10 Tips On What To Do When Your Boss Disrespects You

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You may be working in the office in a great mood, but your boss comes up to you and yells at you in front of everyone. What would you do when your boss disrespects you?

The reason for your boss’s behavior might be that you did not complete your task. But even then, do you deserve to be humiliated and disrespected? Certainly NO!

What To Do When Your Boss Disrespects You- 10 Tips

If your boss disrespects you in front of other employees, you will feel raged and worse. There are no words to explain your mental state after such a humiliating incident.

Today we will share what to do if, God forbid, you experience such a situation. Follow these ten tips and find the best solution for you.

1. Stop Yourself From Reacting When Your Boss Disrespects You:

We can understand that when someone is yelling at you, you want to react quickly and defend yourself.

But the best thing to do when your boss disrespects you is not to react.

If you react by shouting louder or arguing with aggression, you will put yourself in more trouble.

worried girl when boss disrespects her

First of all, try to be mature if the other person is not being it. Try to explain your point politely, but remain quiet if your boss has gone completely nuts.

Secondly, if you don’t react badly, your boss will realize that he is being a jerk. He can suddenly realize his mistake and leaves without more drama.

Thirdly, such situations are sensitive. You don’t deal with them with heart but with the mind.

We know that you feel embarrassed and disgraced. But reacting calmly to the situation will make your position positive in the eyes of others.

2. Take Some Moments Of Relaxing:

Go to a restroom or any room far from others and relax. Your face may be all red due to the embarrassment.

I am saying this because mine gets all red, and I may even have a few tears locked in my eyes if someone is being rude to me. Or my ears start to burn.

After your boss disrespects you, the best thing to do is to take deep breaths because you have to perform the next steps with a sound mind.

Meditate if you have to but do everything you can to be normal. You will have a better sense of taking logical steps to resolve this matter.

3. Complete Your Work:

Complete the unfinished work which has the deadline. Or remove the mistakes you made in the assigned work. In short, resolve the reason due to which your boss got angry.

And finish the work as soon as possible. This is important because you will have no reason to make him angrier when you talk to your boss.

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My boss disrespects me by passing an unacceptable comment or any other way. Then leave this step and move to the next one.

4. Speak To Your Boss In Private:

I know you may be thinking; he humiliated me in public, so I want him to apologize in public. But understand, not every boss is good or takes responsibility for their actions.

You do not want to create more fuss. So make an appointment with your boss after some time passes and talk to him. Either contact his secretary or go to him directly.

There should always be confidentiality in workplace matters. So respect it and ask your boss it respect it too.

5. Start The Conversation Politely:

Do not start with, “You were unethical back there” or “What the hell was that?”.

But instead, start by expressing what you felt. “Back then, I felt very humiliated and embarrassed.” for instance. Communication is the key to every problem.

Admit your mistake if you have one. After sharing your feelings, be affirmative and tell him that you have all the right to be treated with respect and care.

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So the trick here is the first, make your boss realize that he did wrong and he should be guilty. Second, demand justice. But don’t be rude like your boss.

If your boss is also mature, he will make amends. He will either apologize to you right away or clear the situation in front of all those people who were present back then.

But if your boss starts being a child and gets angrier because you know your rights, he will get more defensive and aggressive. In this case, leave immediately.

6. Listen To Your Boss:

A simple thing to do when your boss disrespects you is to listen. Your boss may be having a mid-life crisis. Or he has a lot of pressure due to work.

Listen to him. Ask him why he felt the need to be like that.

He will realize his mistake, and the matter will solve out. You may get to know what things are stressing him out, and you can offer your help.

This is a small effort to mend your relationship with your boss. And this can be fruitful.

But this depends on the work environment and nature of your boss as well. So decide wisely whether to choose it or not.

7. Talk To The HR When Your Boss Disrespects You Frequently:

If there is nothing more you can do, it is time to go to the Human Resource department.

HR has to maintain a healthy work environment and protect the interests of all employees. Moreover, they are the ones to look deeply into matters of harassment of any form.

Fill out the form of complaint or whatever the procedure to file a complaint is. Be very honest with what you say or write there. And write with as much detail as possible.

If possible, prepare evidence like phone messages showing your boss was being disrespectful. Or, if someone else witnessed the scene, ask them to show up to support you.

stressed and worried woman when boss disrespected her

Employees sometimes try to avoid such sensitive matters. Because they will be in trouble too. The boss will make their life hell since they spoke against them.

In this case, ask HR to keep their identity confidential.

HR may call you and your boss to assess the matter simultaneously. Always stay positive, polite, but confident because people with power try to intimidate you.

8. Let Your Work Speak For You When Your Boss Disrespects You:

Upgrade your work. Perform exceptionally well. Prove that you are the best asset to the organization.

Your boss will know your worth, and it can put him at shame for what he did to you.

Also, you will show that you are good at what you do and don’t deserve such treatment. These factors will help you when management is looking at your case.

Organizations try to protect their best employees who are important for their company’s functioning. So prove yourself to be one.

9. Share With Someone:

If you can’t decide what to say when your boss disrespects you and going to HR seems too overwhelming, talk your heart out with someone you are close to and trust.

It can be your colleague or friend or even family.

Mental health is very important, and today companies are finding strategies to protect the mental health of their employees.

There may be such a development program in your company. If your company has a therapist, talk to them.

Firstly, you will feel much better after venting your feelings. And secondly, they might come up with a good solution.

10. Seek Another Opportunity:

If this situation happens frequently, and neither HR nor management is helping you, you need to immediately leave that toxic environment.

We understand that the pay is good and you need experience, but compromising your self-respect and dignity is not a solution.

There are many opportunities out there for you where you can excel.

Do not stay where you put all your efforts, but your boss doesn’t appreciate your work. Or disrespects you over and over again.

two colleagues sharing a good bond

People say that leaving a company quick is wrong and doesn’t look good on your resume, or employers think you are incompatible.

This is true only if you are leaving for personal reasons. But in the case of toxic work culture, you need to take this action no matter what.

Nothing is important than your self-respect.

Therefore, if you see that things won’t change in your workplace and your boss will continue being the same, save your energy and time.

Redesign your resume, prepare yourself for job hunting and be a better version of yourself.

We understand that the job hunt is always overwhelming. But if you have skill and talent, you will eventually get where you deserve to be.


When your boss disrespects you, there are sound ways to deal with it. You should keep your dignity and do not add fuel to the situation by acting rashly. Be logical and solve this issue maturely.

Talk to your boss, listen to him, share how it made you feel and if required, tell him that he owes you an apology. Be polite, yet never compromise on your self-esteem.

If the situation is serious, take your case to HR and file a complaint. If nothing works out, and this happens frequently, leave the job and seek a better opportunity.

We wish that you never get to see such a time, but we have shared everything you might need to deal with it if you do.

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