Why Do My Coworkers Stare At Me – 24 Reasons

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It’s an uncomfortable situation. One, you might find yourself wondering at some point: why does coworker staring at me?

You don’t know if they like the way you look or if they’re looking for something on your face that doesn’t belong.

You can feel their eyes burning into the side of your head every time you’re at work.

24 Reasons Why coworker keeps staring at me

Staring is something that can be uncomfortable for anyone. It’s bizarre when the person staring happens to be your coworker.

Here are 24 reasons why your coworker stares at me:

1. They Like You:

Staring means that your coworker is looking at you—and that’s never a bad thing! It could be that they like the way you look and find themselves enjoying how nice you look when they stare.

flirt coworker

When someone wants you, they might even be excited to see you come into the room.

Staring at your crush is an excellent way for them to see if they’re feeling the same thing you are.

2. They Don’t Like You – Why Does coworker keeps looking at me:

Of course, staring doesn’t always mean that someone likes you. It could also be your coworker trying to figure out what they don’t like about you.

Thus they can pinpoint it the next time they talk to you. They might be trying to figure out what’s wrong with you because they feel like something is.

A stare can make someone feel uncomfortable when it comes from a person who doesn’t want to be friendly.

3. They’re Not Staring At You:

Depending on where your coworker works, staring at other people in the office could be acceptable.

This person could be staring at someone else in the room, and it so happens to be coming your way by chance.

Looking in your direction doesn’t mean they’re thinking about you. It’s all about what’s in front of them.

4. They’re Resting B*tch Face – Why Does My Coworker Stare At Me:

If your coworker is resting b*tch face (RBF), then that’s why they stare at you. RBF is a term used to describe someone who always has that resting angry face.

It usually makes people feel uncomfortable. It could be that your coworker has to look mean all the time because of their job.

Thus they stare through everyone when they’re not having a good day.

5. They’re Introvert:

An introvert might stare at you for what seems like forever because they don’t know how to socialize.

Your coworker might get overwhelmed in a group and stare at people because they can’t think of anything else.

Your coworker could be an introvert who pretends that everything is fine. However, you’ll know what’s going on if they keep staring into space all day long.

6. They Like Your Style:

It’s because they’re envious of the clothes you wear. They think your style is fantastic. But either way, they want to emulate what you have going on in their head.

Why Does My Coworker Stare At Me

They might even be staring because they’re thinking about changing their whole style. Here you happen to be a part of that.

If your coworkers like the way you dress, they may want to try new things like you.

7. They’re Bored – Why Does My Coworker Stare At Me:

Since people stare when they get bored, that could be what your coworker is doing. You might be sitting at your desk with nothing to do while your mind wanders off.

It doesn’t mean they’re thinking about you the whole time. They have nothing better to do than stare into space.

They would instead look outside the window or at something else in the room.

8. They’re Sleep Deprived:

If you haven’t slept in a few days, then you know how weird your mind can get.

People who don’t sleep might feel like they have nothing to do all day long, so their eyes wander around the office.

Your coworker might be getting sleepy right now. Thus, they’re staring into space because they don’t have anything better to do.

9. They’re Staring At You Because You Stare At Them:

Most people are uncomfortable when someone stares at them. Your coworker may be staring back.

If you keep looking over at your coworker and find yourself wondering why they keep staring at you, then it’s time to look in the mirror.

If your coworker notices you looking back and forth, they might start doing the same thing. The key goal is to get a reaction out of you.

It could be that they like staring contests and don’t think it will bother you because you do it too.

10. They Like The Way You Smell – Why Does My Coworker Stare At Me:

Human beings are animals too. Our instincts kick in when we smell something tasty coming from another person.

We can’t help but give them a stare-down until we figure out what smells so damn good. If your coworker thinks you smell good, they might know what shampoo you use.

Why Does My Coworker Stare At Me (2)

Likewise, they want to know what perfume you use. If their eyes are glued to the side of your head, then they might be trying to figure out what smells so damn good.

11. They Think You Look Distracted:

When people are distracted, they tend to stare off into space. If you’ve been staring at the computer screen for the last hour, your coworker might have noticed.

They think you’re doing nothing all day, or they think you’re busy, which is why they keep looking over your way.

But whatever the case might be, there’s a big possibility that your coworker thinks you’re in a daze.

12. They Think You Like Them:

Who knows? They believe that you like them and try their best to get on your good side. Thus they give you little compliments throughout the day.

Your coworker could be staring because they’re trying to be friendly and get on your good side. Staring might seem like a super scary thing.

However, it could be because someone wants to start a friendship with you.

13. They Think You’ll Like Them If They Stare At You:

Your coworker might think if they stare at you, you’ll finally recognize them as the best person alive. Thus you will want to become best friends.

