What To Do When A Boss Yells At You – 9 Things To Do

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The exact answer to “what to do when a boss yells at you” is still unknown, as no one knows the perfect recipe to make an answer.

9 Things To Do When A Boss Yells At You

It’s the most clueless situation for an employee where his boss is yelling at him, and he has to stand there and listen.

Everyone gets yelled at by their boss, and we all know how it feels; the urge to explain yourself becomes so strong.

But staying quiet at that moment is a wiser decision because you won’t be wanting to add some fuel to the fire, right?

Here’s are some detailed tips on what to do when a boss yells at you. Also, you can see some reasons why the boss yells at you.

1. Request A Private Meeting With Your Boss:

If your boss is yelling at you, it would be improper to answer him at the same time. Let him yell and get his frustration out at that moment.

You Should Meet And Talk To Your Boss
Request A Private Meeting With Your Boss

You can request a private meeting with your boss to discuss the real matter. It will also give your boss some time to cool down and ponder upon his behavior.

It’s a better option to talk about the issue after some time; your coworkers or any witness will also forget about it.

2. Clear Your Position But Stay Calm When Boss Yells At You:

While you’re talking to your boss about his behavior, he might tell you what problem he has with you. You’ll feel the urge to spill all the facts from your side and clear your position.

But what’s more important here is to stay calm while having a conversation with your boss.

Be calm when you tell him your side of the story; if you made any mistakes, you should apologize as well.

3. Remember That The Boss Is Out Of Control:

While your boss is yelling at you, whatever he says is coming from his frustration. He doesn’t mean to say most of these things and just blabbered whatever came in his mouth.

Your Boss Does Not Know What He Is Saying
Remember That The Boss Is Out Of Control

You should understand that he’s angry at the moment, so avoid taking anything at your heart.

Don’t indulge yourself so much into that moment and let it go without exhausting yourself.

4. What To Do When A Boss Yells At You – Listen To What He Has To Say:

Listen to your boss with respect and nod your head to show him that you’re attentive to his points.

Let him yell and wait for him to cool down so you can request to see him alone or apologize for your mistakes.

If your boss is yelling at you for not getting work done properly, acknowledge his valid points. Tell him you’d be more responsible in the future and leave no room for mistakes.

5. Own Your Faults – Avoid Making Excuses:

If the problem was at your end, it’s your responsibility to admit your mistake and apologize for it.

Never make excuses or avoid trying to cover up your mistakes in front of your boss, who’s already yelling at you.

Accept And Apologize If The Mistake Is Yours
Own Your Faults – Avoid Making Excuses

It will add fuel to the fire, and the boss might become so angry that he feels the need to fire you.

So that’s why it’s important to own your faults and promise your boss that you won’t let it happen again.

6. What To Do When A Boss Yells At You – Never Show Anger At That Moment:

Even if it wasn’t your fault and your boss is yelling at you for no reason, it’s not a good idea to yell back at your boss.

You should keep your anger to yourself for that moment and wait for the time to pass. It would be good enough to see your boss in person and confront him if he was wrong.

If you yell back at your boss, it will not only damage your repute in the company; you might lose your job as well.

7. Wait For Them To Stop And Then Speak:

You should completely listen and understand what your boss wants to tell you. Take a moment to listen to their side of the story, and then you can speak.

Never Yell Back At Your Boss
Wait For Them To Stop And Then Speak

If you start explaining amidst his argument, the boss might get even angrier.

It will also help you to convey your point in a calm environment when no one else is speaking.

8. Try To Present A Solution To Your Boss:

No matter what reason caused your boss to yell at you like this, you should always offer them a good solution. Even if nothing’s in your hands, you can possibly try to calm the boss.

When a boss yells at his employees, he’s either frustrated or is fearful of not meeting deadlines.

He’s probably worried because of seeing his own job in danger. You can soothe your boss by calming them first and then giving a potential solution.

9. Always Try To Follow-Up With Your Boss:

Following up is necessary to check that whether the conflict is resolved or there is any grudge left.

What To Do When A Boss Yells At You
Always Try To Follow-Up With Your Boss

You must go to your boss the next day to see if things are going smoothly or do you have something left to solve.

Talk to your boss to see if the relationship between you two is fine or if your boss is behaving colder now?

Why The Boss Yells At You – 4 Weird Reasons

There can be different reasons behind an angry boss yelling at everyone. He might get concerned about an approaching project, and the work isn’t completed yet.

Some of the most common of these reasons get presented here for you to take a look at:

1. He Feels Frustrated Of His Own Job:

Your boss might get frustrated due to the workload he has to manage in his own job. He has too much on his table right now, and he can’t get rid of that workload.

What To Do When A Boss Yells At You
He Feels Frustrated Of His Own Job

The boss has no other way to get his anger out, and he yells at you for no reason. If you see your boss agitated, you must ask them what it is and offer your possible help.

2. The Boss Is Concerned About Deadlines:

When people can’t get their work done on time, they become hysteric and yell at everyone else.

Your boss might be going through the same situation. He’s thinking about the approaching deadlines and fears losing his job as the work isn’t completed yet.

So he yells at you to work faster and do try to meet the deadline.

3. There’s A Long-Term Grudge:

Your boss might have had a hatred for you from day one, but he never got a chance to express it.

They Might Be Hateful Towards You
There’s A Long-Term Grudge

So he suddenly yells at you because of that long-held grudge in his heart that he has for you. He says bad things to you while yelling and expects you to feel sad or anxious.

4. Tries To Belittle You For No Reason:

The boss might be yelling at you to belittle you in front of everyone else in the office.

He wants to make you worried about your actions, so you keep thinking about what you did wrong instead of focusing on the future.

It’s a way for your boss to distract you from work and turn your anxiety on by yelling at you for no reason.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Boss Allowed To Yell At You?

It’s legally okay for a boss to yell at you; yes, yelling for getting work done at a time is fine in some states. A boss can yell at employees and even insult them as long as he isn’t causing physical harm or abuse.

How Do You Respond To A Rude Boss?

Dealing with a rude boss, you should add a bit of humor in your conversation with them. Humor will help to cut through the rudeness. You can also use this humor as a way to tell them that you don’t appreciate their behavior.

Is A Boss Yelling At You Harassment?

To cut a long story short, yes, a boss yelling at you is harassment. However, workplace law can’t stop managers to not to yell at employees. But if that yelling is against a specific class or race, then it’s considered in the category of harassment.

Can I Sue My Employer For Anxiety?

If you suffer severe stress because your job or boss causes too much stress, then you can seek your rights. You have the right to claim compensation for your emotional trauma or any other damage.


Staying calm and showing some patience when your boss is yelling at you can save you from so many worries.

If you try to yell back at your boss, you’ll have to find a new job and make sure you’ve something lined up before you get fired.

So it’s wiser to listen to your boss and respond peacefully when he’s scolding you. You can convey your points when your boss is cool and calm after some time.

We hope you found this article helpful and learned something new.

You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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