What To Do When Your Boss Disrespects You: 10 Tips To Standup

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You’re at work, feeling good, then your boss yells at you in front of everyone! Yikes! What to do when your boss disrespects you?

Your boss might be mad because you didn’t finish something, but that doesn’t mean they can yell and be rude. Nobody deserves that!

Key Takeaways

  • Stay calm: Don’t yell or get upset if your boss is rude. This will only make things worse.
  • Take a break: If your boss is rude, walk away for a minute to calm down. You could also take some deep breaths.
  • Fix mistakes: If your boss is mad because you messed up, fix it as soon as possible.
  • Talk privately: Ask your boss to talk privately and tell them how their rudeness makes you feel.
  • Listen to them: Try to understand why your boss might be acting rude.
  • Get HR involved: If your boss keeps being rude, talk to someone in HR about it.
  • Do your best work: Show your boss how good you are at your job.
  • Talk to someone: Talk to a friend, family member, or therapist about what’s happening.
  • Take care of yourself: If your job makes you unhappy, looking for a new one is okay.
  • Look for a new job: If your boss doesn’t change, start looking for a new job where you’ll be treated with respect.

What To Do When Your Boss Disrespects You- 10 Tips

It’s awful to be disrespected by your boss in front of everyone. It’s so humiliating that it’s hard even to describe how bad you’d feel.

Let’s talk about what to do in such a situation. Here are 10 quick tips to help you stay safe.

1. Stop Yourself From Reacting When Your Boss Disrespects You:

We can understand that when someone is yelling at you, you want to react quickly and defend yourself.

Yelling back is bad. You get in trouble.

Instead, be the grown-up (even if boss isn’t). Calmly explain yourself. But if boss is super mad, stay quiet.

worried girl when boss disrespects her

But why stay calm? If you don’t yell, boss might realize he acted wrong and stop.

Remember, this is a tricky situation. Don’t use emotions; use your brain.

It’s okay to feel upset, but staying calm makes you look good in front of others.

2. Take Some Moments Of Relaxing:

If your boss is rude, find a quiet place to calm down. It’s normal to get flustered (upset and embarrassed).

Take some deep breaths to collect yourself. Even meditate if it helps.

Once calmer, you can think clearly about how to handle the situation.

3. Complete Your Work:

Get whatever work made your boss mad finished ASAP (as soon as possible). If there were mistakes, fix them.

Don’t talk to your boss until you’ve calmed the situation by finishing the work.

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If your boss is disrespectful in other ways, that’s a separate issue. You can address it later, but not right now.

4. Speak To Your Boss In Private:

Your boss was mean in front of everyone, and you might want them to apologize in front of everyone, too.

But some bosses aren’t very nice and won’t take responsibility for their actions.

Don’t make things worse by yelling or arguing. Wait a little while, then ask your boss to talk privately. You can call their secretary or ask them yourself.

Work stuff should stay private. Don’t tell others; ask your boss to keep it quiet, too.

5. Start The Conversation Politely:

Do not start with, “You were unethical back there” or “What the hell was that?”.

Start by saying how you felt when your boss was rude. You could say, “I felt really bad when you [what your boss did].”

If you did something wrong, say sorry. Then, explain that everyone deserves respect, including you.

writing down ideas

So the trick here is first to make your boss realize that he did wrong and should be guilty. Second, demand justice. But don’t be rude like your boss.

The best bosses will apologize or fix things in front of everyone.

If your boss gets madder or yells, that’s not a good sign. It might be time to find a new job.

6. Listen To Your Boss:

If your boss is yelling or acting mean, try to be calm and listen. Maybe they’re just having a bad day or feeling stressed about work.

By talking it out, you might mend your relationship with your boss and things can go smoother.

But not all bosses are open to talking, so use your judgment about what to do.

7. Talk To The HR When Your Boss Disrespects You Frequently:

If there is nothing more you can do, it is time to go to the Human Resources department.

HR’s job is to keep things good at work for everyone. They take bullying seriously.

Tell HR what happened, honestly. The more details, the better.

Proof helps! Show HR any rude texts or emails from your boss. Ask anyone who saw what happened to back you up.

stressed and worried woman when boss disrespected her

Employees are scared to complain about mean bosses because they might get in trouble, too.

If you do complain, ask HR to keep your name secret.HR might talk to you and your boss together.

Stay calm, polite, and strong. Powerful bosses can try to scare you, but don’t let them.

8. Let Your Work Speak For You When Your Boss Disrespects You:

Upgrade your work. Perform exceptionally well. Prove that you are the best asset to the organization.

This will prove your worth to your boss and help your case with management.

Companies value their best employees, so become one!

9. Share With Someone:

Stuck for words with a rude boss? Talk it out with someone you trust, like a friend, family member, or coworker. Talking helps!

Taking care of yourself is important. Many companies offer programs to help employees with stress. See if your company has a therapist you can talk to.

Venting will make you feel better; they might even have some ideas to help.

10. Seek Another Opportunity:

If this situation occurs frequently and neither HR nor management is helping you, you need to leave that toxic environment immediately.

A good paycheck isn’t worth feeling bad about yourself. There are better jobs where you’ll be appreciated.

Don’t waste your effort on a boss who doesn’t care. You deserve respect!

two colleagues sharing a good bond

Some people think quitting a job quickly looks bad, but that’s only true if you leave for personal reasons.

If your workplace is awful (toxic work culture!), leave! Your self-respect is more important.

If things won’t change and your boss is terrible, it’s time to move on. Update your resume, start looking for new jobs, and focus on being the best you can be.


If your boss is rude, stay calm and act professional. Don’t make things worse by getting upset. Try to talk to them calmly about the problem.

Talk to your boss, listen to him, share how it made you feel,# and if required, tell him that he owes you an apology. Be polite, yet never compromise on your self-esteem.

If it’s bad, talk to HR. If it keeps happening, find a new job. We hope this never happens, but here’s how to handle it if it does.

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