12 Noticeable Signs A Male Coworker Has Crush On You

Written By Assma Riaz

Workplace relationships are a lot more complicated than usual relationships.

The offices have a lot of people working there and are always full of energy.

It’s not so uncommon for someone to get attracted to another person. Spending ample time at the workplace, do you think a male coworker has a crush on you?

12 Signs Male Coworker Has Crush On You

Discovering whether someone likes you or not is a confusing thing. Your coworker doesn’t need to be into you if he talks to you frequently.

Are you sure to say that the male coworker has an interest in you?

If not, then you are at the right place to read some signs of him having a crush on you.

1. Your Coworker Is Lost Somewhere Every Time He Sees You:

It’s the most vital sign of body language that tells your coworker is into you. Eye contact is like the beginning of a new interaction.

It’s a significant way of telling if someone likes us or not. Well, no doubt, eyes are windows to the soul.

That specific male coworker looks at you in a certain way. He keeps looking at you and tries to make eye contact very often.

Signs Male Coworker Has Crush On You
Your Coworker Is Lost Somewhere Every Time He Sees You

The way he looks at you is quite different from the way he looks at everyone else. Is it enough to say that the male coworker has a crush on you?

Yes, maybe that’s how he is trying to tell you that he likes you.

2. Signs Male Coworker Has Crush On You – He’s Cheerful Next To You:

Workplaces are always busy with so many people walking around. But your coworker still manages to spend time with you alone.

You can’t ignore it and should take it as a sign that your coworker has a crush on you.

He does so because he likes to stay close to you. Also, he wants to figure out whether you like him or not.

That Coworker Roams Around You
Signs Male Coworker Has Crush On You – He’s Cheerful Next To You

Your male coworker tries different ways to be near to you. For instance, he will follow you to the kitchen area or walk with you at the end of the day.

So take into account how many times your male coworker tries to be around you. It’s a simple way to make sure that he likes you.

3. “That” Coworker Is Your All-Time Savior:

Having a helping coworker is a blessing. But think again! Are you missing out on something? Look at the reason behind it.

Your male coworker is going out of his way to help you because he has a crush on you. It can’t just be professional help.

He always shows up to help you whenever you are in trouble and tries to make your work easier.

He won’t just help you but also tell you some secrets to be successful at work.

If he doesn’t like it when you ask for help from someone else, then this is the sign he likes you.

But it would help if you stayed careful as selfless people are rare in today’s time. Your helping coworker also has a purpose of assisting you, and that’s to impress you.

4. He Digs into Your Personal Life To Know What You Like:

Your male coworker has kept a close eye on you to see what are your likes and dislikes. So he can come up to talk to you about the topics you like.

It won’t give him enough time to be around you if he only talks about work. And talking about work can be exhausting too.

Casual Chit Chat Other Than Work Is What He Loves To Do With You
He Digs into Your Personal Life To Know What You Like

That’s why he starts discussing things that aren’t related to work. He might make a start by discussing current affairs or career goals.

Or maybe a review on a newly opened restaurant. The reason is your coworker wants to explore your personality outside of work.

The amount of effort he is putting in to talk to you says it all! And it strongest of the signs male coworker has a crush on you. 

5. Signs Male Coworker Has Crush On You – Asks For Your Instagram Handle:

It’s unusual to connect with coworkers on social media unless you are buddies outside of work. So if your male coworker asks you to get hooked on social media, that’s because he likes you.

He is trying to develop a relationship that has nothing to do with the job.

Your Male Coworker Asks To Accept His Request On Social Media
Signs Male Coworker Has Crush On You – Asks For Your Instagram Handle

Your coworker is trying to check what your interests are to match their interests with you.

Also, he has a way to message you and talk about random things. If you post a story, he will reply to create a conversation.

If this person is always messaging you and likes your pictures, then that’s not friendship.

6. His Eyes Fill Up With Joy When You Look At Him:

If a guy has an interest in you, it will be visible from his body language. He won’t be verbal about his likeliness towards you. And you have to guess it.

We talked before that eye contact is a significant body language sign. Then there are several other such signs.

For instance, if a male likes you, his body will be facing yours. That’s his subconscious action, which shows that his focus is only on you.

Body Language Is A Strong Sign Your Male Coworker Is Interested In You
His Eyes Fill Up With Joy When You Look At Him

Another obvious sign is that this guy gets nervous when he is around you. He won’t be able to speak appropriately and keep his body still.

It shows how you have made this guy out of his control.

One sign of body language is that he continuously licks his lips. Of course, he doesn’t do this intentionally and has lost his focus.

7. Your Male Coworker Says “You Look Pretty” Every Other Day:

Your male coworker will give you compliments on small and big things to show his interest.

He will notice you from a short distance and see the changes in your habits and skills.

This guy would never leave a chance to compliment you.

Even if you are having coffee with some of your other colleagues, he will throw a compliment.

The male coworker will appreciate you for doing good at the office. He does so because he wants to show how much he cares for you.

8. He Saves You From Boss’s Wrath:

Let me tell it to you through an example. Consider you are in a meeting and you present an idea. Your idea gets rejected by the boss.

But that male coworker is the only one who tries to support this idea during the discussion.

He Will Always Be There To Defend You
Your Male Coworker Is Protective Towards You

He will always defend your thoughts in discussion and be protective of you.

This guy will try to guide you whenever you are falling off-topic during a meeting.

