8 Reasons To Why My Boss Blocked Me – Is It My Fault?

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The ideal bosses are expected to be supportive and motivating all through their life. But all bosses aren’t going to be ideal for you!

Some of them can make a sudden shift in your way that might or might not affect you in some way.

8 Secretive Reasons To Why My Boss Blocked Me

We all expect our boss to be available to us 24/7, but they do have a life of their own. You might be wondering why I can’t access my boss through social media or why my boss blocked me?

The answer is simple, they have their reasons to block you, and it’s okay if it isn’t affecting you in a negative way.

Here have a look at some of the possible reasons why my boss blocked me?

1. He Wants To Keep It Professional:

There’s a simple reason behind it; your boss wants to keep work and fun separate. He doesn’t want to mix up his professional life with his personal life.

The Boss Wants A Professional Relationship
He Wants To Keep It Professional

That’s why he blocks employees to not gossip with someone he has to fire someday.

The boss likes it professionally, and he keeps the friendship out of that employer-employee relationship.

Also, it saves him from any allegation of giving favors to employees through social media friendship.

2. You Were Sending Him Forward Messages Or Pictures:

It can be a reason behind why the boss blocked you because you were sending random pictures to him.

No one of us wants to see those random messages or pictures because there’s already a hassle in our lives.

He Got Bothered By Your Messages
You Were Sending Him Forward Messages Or Pictures

So that might be the reason your boss blocked you because he was fed up with deleting those forwarded messages.

But you can apologize if this is the case, and try not to send unwanted messages to your boss in the future.

3. My Boss Doesn’t Want To Show His Personal Life:

Some people are just like that! They don’t want anyone else to sneak into their personal life.

This can be the case with your boss. He keeps everyone from the workplace on his block list because he doesn’t want to show anyone what’s happening.

Why My Boss Blocked Me
My Boss Doesnt Want To Show His Personal Life

The boss wants to post on social media about his personal life, but he doesn’t want you to see it.

Maybe he thinks that you’ll see his other side, which will damage his workplace aura.

4. Why My Boss Blocked Me – Got Some Attitude Problems:

If your boss has blocked you because he often smirks at you and other people, he has attitude problems.

Sometimes bosses think that they are working in a higher position, which makes them better than others.

They don’t consider other people worthy enough to interact with them at work or even after work.

Their attitude problems make them freakish, so they keep other people blocked out of their contacts.

5. The Boss Doesn’t Want Me To Stalk Him:

The boss has been giving you strange looks from the very day you joined the company. He might think that you’re a creepy stalker who stalks everyone.

He Thinks I Am A Stalker
The Boss Doesnt Want Me To Stalk Him

Maybe the perception is because of your friendly nature with everyone else, but you stay reserved with him.

It can be a reason he blocked you on Whatsapp or other social media sites because he thinks you’ll stalk him.

He wants to keep himself safe from your stalking eyes.

6. Doesn’t Want To Interact With Anyone After Work:

Your boss might be too tired of the office mess that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone after work hours.

It can be stressful or overwhelming for him to handle the ongoing projects. He wants to take a break from these thoughts after he goes from office.

It’s his right to spend peaceful time with family and not being bothered by anyone from the office.

7. He Thinks You’re Not Worthy Enough To Be In His Contacts:

Your boss might have a habit of looking down upon others. He thinks you to be some extra employee who doesn’t have that much worth to be kept in personal contacts.

Why My Boss Blocked Me
He Thinks Youre Not Worthy Enough To Be In His Contacts

Maybe he has never given you enough attention or doesn’t try to know you personally. It’s one of the reasons bosses block their employees.

However, if he has blocked you, you should also have some self-respect and try not to bother him beyond work. 

8. Why My Boss Blocked Me – He Wants To Keep The Work Hustle At Office:

Everyone has a personal life, and they need time to keep that fixed in its place. The boss blocks everyone from the office because he wants to keep the office mess out of his house.

The Boss Wants To Be Stress Free At Home
Why My Boss Blocked Me – He Wants To Keep The Work Hustle At Office

If he’s doing so, it’s totally fine, and you don’t need to create a useless drama for it.

That can be a reason your boss blocked you because he doesn’t want to listen to anything work-related from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do When Your Boss Excludes You?

First of all, verify that your boss is treating you differently from how he treats others. Try to rebuild your relationship and reach out to build a base of indirect support.

How Do You Tell If Your Boss Is Trying To Get Rid Of You?

Your boss suddenly turns into a micromanager, and he’s always finding reasons to fire you. You feel you’re stuck in the same position, and there’s no room for future growth. Your boss gives you a silent treatment.

How Do You Tell If You’re Being Pushed Out Of Your Job?

You must be getting pushed out of your job if you’re getting reassigned for the same old assignments. Your boss doesn’t care about your future goals, and you don’t get any good performance reviews.

How Do I Outsmart My Boss?

See if your boss is a bully and you’re his only typical target; if yes, make yourself bully-proof. Gather support from your coworkers and expose the bad side of your boss. Complain upwards or leave the job.


If your boss has blocked you on social media, there must be a sensible reason behind it. You should respect his decisions and don’t try to sneak into his personal life.

Also, avoid bombarding him with such questions that can make him think about firing you.

If you have something important to tell him, you can send him an email. He will surely respond back if the matter is necessary.

Share your experience in the comment section below.

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