Up At Work – 20 Solid Reasons

If you are Looking  for What causes you to mess up at work so often or I keep screwing up at work? Messing up at work means failing to perform your job duties or responsibilities. This may include:

– Failing to complete your tasks

– Performing your work poorly or incorrectly

Not following instructions at all.

Here are 20 solid reasons why you keep messing up at work:

1. You Don’t Have 100% Focus:

You keep messing up at work because you don’t have 100% focus. You are either distracted by your cellphones, thinking of something else, or are plain tired.

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You are too preoccupied with doing something else to forget your actual work.

Less focus means less attention to what you have to do. You won’t perform your work correctly if you don’t focus on it.

2. You Haven’t Mastered the Basic Tasks:

You keep messing up at work because you haven’t mastered the basic tasks that your job entails. Start learning the basics first and then move on to more complex things as time goes by.

Basic tasks such as filing documents or typing data are easy to do. However, they are time-consuming if you only start doing it in the early days of your career.

It will take you longer than expected when you don’t know what to do after staring at the computer all day.

3. Why Do I Keep Messing Up At Work – You Don’t Ask Questions:

When you mess up, you aren’t asking questions about instructions. This may indicate a problem in communication between you and your boss or supervisor.

It is a sign if you still keep messing up at work despite asking questions. The problem lies on your end and not on the organization’s part.

4. You Are Not Consistent:

Consistency in executing tasks is what you need to do if you stop making mistakes at work. Don’t be lazy one day and hard-working the next.

Having a consistent schedule will help you avoid making mistakes at work. Therefore be consistent to not mess up much work.

5. You Haven’t Tried New Things:

You keep messing up at work because you haven’t tried new things yet despite being in the same job for so long now.

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Getting bored usually leads to complacency. It then causes employees to make more mistakes. You need to try new things even if it’s risky or something you are not used to doing.

6. You Are Lazy:

You keep messing up at work because you are lazy. Doing nothing all day will make the company consider hiring someone more eager.

Laziness leads to complacency. It then causes employees to become unproductive and unenthusiastic in their jobs.

Consequently, it makes them mess up repeatedly on what they’re supposed to do.

7. Why Do I Keep Messing Up At Work – Stress:

Stress is one of the most common reasons people make elementary mistakes. It can be like typing or filing letters incorrectly, forgetting important dates, etc. 

Stress and anxiety may also cause you to become forgetful and mess up on what you need to do.

8. You Make Illogical Choices:

You keep making illogical choices which lead you to have a lot of mistakes in the end. For instance, instead of prioritizing your tasks, you do the straightforward thing first.

Thus you neglect essential matters such as taking notes. This links to your fear of failure, but this doesn’t mean that it does not affect how you perform tasks at work.

9. You Have Unrealistic Expectations:

You keep messing up at work because you have too high expectations for yourself. It relates to perfectionism and all things negative and unattainable about yourself.

Perfectionism does not exist, and there is no such thing as “getting it right the first time.” It’s impossible.

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It would help if you stopped expecting too much from yourself. It will only make you disappointed (and stressed out) throughout your days at work.

10. Why Do I Keep Messing Up At Work – You Focus Too Much on CyberLife:

You have more interest in online activities like social media networking sites. If your office allows phones and other gadgets during working hours, there might be a problem.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to turn your attention away from your job. Do not update your status or reply to a single message on Facebook or Twitter. 

Even when looking at Linkedin without a reason, you tend to waste time.

This lack of focus causes employees to mess up on what they have to do. Social media is your biggest enemy at work. (If you are not a social media manager, of course.)

11. You Don’t Do a Trial Run:

You keep messing up at work because you don’t practice what you’re going to do first before actually doing it. You can find a list of relevant checklists that you need to follow.

If you don’t go through that checklist, this will lead to errors and mistakes. It may cause the company to lose money or clients.

This is why employees should do a trial run before starting their actual job to avoid problems in the end.

12. You Don’t Think Things through:

When something unexpected happens during your day at work, you usually let it pass. You don’t think of a solution or what you can do next.

This is why you keep making a lot of mistakes and errors. It would help if you thought things through before doing anything. It will help you make logical choices when problems arise.

13. Why Do I Keep Messing Up At Work – You Have No Interest In The Job:

You keep messing up at work because you are not interested in your job. You don’t give it your best all the time, but when something negative happens, this is where you fall short.

If you’re not into what you’re doing, try to look for another job. Search for one that would more fit your personality and temperament.

14. You Don’t Know How to Handle Pressure:

The number of mistakes that you make while working increases under pressure. This happens if there is too much to do (in very little time).

It can also occur when one of your coworker is pressuring you. Your mistakes will also increase over time if distractions become challenging to resist.

Why Do I Keep Messing Up At Work

Try to avoid these distractions by turning your phone off or putting it in silent mode while working.

15.You’re Afraid To Ask For Help:

Messing up on a task is inevitable. However, you can lessen the number of mistakes you make. You can ask for help from someone who knows how to do it right, such as a more senior employee.

But most people don’t ask for help because they are afraid of the negative consequences:

– coworkers teasing you

– getting scolded

– getting fired from the job. To reduce the number of errors you make at work, get over this fear and ask!

16. Why Do I Keep Messing Up At Work – You Do Not Have Full Preparation:

Errors and mistakes at work will occur because you don’t have complete preparation. You might not have done enough research on what to do or how to do it.

In addition, this may also mean that you didn’t get the appropriate training needed for your job.

That is why you don’t know everything there is to know about your task. You can ask for activity from your supervisor or manager if necessary.

17. You Fail To See The Bigger Picture:

You make many mistakes because you fail to see the bigger picture. One little mistake can affect a whole project. Try looking at things in more than one way.

You’ll see the different angles and difficulties that can arise in your task. Thus, think of every perspective and side of the story.

18. You Fail to Evaluate the Situation:

You keep getting in trouble with your boss and other coworkers. It is because you fail to evaluate a situation when it’s already too late.

This means you never thought about the consequences of not following organization instructions. That is why there are always issues, even before they come up.


Always look ahead of time so problems will not occur later down the line.

19. Why Do I Keep Messing Up At Work – You Have Zero Motivation:

People who have no motivation at work will make more mistakes than people who enjoy their job. This is because motivated people always try to be the best they can be every day.

It means that they are improving themselves by acquiring new skills. Always be mindful of what your goals are in your company or organization. You’ll have an idea of how to achieve them.

20. You Have No Will To Improve:

You do not have the drive to improve yourself because you don’t want to. This means that you are no longer enthusiastic about learning new things or skills.

It will affect your performance at work if the industry is changing. It would help if you thought about what you want to get motivated and start doing something about it.


You keep messing up at work can be different, but they can also be similar. Like:

– You deal with distractions at work

– You have no motivation to improve yourself, and many more.

Mistakes happen to everyone at work. It’s crucial that you not get upset or frustrated every time you make a mistake, as this will only slow you down. Stay positive, learn from your mistake, and move on.

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