10 Signs Your Boss Wants To Promote You – Be Proud Of It

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Hearing about promotion is pointing towards an adrenaline rush; it’s exciting yet tensing!

You get excited you’re about to take on a new role with more salary and even better benefits. But you’re tensed that you’ll have to take more responsibilities and work with more focus.

10 Exciting Signs Your Boss Wants To Promote You

It’s good to prepare yourself for such a big opportunity if you see signs of promotion and look forward to a big step in your career.

But before you start daydreaming about a new position, you should confirm it through some signs.

Your boss might be giving you extra attention, and the feedback is more of praise.

Also, you get to work on high-profile projects, and more opportunities are chasing you. Let’s see the signs your boss wants to promote you so you can prepare yourself.

1. You Get An Extra Dose Of Appreciation:

Praise, praise and more praise! Yes, that’s all coming your way when you’re about to be promoted to a higher role.

Your Boss Gives You Positive Feedback For Everything
You Get An Extra Dose Of Appreciation

Your boss gives you frequent feedback on how well you’ve been performing and what a good job you’ve done.

You’re under the limelight, everyone talks about your performance in the office these days. You’ve become a hot topic, but for good reasons!

It’s one of the signs you will be promoted when he mentions your little achievements and says he’s proud of you.

2. The Boss Talks About Your Future:

It’s an obvious sign that you’re about to get promoted when your boss is excited about your future more than you.

Signs Your Boss Wants To Promote You
The Boss Talks About Your Future

There is often a talk about your future goals when you’re with your boss. He asks about your future plans and ambitions and what next steps you want to take for your career.

The boss is trying to foresee if your goals and the company’s decisions match or not. So there’s a clarity whether they should think about promoting you or will you leave the company.

3. You Have Exciting Work To Do – Signs Your Boss Wants To Promote You:

Your boss isn’t just giving you work related to “that” higher position, but he also gives you more work in general.

The purpose is to let you explore things and practice to take on more responsibilities in future.

So when you’re getting to perform different, exciting and new roles higher than you, then it’s a sign.

This is one of the signs of promotion that your boss wants to promote you to a higher position, and this is all just the beginning of it.

4. You’re An Essential Of Management Meetings:

In most companies, promoting you is not just your boss’s personal decision. He has to involve the senior management and get approvals for your promotion.

You Get To Participate In Meetings
You’re An Essential Of Management Meetings

For that purpose, your boss invites you to meetings so that you can show your potential in front of management.

He sets you as a candidate for promotion and lets you shine brighter. It’s a good omen that you’re frequently getting to speak before the higher management. It’s one of the signs of a promotion.

5. They Send You To Represent The Company Outside:

You wonder why you’re getting sent to conferences and events to represent the company. It’s a positive sign that you’re about to get promoted to a higher position.

You Become Representative Of The Company
They Send You To Represent The Company Outside

The boss believes that you’ve a good mindset to represent the company in external events. Also, he’s aware of your people skills that make you the perfect choice for such tasks.

So next time you’re representing, go prepared and be happy for the upcoming opportunity.

6. A New Department Is Being Introduced – It’s A Sign:

Yes, it can signify that your boss wants to promote you to a higher position in that new department

If a department is being introduced in your company and you’re the only fittest person for leading it, it’s a sign.

Your boss sees the potential of a good leader in you, knows you can better inspire people working under you. So he has your name in consideration for that position.

7. Your Juniors Are Behind You For Seeking Advice:

Your boss has set you as an example and asks the newcomers to follow in your footsteps for success. So you see, most of the internees and newcomers seek your advice on how they should work.

Signs Your Boss Wants To Promote You
Your Juniors Are Behind You For Seeking Advice

It’s a good sign that you’re getting epitomized as an ideal and progressive personality.

The boss illustrates by giving your example that success is not a one-step process and how you’ve come a long way. There are praises for you everywhere.

8. People See You As An Influence – Signs Your Boss Wants To Promote You:

Your boss got impressed by your performance, and your peers, juniors, and everyone else look up to you.

It’s a sign when you see everyone around you admiring you for how well you’ve been doing and say you deserve more.

Your coworkers are envious of you, and there’s air in the office that tells you about the good news that’s soon to come.

Also, everyone is following your way of working because either the boss set you as an example or they themselves envy you.