So if you find him around you and have got your back, he likes you.

9. Signs Male Coworker Has Crush On You – He Always Looks Very Dapper:

A male coworker who likes you will never miss a chance to impress you. You already got what I mean, right?

This guy will never come to work in rough looks. You must have noticed this change that his dressing got better since he got to know you.

That’s how guys behave. They never care about their looks when they don’t have any females to impress.

Your Male Coworker Is All Dressed Better To Impress You
Signs Male Coworker Has Crush On You – He Always Looks Very Dapper

But as soon as they get a crush on someone, here comes the revolutionary change.

Check the way he smells. If he puts on a nice cologne and walks around you, then that’s a sign.

10. Your Coworker Finds You Like A Mystery:

It’s a sign that your coworker has an interest in your personal life more than your professional life.

He finds different excuses to talk about your personal life. Moreover, he is curious to know you as someone outside of work.

The way he asks about your personal life will tell you how much interest he has in you.

And very soon he’ll know all about your family, friends and relationship status.

11. It’s A Sign When His Talks Have Double Meaning:

Flirting still exists in a lot of workplaces. And it’s a sign that your male coworker has a crush on you.

We spend a considerable amount of our time in offices and we all need something to keep it funny and alive.

You’ll notice that particular guy tries to flirt with you. Flirting between coworkers is fun and has no harm in it.

This Guy Flirts With You
It’s A Sign When His Talks Have Double Meaning

If the coworker flirts only with you, that’s because he wants you. He is trying his best to take this relationship outside of work.

The flirt can be in different ways. The guy might wink at you or make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Or he might send you teasing emails.

12. Signs Male Coworker Has Crush On You – You Get To See His Hidden Side:

Last but not least, your relationship with him goes beyond the work rant. He doesn’t just talk to you about the workload or projects, but also about his personal life and future goals.

Talks To You About His Personal Life
Signs Male Coworker Has Crush On You – You Get To See His Hidden Side

It’s a tell-tale sign that your coworker wants a relationship outside of work.

When a guy opens up to you, he has feelings for you. He doesn’t need to want a relationship with you. Or he is ready to take the risk of dating a coworker.

He might like you and love to see you every day.

How To Deal With A Coworker That’s Interested In You

It’s important to know what to do in this situation. Because you can’t ignore it and move on. So here have a look at how to deal with it. 

1. It’s Not Just You

Remember that you aren’t alone in this, so you don’t need to panic. This situation is quite common at workplaces.

The amount of time we spend at the office makes this scenario occur again and again.

But there’s no need to worry as it isn’t going to affect your work. So relax and enjoy!

2. Do You Like Them Back?

Here comes the need to figure out your feelings. Do you feel the same for them? Have you any interest in your male coworker?

If yes, then what are you going to do about it? If no, then remember that you don’t need to waste your time and energy on this.

Liking Them Back Is The Start To A New Relationship
Do You Like Them Back

If their behavior is making you feel uncomfortable at work, then talk about it.

Tell your coworker to stop flirting with you as it is intolerable for you.

If it doesn’t work, then talk to some higher up at your office and let them handle this situation.

3. Do You Want To Date Them Back?

Concluding that you feel the same for your coworker is exciting. The person might prove to be very special to you.

Suppose you are comfortable being open up to them. Then tell your coworker how you feel and see where this situation leads.

But always keep the consequences in mind. Your workplace might oppose you as a couple according to their policies.

Or it can be hard for you two as a couple to be next to each other at work and home.

Dating Can Be Harmful At Work So Be Cautious
Do You Want To Date Them Back

In case if you’ll break-up in the future, you’ll have to see your ex at work every day.

It’s up to you to decide what to do next. So decide wisely!

Some people like to be around their partners at work. And other people can’t just divert their attention while being at work.

So think for a while before you tell your coworker how you feel about him.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Tell If A Male Coworker Is Flirting With You?

There are some signs to differentiate between a coworker being friendly or flirting. A flirt coworker will continuously try to check you out. He'll touch you whenever he gets a chance. His smile is meaningful, and he repeatedly asks you if you are single or not.

How Do You Know If A Coworker Likes You?

A coworker likes you if he wants to talk to you the most. Smiling at you in meetings, he tries to tell you something. He would ask you how your day as if you were absent from work. You'll repeatedly get invited for lunch or dinners.

How Do You Know If A Guy Likes You But Is Hiding?

A guy like you and trying to hide it will find excuses to be around you. He tries to talk to you and uses these opportunities to know you better. But he doesn't want you to know it as it can be trouble causing afterward. He tries to keep it a secret until he knows your opinion.

How Do You Tell If A Guy Finds You Pretty?

A guy who finds you pretty or gets attracted to your beauty wants to know more about you. You'll get asked questions related to your personal life. He can ask questions about anything like what your interests are? How's your personal life going? Such questions are a vital sign that he finds you pretty.


If your male coworker likes it, he doesn’t need to want a relationship. He might admire your personality and doesn’t see you as a match.

He might not be ready for an emotional risk, and so there is not any guarantor in relationships.

No matter what, relationships are always a risk. Especially when it comes to workplace relations, the risk is higher.

Because if you are no longer together, you’ll have to bear each other. Moving on will be more challenging.

Yet, many successful relationships and even marriages have come out of offices. So there’s the possibility of anything.

You two need to be on the same page to have success in a relationship.

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