How To Ask For A Loan From Your Boss – 14 Things To Remember

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Thus, You are tight on cash and have no idea what to do. You think about your boss but don’t know how to ask for a loan from your boss. What will you do?

Asking your boss for a loan might be your only chance, and you want to do it right. We will guide you to ask your boss for a loan in the easiest method.

How To Ask For A Loan From Your Boss In The Right Way – 14 Tips

Remember the tips mentioned below when asking for a loan from your boss. Not only these, try to figure out which suggestions will be suitable for your situation and which won’t be.

1. Get Ready To Ask For A Loan From Your Boss:

The first thing you need to do is decide what you want. Also, make sure you are conversing with the right person who handles money matters.

asking for a loan from your boss

If it’s not this person, they will most likely tell you no or ask their boss for help. So do not waste your time and go to the right person.

2. Come Prepared:

Before stepping into your boss’ office, think about exactly how much money you want to borrow and why. Think of all possible explanations why he should say yes.

Your boss needs to understand why you need this money, what you will spend it on and when you plan to repay the loan. Make an agreement or contract based on your conversation with him.

3. How To Ask For A Loan From Your Boss- Be Confident:

Asking for a loan is a huge deal, so don’t treat it lightly. Don’t let your emotions take over the situation because they could end in negative terms.

Make sure to speak confidently and not act like a beggar or someone with no other options.

If your boss says no, without hesitation, ask him why he said No? And see if there are others available for you. Maybe he can give you other options.

4. How To Ask For A Loan From Your Boss- Dress The Part:

It’s not just about being clean and neat but putting in that extra effort that gets you noticed.

Wear something nice, or your boss can feel that you are trying too hard to look good for them.

be honest

Such attire will be a big turn-off for any man, even if he wants to help you out. Women should not dress too inappropriate because the boss can take it wrong.

5. Make Sure You Have Something Worth Showing:

If you want your boss to believe your story, make sure facts back it up. Don’t tell your boss you are short on cash because you want to go on vacation but don’t have any money saved up.

It can be frustrating if he is expecting a report for the next day and you haven’t done any work yet. It would help if you avoided this and throughout the week.

Be efficient with your time and make sure everything is ready before submitting it to them at the end of the day.

Showing them how efficient you are will show them that you deserve to borrow some money from them.

6. The Timing Is Important:

Please don’t wait until your boss needs something urgently or comes back from his lunch break to ask him for a loan.

Your boss may be annoyed and not in the best mood to hear you out. Instead, get their attention before they start their day.

You can also ask him after presenting a fantastic report or giving a good presentation.

7. Don’t Just Ask For A Loan From Your Boss:

If you only focus on asking your boss for a loan and don’t give details, he might think twice about lending it to you.

He might ask himself: Is she going to pay me back? Or what if she has no intention of paying me back?

Make sure all these questions have one answer: Yes. This way, he knows that you are responsible and will handle the money well.

8. How To Ask For A Loan From Your Boss With Respect:

Haggling is not an option when asking your boss for a loan. If you need money, then respectfully ask them.


Don’t try to push them into giving you anything extra. Asking for more could have negative results if the boss refuses to provide you with anything.

9. Ask For The Amount Of Money You Need & Nothing More:

Being honest with your boss about how much you will help save his time.

Your boss is a businessman, and he will understand if you need $1000, but not $30000. Be as specific as possible about the amount of money you want to borrow.

If your boss cannot afford to give you that much or even nothing at all, don’t take it personally.

Treat the situation maturely and with respect, no matter how much money you want.

10. How To Ask For A Loan From Your Boss- Stand Your Ground:

Even though your boss is adamant that he won’t loan you anything, keep trying until he says yes.

He will say yes, if only out of guilt because you kept asking him for help.

Don’t back down because he will not want to hear about your situation again.

Even if your boss looks like a complex man, do not give up or lose hope in getting what you need from him.

11. How To Ask For A Loan From Your Boss- Be Patient:

Even after hearing all this information, requesting a loan from your boss can still be scary.

The best way to approach the subject is by being calm and patient with them. It will show that you have faith in their abilities as a leader.

If you panic when speaking to him, he might mistake it for desperation and take back his offer.

Stay composed and transparently tell them why you need the money and how you will use it.

12. How To Ask For A Loan From Your Boss- Follow Up With Them:

After getting your loan from your boss, be sure to thank them for their generosity.

You can choose any method of thanking him; it doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes out of your day.

transparent talk

Sending a handwritten note or baking him his favorite dessert are small gestures.

Take care of yourself by not borrowing too much money all at once. Borrowing too much could lead to problems in repaying your boss on time.

Paying back your loans on time is essential. It shows that you are responsible and can handle money.

13. What To Do If Your Boss Refuses To Give You A Loan:

It’s possible that your boss will not comply or cannot afford to give you anything. Don’t take this too personally. But if this happens, don’t lose hope yet.

Maybe you can try to negotiate with him or explain your situation differently. You could offer them something in return for the money.

Whatever it is, only do it if they are willing to grant you what you need. Don’t ever force your boss into doing something they don’t want to do.

14. How To Ask For A Loan From Your Boss- Write Down What You Want:

Sometimes asking face-to-face is hard and writing down what you want is easier for some people.

Make sure that whatever note you write is clear and straightforward. Your boss should know precisely where you will spend the money. If possible, make the request short but still relevant and honest.

How To Ask For A Loss From Your Boss- Written Template:

If talking to your boss personally is not an option, go for a letter or email. Find an example below:

Subject: asking for a loan from your boss

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I hope you are having a great week so far. I am writing this email to ask if you can loan me some money. My bills and debts are due on the 25th of every month.

Since I had a significant accident, I used most of my savings on my medical bills. It will be beneficial since it’s hard for me to pay off all my debts and rent at once.

I promise to pay back this loan and repay the total amount plus interest before the next due date. If possible, could we meet in person to discuss how much precisely I need and what terms I will be paying you back on?

Thank you again for reading my email. I look forward to hearing from you soon,



Many people have a hard time asking for a loan from their boss since they feel disrespectful.

It should not be the case because your boss should see this as an opportunity to help you out. Talk to him as politely as you can, and stand by yourself.

Be patient and confident in your letter or email because it might be what helps him say yes.

If this still doesn’t work, don’t give up yet as there are other ways for you to get money from your boss.

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