10 Devilish Ways To Screw Your Boss – A Wicked Guide

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You’ve been dealing with your bad boss for so long now, don’t you think you should bring him a reality check?

When you can’t simply stand your boss, it might be the time for a change.

We won’t advise you to keep quiet and bear with your annoying boss. Instead, you need to make him feel the force of your wrath.

10 Evil Ways For How To Screw Your Boss

Knowing how to screw your boss isn’t a rocket science and anyone can do this with the right tips.

Your boss starts to fear you and avoid doing anything that can bring that wrath again in the future.

You need to try these ways to annoy your boss and win the workplace glory!

1. Appear To The Office In The Mid-Day To Screw Your Boss:

Showing up late to work can easily annoy your boss. You just need to make him realize that you are your boss.

You don’t follow his deadlines and come to work when it feels right. It will both screw your boss and boost your happiness.

When You Show Up Late To Work Your Boss Gets Screwed
Appear To The Office In The Mid-Day To Screw Your Boss

When you are late to work, and the boss tries to punish you, remind him that you can report to the HR about it.

Remember, you’ll need one or two solid excuses in line to secure yourself.

Of course! A boss can’t punish you for not coming on time due to last night’s hangover.

2. How To Screw Your Boss – Impose Emergency In Everything:

Do you want to ask a question related to quick policy? Make it urgent. Time off a request for the weekend? Urgent.

Someone took a bite of your sandwich, which was in the fridge; that’s too urgent.

An Easy Way To Screw Your Boss Is Making Everything Urgent
How to destroy your manager – Impose Emergency In Everything

To cut the story short, everything you say is urgent, and it matters. Your boss will realize it soon.

3. Swap His Belongings To Annoy Him:

Change is necessary for a healthier workplace. It even includes the change in the arrangement of chairs you sit on daily.

But your boss, with his outdated clothes and leadership style, doesn’t understand this.

Swap The Chairs To Screw Your Boss
Swap His Belongings To Annoy Him

You can do this to your boss as a punishment in today’s world. Yes, it will help to screw your boss.

Every time your boss goes out of the office, you must swap his chair. They might surprisingly learn to embrace the change.

Or they might get mad at everything, and that’s what you wanted, right?

4. How To Screw Your Boss – Pretend You Forgot His Name:

During the early morning, pretending like an enthusiastic barista, ruin your boss’s name.

Every time you have to spell it, make sure you spell it wrong. It’s the best and the fastest way to annoy your boss.

How To Screw Your Boss
How to screw over your employer– Pretend You Forgot His Name

But try not to spell it wrong in the same way for more than once. A simple change in name makes this game more exciting.

5. Tell Him What’s Happening Next In His Favorite Show:

You watch the same shows that are your boss’s favorites, and you’re all caught up on these.

Although it’s bad that she terrifies hardworking employees like you to watch her live.

Spoil The Favorite Shows Of Your Boss
Tell Him What’s Happening Next In His Favorite Show

It’s your turn to get ready to share the juiciest spoilers in full volume during early morning hours.

It would be enough to annoy your boss in the morning.

You can also send him a text right after a show ends asking him what happened in the next episode.

6. Screw Your Boss By Replying To His Old Messages:

It’s an excellent way to take revenge on your boss. You can go way back into your inbox and open a really old email. Please reply to that email as it came in the morning.

Ask a stupid question or make him realize that this email still exists by replying “received.”

If you get to see such emails that should get deleted months ago, reply to those too.

Replying To The Old Emails Of Boss Would Annoy Him
Screw Your Boss By Replying To His Old Messages

The more trivial things you do, the better it will screw your boss. Make sure to CC your boss on all of these emails. He’d regret messing up with you.

7. Make Stupid Queries And Pretend To Be Innocent – How To Screw Your Boss

Did you just see your boss heading towards the bathroom? Well, it’s the perfect time to shower him with questions related to the latest seminar.

You can also start to explain your idea about the latest project.

Some other moments to create inconvenience are during lunch or before a meeting.

Also, you can ask him stupid questions when he is heading outwards at the end of the day.

8. Start Long, Boring, Pointless Stories:

Previously, you might try to be direct how to mess with your boss. But unfortunately, he never listened or appreciated what you said.

So it’s time to change the game. Adopt this new approach of being a boring storyteller.

Start Telling Long Stories
Start Long, Boring, Pointless Stories

Don’t simply state to your boss that you need a half-day to pick your aunt from the airport. You can start by explaining the beauty of the town where your aunt was born.

Tell your boss how your aunt adopted stray cats and prepared cat food herself.

Make sure that your request takes more than 20 minutes to annoy the shit out of your boss.

9. How To Screw Your Boss – Steal His Energy By Decaf:

Your boss must not be getting too much caffeine to stay active. You can do this by swapping off his regular coffee with decaf.

A tired boss won’t get worried about what you’re doing. He won’t be able to get worried about what anyone else is doing.

You did a favor on the entire office; bravo! Did everyone else drink decaf?

Swapping His Coffee Would Really Help
How To Screw Your Boss – Steal His Energy By Decaf

Well, that’s the best because now everyone is too tired to care. You must carry on the show.

If the decaf isn’t available, you can do this task by burning the coffee. You’ll not only fill the office with the burnt aroma of coffee but also be a jerk at work.

10. Point Out His Grammar Mistakes:

Bad grammar acts like a plague. If the supervisors make a mistake to use a dangling modifier or verb mistakes, there’s a mess all around.

Appoint yourself as the sheriff of the grammar police!

Although it’s a dirty job, point out your boss’s mistake and send that email back to him.

Point Out His Grammatical Mistakes
Point Out His Grammar Mistakes

The bad grammar of your boss can set an unhealthy standard of ignoring grammar mistakes. The entire office will start doing the same.

Also, when you correct these emails, make sure to “send it to all.” So your coworkers can read these too.

You’re annoying your boss, but no! You’re doing public service, and that’s good.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Get Revenge On My Boss?

A classy way to take revenge on your boss is never to let yourself be a victim. You can seek help from a mentor. Go on with your work, and don't allow your boss to interfere unnecessarily. Note down everything your boss does to annoy you.

How Do I Complain About My Boss Without Getting Fired?

First of all, you don't need to threaten your boss. Focus on his illegal activities and note these down. You can follow-up with the processes given in the employee handbook. Jot down everything and send a formal complaint to HR.

What Is A Manipulative Boss?

Manipulative bosses are the ones that don't want to address the issues directly. They change the problems or avoid issues when you ask them for help. They can go to any extent to make you feel that these issues are irrelevant.

Does HR Tell Your Boss?

Although HR doesn't keep things confidential, they expect you to have expert judgment. HR professionals try to keep the delicate information shared by employees confidential.


The point is to annoy your boss to the extent that he regrets that time when he messed up with you.

You need to keep yourself positive while trying to screw your boss. And remember to be within limits. You can’t do something that seriously harms your boss.

It will bring nothing good, and your job will be at risk.

So remember the workplace policies while annoying your boss.

Let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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