They think if they keep looking over your way, then something magical will happen. They expect you can all come together as one big happy family.

Whether or not this is true doesn’t matter. All that matters is that your coworker thinks this will work out in their favor.

14. They’re Getting Annoyed – Why Does My Coworker Stares At Me:

Your coworker is getting annoyed with you. Your two coworkers are friends. However, there’s some weird tension between them that you don’t know about.

If your coworker thinks you’ve been staring at them for way too long, they might be trying to get rid of that feeling. They might be giving you an angry look.

It could even be possible that they think you’re plotting against them and want to get on their wrong side.

So if your coworker looks over in anger, it doesn’t mean they have a crush on you — it means they might hate your guts.

15. They Want To Know What You’re Doing:

Sometimes people want to know what that why does my colleague stare at me, so they’ll stare as a way of getting attention. Your coworker could be staring because they think you look busy.

get attention

Thus they want to ask you if you need help or if there’s anything for them to do at the moment. I catch my coworker staring at me.

They think that by staring at you long enough, something will come out of it, and your life will change forever.

16. They Think They’re Better Looking Than You:

This one seems a little far-fetched, but who knows? Your coworker thinks they are better looking than you.

Thus, they want to catch an eye ultimately to see what it’s like to be in your shoes. They could also be staring because they think you’re an ugly duckling and try to look at your flaws.

They don’t have a crush on you but will love the idea of making fun of you behind your back.

17. They Want You To Look At Them – Why Does my coworker keeps staring at me:

Of course, this is another far-fetched option. However, since no choice has been confirmed yet, it might not hurt to keep this one in mind.

Your coworker wants attention, so they’re giving you little glances to get them right.

If your coworker keeps glancing over at you, there’s a good chance that they want people watching them. They want others to notice when they’re doing something.

18. They Think You’re Super Bored:

Most likely, your coworker is staring because they think you’re super bored. They want to see how boredom has taken over your life.

There’s a good chance that your coworkers can tell when you’ve been up all night doing nothing. My coworker keeps looking at me. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched for them to assume that this might happen again today.

Your coworker could even be staring because they know when you’ve been slacking off. Thus, they want to call you out on it.

Most of the time, people will stare at others to get attention or make things interesting.

19. They Think You’re Doing Something Wrong:

Your coworker is looking over at you out of curiosity or suspicion. They noticed something off about your behavior and wanted to see if there was a reason for it.

They think you got up from your desk and left without anyone noticing. Now they’re waiting around to see what you’re doing next.

learn about you

Again, this one might be kind of far-fetched, but it’s still worth mentioning — after all, who knows?

20. They Want To Know What You’ve Been Up To:

This last one seems like the most obvious choice. Then again, all these possibilities seem pretty straightforward.

Your coworker could be staring because they want to know what you’ve been up to all day. You said something in passing that your coworker didn’t hear.

Or else, there was a small conversation the two of you had that your coworker wants to know more about.

Most people will stare at others when they’re either curious or like some attention.

21. They’re Jealous Of You – Why Does My Coworker Stare At Me:

This one might be the most unlikely of all the possibilities, but not. Your coworker is jealous of you in some way or another.

Thus, they want to see if staring at you will make them feel better about themselves. There’s a chance that this could be true since it seems like people do stare when they’re jealous of someone else.

No matter what the reason is for their behavior, remember that whatever it is will not last forever.

22. They Might Want To Be Friends With You:

Again, this isn’t one of the most likely possibilities, but it could happen. Your coworker likes you in some way or another and is staring at you because they want to be friends with you.

It’s weird to think about, but there’s a chance that they would enjoy having someone new around.

If this situation sounds familiar, then congratulations! You may have found yourself a new friend!

23. They Want To Get Information About You:

It is yet another improbable option, but not impossible. Maybe your coworker wants to learn more about you or figure out what kind of person you are.


Thus, they stare at others whenever they want information about someone else. It can’t hurt to ask if their staring is a way of them learning more about you.

24. They Want To See If You’re Getting More Attention Than Them:

It is one of the more likely possibilities. Your coworker wants to see if you are getting more attention than they are.

People will often stare at others whenever they want to make themselves look better. By making it seem like they’re staring, your coworker could get the attention they desire.

If this sounds like what’s going on, you may want to ignore them or try and get more attention from others.


Unfortunately, no matter what the reason is for your coworker’s behavior, it will be creepy. Sure, you might have found yourself a new friend in the end.

However, that doesn’t mean that their behavior isn’t still a little weird.

And if they’re following you around and staring at you all the time, then they are a stalker. It would help if you took action against them then.

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