16 Fine Signs A Female Coworker Likes You – A Must Read

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You can have a good reason for going to the office every day if you have someone who likes you there.

A delicate and pretty girl in your office likes you , you will be automatically attracted to your workplace.

16 Signs Female Coworker Likes You

You may spot some signs that a female coworker likes you, but you aren’t sure about it and  you are looking for “how to tell if a coworker likes you”?. Make things sure before you ask her something, rejection can be embarrassing.

Here is the complete list of some subtle signs that a female coworker likes you.

1. Her Eyes Glow When She Laughs With You:

When your coworker smiles at you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s into you. A smile can be a sign of a friendship, or it can be just a professional courtesy.

But sometimes, a smile also acts as a sign that she likes you.

Signs A Female Coworker Likes You
Her Eyes Glow When She Laughs With You

Suppose she is making prolonged eye contact and smiles from ear to ear. Then it may be a sign that she is into you.

Her smile can be a way of saying that “I’m trying to look attractive.” Of course, she wants you to notice her.

This is one of the signs a coworker likes you.

2. She Is In Love With Your Company And You Feel It:

We all want to spend time around such people we get attracted to. Is your female coworker spending a lot of time around you?

She must be trying to be near you, so you notice her. Women never want to spend time around people they don’t like.

Your Coworker Tries To Be Near To You
She Is In Love With Your Company And You Feel It

You might feel awkward as you want to keep things professional. But there’s nothing wrong with asking her to go for a coffee.

3. Signs Female Coworker Likes You – She Always Saves You From Trouble:

If she is offering her help only to you and not others, then there’s a reason for it.

She might try to offer her help in different projects. Such a coworker who is sacrificing her time to assist you in your matters is interested in you.

For sure, no one wants to do extra work without the reason behind it.

Take it as a sign that she is into you by going out of her way to help you.

4. Your Female Coworker Finds You Enchanting:

The way she gets impressed by your style and management tells it all. She looks into your eyes every time you enter the office to get herself noticed.

Your Female Coworker Is In Love With Your Looks
Your Female Coworker Finds You Enchanting

Here your good looks matter the most. If you’re handsome and attractive enough, your coworker will get attracted to you.

But the signs you are conveying to her also matter. If you are giving her the right signals, she will like you a lot.

You can learn some simple skills to attract her to you.

5. She Reaches Out To You For Assistance:

You will be her only go-to option whenever she needs help. She loves to pick you for her help-related adventures.

Whenever she asks you for help, she is trying to signal that you’re essential to her.

Also, she considers you capable enough to assist her. She can see the leadership skills in you.

She Believes In You And Asks For Your Help
She Reaches Out To You For Assistance

Asking for your help, she tries to attract you more towards her and develop a connection.

While you are helping her out, it makes you closer to her. That is her way of saying, “I want you to notice me and be close to me.”

6. Signs A Female Coworker Likes You – Often Asks You For A Coffee:

It can be a sign of friendship too. So it isn’t easy to figure out that the coworker wants a relationship or just a company.

But most probably, if she is trying to know you personally, she has a crush on you.

She will further try to know about your personality outside work. And might invite you for dinner to state that she likes you.

She Tries To Casually Chit Chat With You
Signs A Female Coworker Likes You – Often Asks You For A Coffee

Is she asking about your likes and dislikes? Inquires about your family? She is probably trying to learn as much as she can about your life.

She might be trying to figure out how well you two can get along.

7. She Is Enjoying The Way You Praise Her:

Every female loves to dress up and look good. But if that particular coworker is getting dressed up a little bit extra these days.

And roams around your office, then there are chances that she is doing it for you.

To be sure about this, you need to add an ingredient to it. Compliment that lady! She’ll smile and brighten up all at once.

So if she stops and blushes on your compliments, then the probability of likeliness is high.

8. Your Female Coworker Looks At You From The Corner Of Her Eyes:

Not sure about a female coworker likes you? Learn how to look from the corner of your eye.

You’ll see her looking at you secretly. But she will put her gaze away when you notice her.

Signs A Female Coworker Likes You Is She Looks At You Secretly
Your Female Coworker Looks At You From The Corner Of Her Eyes

If you were ignoring her looking towards you, then reconsider your thinking about her.

You’ll notice that she makes direct eye contact whenever you talk to her.

The way she looks at you stirs up something inside you. So you aren’t assuming things. Something is cooking up for sure.

