Why Does My Coworker Touch Me – 9 Possible Reasons

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Touch – one of the most developed senses of the human body, can have several meanings behind it. If someone at your workplace is touching you, know that they are well-aware of their doing.

There can be different reasons for why a person is touching you, it’s not always the same.

Why Does My Coworker Touch Me – 9 Unique Reasons

Instead of thinking to yourself and jumping onto some bad conclusion, you should find out why it happens.

Discover the reason behind it. Why is your coworker touching you? Is he breaching your personal space, or are you okay with this friendly gesture?

Well, that’s up to you! But if you really want to look at the reason female coworker keeps touching me.

Here are nine possible reasons why does my coworker touches me.

1. Maybe She Feels Comfortable Around You:

Isn’t it instilled in human nature girl at work keeps touching me that we touch them more than often when we feel comfortable around someone? The reason your coworker is touching you can be the ultimate comfort that she finds in your company.

Why Does My Coworker Touch Me
Maybe She Feels Comfortable Around You

There’s an unsaid friendship between you two, and she knows that you’ll support her hard times.

So she touches your hand while she’s talking about how worried is she about that new project.

2. That Coworker Is Randomly Concerned About You:

We all have caring people around us who’ll show up to ask “what’s the matter” when we look worried.

You might be looking a bit tired at work that day, and your coworker sits near you to show his concern.

Your Coworker Is Just Concerned For You
That Coworker Is Randomly Concerned About You

He might caress your hand and ask you out of concern, “Are you okay”? So it’s just a concerned coworker, and that touch has nothing to do anymore.

3. Why Does My Coworker Touch Me – They Want To Communicate Support:

The coworker is new to the workplace, and you’re the only person she can rely on for emotional support. Whenever there’s chaos in the office, she’ll come and sit with you to discuss the matter.

The coworker wants you to support her in trivial matters, and she’ll do the same when you’re in worry.

So the basic concern behind touching you is to communicate support being a good coworker.

4. Deep Down He Might Have A Crush On You:

Most of the time, the reason behind a touch is the hidden love a person has for you. Your female coworker touches me might touch you while talking to you so that you can take it as a sign.

He Or She Has A Crush On You
Deep Down He Might Have A Crush On You

She might be too shy to confess it clearly, so she tries to give you other signs that she likes you.

If she gently places her hand on yours and blushes, then this touch is a different one than all of the others.

You can politely ask her if she’s really into you or it is something else.

5. Hugs You Out Of Happiness After Some Success:

Hugs are the strongest way to show that how much someone confides in you.

Your coworker got some bonus, or he might have got promoted; he hugs you as a gesture of celebration.

You might like it or not, but he wants to share his happiness with you. Such kind of when a coworker touches you is a friendlier one, and it has nothing to do with other feelings.

6. Why Does My Coworker Touch Me – Is He Trying To Show Dominance:

Sometimes a fierce touch can be a person’s way of showing that he has more power than you. Your coworker might dislike you and wants to tell you to stay in your zone. Otherwise, he’ll harm you.

Your Coworker Might Be Trying To Oppress You
Why Does My Coworker Touch Me – Is He Trying To Show Dominance

If he touches your hand so strong that you start feeling discomfort, girl keeps touching me at work then it’s a sign of his hatred.

He wants to claim his dominancy and wants you to obey him like a servant. Moreover, it can come under the category of bullying behavior.

7. The Coworker Wants To Feel A Sense Of Security:

It might be your coworker’s habit to touch the people he is comfortable around. Such people do so because they want to relieve their anxiety and stress.

Why Does My Coworker Touch Me
The Coworker Wants To Feel A Sense Of Security

Your coworker might be doing a stressful project, and he needs assurance again and again. That’s why he touches you while asking if he’s doing okay.

8. It’s Just A Friendly Gesture To Pat Your Back:

You might be overthinking why your coworker is touching you. Whereas in reality, he’s just passing by you and pats your back to show a little support.

It Might Be A Way To Show Support
Its Just A Friendly Gesture To Pat Your Back

Some people are just like that! They are always in good energy and want to spread their vibe around.

You should not get offended by such a supportive gesture. However, if it bothers you, you can politely ask them to stop.

9. Why Does My Coworker Touch Me – She’s Trying To Warn You About Something:

There can be something bad going on at your workplace, and your coworker is trying to warn you about it.

If they’re passing you strange gestures and presses your hand as if they want to tell you something, it can be a red sign.

You should ask your coworker in person about what’s the matter. He or she can be in danger and wants help from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flirting at the workplace is too common now, and if a female coworker is touching you frequently, she’s flirting. She wants to attract your attention, that’s why she’s more than a friend to you.

If your coworker is touching you frequently and you’re not okay with that, you should tell him to stop. Tell your coworker that his gesture of being over-friendly will not get welcomed in the future.

If your coworker is attracted to you, he’ll surely make some efforts to spend time around you. Also, he talks about your life outside of work. His gaze tells it all! The way he looks at you is quite different than he looks at others.

What Is Inappropriate Touching At Work?

Inappropriate touch is the one that makes you feel uncomfortable at work, or that’s being violent. It can come from a coworker, supervisor, or someone working under you.


Not every touch is a bad one! So you shouldn’t get offended at your coworker for touching you. First, unwind the reason behind that touch and then react accordingly.

If your coworker is touching you as a concerned friend, you should welcome his gesture.

However, there’s no need to force yourself if you are not comfortable; ask them in a good way to avoid doing so.

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