8 Subtle Tips To Get Boss To Stop Calling You Sweetheart

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Dealing with people who call you through different nicknames is harder as you don’t want to hurt them. But you also don’t want to feel the discomfort those names bring for you.

No one would like to get called by unwanted names, that too by the people they don’t have a close relationship with.

How To Get Boss To Stop Calling You Sweetheart – 8 Ideal Tips

If your boss often calls you “sweetheart”, you must be thinking about how to get your boss to stop calling you sweetheart.

Such names at work can make you face gender discrimination that’s quite a bad thing. If you’re an educated employee and are handling more responsibilities than most people.

In that case, it sounds unprofessional to be called such names by your boss.

Here you can know how to get the boss to stop calling you sweetheart and unravel why he does so.

1. You Can Politely Ask Him To Keep It Professional:

If your boss often calls you sweetheart and you want to stop him, you’ll have to be calm. Don’t be aggressive as it can ruin your working relationship with the boss.

Make A Polite Request To Your Boss
You Can Politely Ask Him To Keep It Professional

Yet, you can politely request him to keep things professional and not call you a sweetheart.

A request can make a difference rather than being offensive over such a trivial matter.

Tell your boss that you’re there to work and you don’t want any distraction.

2. How To Get Boss To Stop Calling You Sweetheart – Your Expressions Can Tell It All:

If you think you can’t request your boss or talk to him, then you can stop your boss through your expressions.

When your boss calls you sweetheart, you can give uncomfortable expressions to convey how you feel.

The boss will either stop calling you sweetheart or ask you what’s the matter; tell him you’re not comfortable with it.

3. Convey It Through Your Body Language:

When a boss is over-friendly and calls you sweetheart or tries to touch you, you can make use of your body language.

Use Body Language To Show You Are Uncomfortable With It
Convey It Through Your Body Language

You can jerk away his hand when he touches you as you have the right to do so. This act will tell your boss that you’re not welcoming towards his behavior. And he should stop doing these things as well as calling you sweetheart.

Your eyes can also be helpful in this regard but don’t show too much hatred, as he can fire you.

4. How To Get Boss To Stop Calling You Sweetheart – Tell Your Boss You Don’t Like It:

You can request a private meeting with your boss and explain your matter to him. Tell your boss that you do not like the way he calls you sweetheart. It would be better if he stopped it and behaved more professionally.

It can be a gentle reminder to your boss that workplaces are not the right place to call someone sweetheart.

Such things can signal wrong gestures, and it would be good to avoid these.

5. You Can Make A Written Request To Be Respectful:

If you don’t want to face your boss and sound stupid for bringing this matter to the table, you can write a request.

Either through an email or a written note, it would be best to request your boss to stop calling you sweetheart.

Write A Note To Boss To Stop Calling You Sweetheart
You Can Make A Written Request To Be Respectful

Make sure to write a proper request and avoid any aggressive comments in your message.

Send it to your boss and wait for his response and then act accordingly to his response.

6. Avoid Calling Him A Sweetheart Back:

If you’re uncomfortable with your boss calling you sweetheart, you must not call him back with that name.

As you’re requesting them to be professional, so you should be professional first.

How To Get Boss To Stop Calling You Sweetheart
Avoid Calling Him A Sweetheart Back

If you reply to them by calling sweetheart, they’d think of it as approval and be comfortable with you next time.

So it’s necessary to show professional behavior and respect workplace decorum.

7. Use Humor To Remind Him You’re His Employee:

You can jokingly remind your boss that you’re his employee and he should call you by your name.

A soft yet gentle reminder would be the best to stop your boss from calling you, sweetheart.

How To Get Boss To Stop Calling You Sweetheart
Use Humor To Remind Him You’re His Employee

However, if you think that things will not settle down this way, you should adopt some other approach.

8. How To Get Boss To Stop Calling You Sweetheart – Approach HR And Ask For Help:

If none of the above tips works, you should definitely consider going to HR. Seeking a professional’s help would be the best in this respect.

In case you’ve reminded your boss enough, and he doesn’t bother to stop it, then you should take strict actions.

You can also seek help from a mentor about what to do next and how to get the boss to stop calling you, sweetheart.

The option of leaving your job and finding a new one always lies there.

Why The Boss Calls You Sweetheart – 4 Reasons

There’s not always one perfect reason for anything. Different cases have different reasons behind it, so it can be this one.

Your boss calls you sweetheart because of one of the listed reasons here.

1. He’s Affectionate Towards You:

You might be new to the workplace and are junior to many people; your boss sees you as a child. He might be calling you sweetheart as he’s affectionate towards you.

The Boss Might Be Affectionate To Call You Sweetheart
He’s Affectionate Towards You

The boss wants you to be comfortable around and work more relaxed. He’s probably trying to remove that professional barrier that exists between you two.

The boss believes a comfortable and friendly environment enhances productivity.

2. He Says It Unintentionally:

Your boss might have a habit of calling everyone sweetheart because of his nature. He might have called you sweetheart unintentionally one or two times, and now it has become his habit.

Some people are just like that; they habitually call everyone sweetheart because they like it that way.

Your boss can be one of those friendly folks, so relax! There’s nothing to worry about.

3. The Boss Likes You And Signals You:

The reason for calling you sweetheart can be his likeliness for you. The boss is probably into you and wants to date you outside work.

Calling You Sweetheart Is A Signal
The Boss Likes You And Signals You

It can be a signal to tell you about his feelings when he calls you sweetheart. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as the boss is within his or her limits.

There can be other signs along with this one, e.g., the boss touches you accidentally.

4. He Finds You Too Attractive:

The boss finds you too attractive to call you by name, so instead, he goes with calling you sweetheart.

You’re pretty and delicate, and that’s the reason your boss gives you that name. Well, it’s not a bad thing!

You can request him not to call you by that name if you’re uncomfortable with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean When Your Boss Calls You Sweetheart?

If your boss calls you sweetheart or honey, it doesn't necessarily mean he's into you. He might be seeing you as a child or his subordinate. It can be your boss's way to show affection, and you should regard and respect his behavior being a junior.

Is It Okay To Call A Man Sweetheart?

It's totally okay for women to call anyone regardless of gender sweetheart. But these terms are a bit different for men. When a man calls a woman sweetheart, he might have another meaning behind it.

Is It Condescending To Call Someone Sweetheart?

Although it's not that bad to call someone sweetheart, it can be a bit patronizing. It's not necessarily focusing on sexual attraction, but still, it objectifies women.

What Does It Mean When A Man Calls A Woman Baby?

When a man calls you baby, it means that you've already attracted him to yourself through your beauty. There's something going on in between you, and he wants to proceed in this relationship.


You must have found an answer for how to get the boss to stop calling you sweetheart. However, you should stay careful in whatever you do as carelessness can cost you your job.

Also, getting your boss to stop calling you sweetheart is important as it makes you uncomfortable to work with him.

Workplaces have some manners to maintain, everyone needs to respect it regardless of their position.

You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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