9. Your Name Gets Enrolled In A Training Course:

Even though you’re already doing fine in your job, you still get offered nice training.

The Boss Sends You For A Higher Training
Your Name Gets Enrolled In A Training Course

When you attend that, you’re exploring the sides of a different and new job that is not yours. So it’s a tell-tale sign that this training is for your new position to which you’re getting promoted.

However, it can be an alarming sign that you’re about to lose your job, but chances are lesser for the later one.

10. They Seek Your Opinion In Every Matter:

A strong sign your boss wants to promote you is that your opinion is important in different matters.

You Get To Speak Your Ideas In Meetings
They Seek Your Opinion In Every Matter

For instance, there’s a meeting being held, and the boss suddenly turns to you asking what you say on this? It’s a sign he trusts your ideas and thinks you’re an asset to the company.

When you’re getting the freedom to criticize or praise a proposal, your opinion matters the most. That’s a sign your boss wants to see you doing better.

What To Do When You Get Promoted – 6 Warm Tips

When you get promoted to a higher position, you enter a whole new world of things that you haven’t done before. So you wonder what to do except celebrating? Here are some tips for adjusting to your new position.

1. Clear Your Expectations:

First of all, when you sit in your new seat, be clear of expectations from this role. What this role needs you to do? What are your boss’s expectations from you as a successful employee?

Be clear of what you’re going to do and how you’ll achieve new milestones. If you fail at estimating the expectations, you might end up frustrated and failed in future.

2. Set Up The New Goals:

It’s both exciting and nervousness inducing to get promoted to a whole new position. You’ve new things to do before you, and you must learn how to accomplish your new tasks.

Prioritize New Goals For Your Job
Set Up The New Goals

You’ll have to set up your own goals for this very purpose and act according to these goals. Set up your personal and professional goals and align these with the organizational expectations.

3. Interact With The Boss:

When you’re working in a new position, the most important thing is to know your boss under a new boss. So visit his office and tell him a hello to understand what kind of personality he has.

It will help you determine how you both are going to work together and whether it will be a good relationship.

4. Try To Build Work Relations:

Working in a new position means a new team around you. But you need not to worry, these are humans too, and you can be friends with them.

Strengthen Your Relations With Coworkers
Try To Build Work Relations

It’s important to interact and make strong relationships with people you will work with.

People skills are significant for the success of a job; you’ll have to make a bond with your coworkers.

5. Learn And Explore:

You’re in a new position, and it’s not necessary that you already know everything. You’ll be learning and exploring new aspects of your job every day.

Enlist all the things that you think you’ll have to learn and go for different sources to learn these. You can also take help from your boss or coworkers.

6. Celebrate But Stay Humble:

It’s good to be happy for an achievement you’ve made for yourself, but balance in life is also necessary.

Signs Your Boss Wants To Promote You
Celebrate But Stay Humble

Instead of bragging about your achievements, remember that you’re still in a process.

So celebrate your success but be humble in your behaviour and know that you’ve just started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Bosses Look For When Promoting?

Usually, bosses look for different skills when they're promoting people. People who've skills like communication and management are preferred for promotions. Also, a positive attitude and leadership skills matter in this regard. A person who has all this will be likely to get a promotion.

How Do You Get Your Boss To Promote You?

If you want your boss to promote you, you'll have to put in a little bit more effort. Summarize your assignments in a visual presentation and own your work. Be responsible for every task you do and keep a positive attitude at work. You should also help others to enhance their performance.

Does My Boss Want To Promote Me?

The boss wants to promote you if he calls you to meetings to contribute to decision-making. He gives you more responsibilities than before and trusts you with important projects. These signs are enough to tell the boss wants to promote you.

What Is Failure To Promote?

It's discrimination when a person doesn't get promoted because of his colour, ethnicity or religion. Also, if someone gets dismissed due to physical or mental disabilities, it's failure to promote.


If you’ve been observing these signs, prepare yourself for the upcoming transition.

These signs tell you to be more focused and work with extra attention. So you do not disappoint your boss with this decision in the future.

Yet, if you were planning on a career change, you should take a moment to evaluate. Think if this change is worth risking the promotion or not.

Getting a promotion is not a little achievement, so celebrate it and cherish it!

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