9. She Unknowingly Brushes Her Hand With Yours:

Women express their love with gestures as much as they do with words. So pay some attention to her body language.

Her body language changes in line with the way she feels for you.

She might touch your hand while handling a file making it look like an accident.

A Sign Is She Tries To Have A Touch With You
She Unknowingly Brushes Her Hand With Yours

If she doesn’t want to attract you, there was no place for these accidents to happen.

But if this is happening, so it means she wants to get in your notice.

10. Signs A Female Coworker Likes You – She Knows What You Like:

Do you remember yourself mentioning your likes and dislikes to her? Yes! She has it all in her mind.

Consider, for example, you go out for lunch with her, and she orders your favorite food. Women remember every little detail about someone when they like the person.

She is letting you know that she remembers minor details about you. And that’s because she wants you to notice how much she cares for you.

11. Signs Your Female Coworker Likes You – Everyone Knows About It

If your female coworker likes you, you’ll see other colleagues mentioning it to you often.

Suppose other people at work are noticing that she behaves extra than usual. Then there must be a truth in this.

Especially when other female coworkers notice this, then this is true.

Other Coworkers Are Obvious About It
Signs Your Female Coworker Likes You – Everyone Knows About It

Men might not be good at observing this behavior. But females are more likely to notice if their coworker likes someone or not.

12. Often Asks About Your Ex – Signs A Female Coworker Likes You:

That particular female coworker is very much interested to know about your love life.

That’s because she is looking for a way to get in your life by tying a knot.

She might start from the basic things like trying to find out if you’re single. Or if you are open to romance and whether you are her type or not.

You can either tell her everything or not at all. But try to be a mystery first. So she doesn’t find out everything about you at once.

13. Only You Get To Know The Real Her:

Most of us have hidden behind several layers. It doesn’t mean we are faking ourselves.

And women are experts at keeping their personal lives in a shell.  If she lets you see that side of her, then she is into you for sure.

A Female Is Really Into You When She Shows You Her Secret Side
Only You Get To Know The Real Her

She might share her secrets with you and tell you what she thinks about life. You’ll feel like you have entered a whole new world where there’s so much to explore.

14. You Both Have A Secret Language – A Sign, Female Coworker Likes You:

Inside jokes are very special. When you love someone and care about them, then it’s like a secret language for laughter between you two.

Laughing together is very special. 

She Loves To Laugh With You Is A Sign She Likes You
You Both Have A Secret Language – A Sign, Female Coworker Likes You

Inside jokes happen when there are essential communication and integration between two people.

It always feels good to have inside jokes with someone you’re close to.

15. Signs A Female Coworker Likes You – You Get Small Yet Cute Presents

Women better know what you need. Look at the gifts you got from women; most of them must be very thoughtful and cute, right?

That’s because women are more intuitive. They can have a better guess of what a person needs. And especially the person they love.

They love to show how much they care by giving small, thoughtful gifts.

You might get significant gifts at times, but the talk is about small, cute gestures of love. That brightens up your day.

She is the one to keep! Don’t let her go.

16. She’s Jealous When A Girl Is Getting Close To You:

Women see other women as competitors while trying to get access to their favorite person.

Is she getting jealous while you talk to a new female worker in the workplace?

That’s a sign that you should talk to her instead of talking to a new woman.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If A Coworker Is Flirting?

A coworker is probably flirting when he tries to check you out and passes a meaningful smile. He might try to touch you often. You can spot it in the way he treats you and communicates with you.

Does My Coworker Have A Crush?

If your coworker compliments you a lot, especially your looks, he has a crush on you. He has a romantic interest in you if he likes your physical looks.

Do Guys Give Subtle Hints?

Suppose a guy is giving you subtle hints that he likes you. Then he'll tell you soon about it. But if it doesn't happen, don't get sad, because you lost nothing. Your relationship is not affected by it, so be the same as you were before.

Should I Tell My Coworker I Have A Crush On Her?

Decide to tell her and get stick to it. Be confident and tell her right away that you like her. A simple statement can prove to be a game-changer rather than a long written note.


Your female coworker is getting a bit more personal and asking about your goals. She is trying to know about your soul.

You should feel excited and engaged with it, instead of feeling exposed. But if you think the latter one. You are free to leave.

It’s not an obligation to respond to her emotions in the same way. You are free to choose your path.

But if you’re interested, then know that this journey at the job is going to be fun.

Share your experience in the comment section below.

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