How To Flirt With A Coworker in 23 Non-Creepy Ways

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Thinking about flirting with that crush of yours at work? Here are some tips to learn how to flirt with a coworker.

Flirting at work can be stressful. There’s always that chance your boss will find out about your crush. It will make it weird for you to go to happy hour with them later!

But flirting can be so fun, and you might not have ever gotten a chance to before.

How To Flirt With A Coworker in 23 Non-Creepy Ways

You don’t have to be afraid of flirting at work. All you have to do is follow some simple tips to go smoothly.

These are the 23 ways to flirt with a coworker in non-creepy ways:

1. Pick The Right Time To Flirt With Them At Work:

The best time to start flirting with somebody is in the morning when they arrive for work. They’re usually in a good mood.


The best time to flirt is outside of work hours, such as during lunch breaks or after work events.

2. Flirt With Them Like A Friend:

To flirt with a co-worker like a friend, engage them in light-hearted conversations and find common interests to bond over.

Use humor and playfulness to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Just have fun with them by giving compliments or asking how their day has been going so far. You can also share funny things that happened during your commute to work today.

That makes flirting even more casual. It helps you get close to someone without making anything awkward between any of you!

3. Practice Your Smiles And Eye Contact:

Practicing your smiles and eye contact is important when flirting with a co-worker.

A genuine smile conveys warmth and friendliness while maintaining eye contact shows confidence and interest.

Smiles are an essential part of flirting and crucial to any relationship. By smiling, you’ll make the other person more relaxed around you, encouraging them to talk more with you.

4. Don’t Throw Out An Unsolicited Compliment:

While throwing out an unsolicited compliment when flirting with a co-worker may seem like a good idea, it can easily be insincere or even creepy.

They might think you only like them because of some physical feature. You want to make sure that doesn’t happen!

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Never throw out an unsolicited comment about their looks or something they’re wearing. The best thing to do is make subtle, straightforward comments.

It can be something like you noticed how great they look today, without saying anything about it!

5. Get Their Phone Number So You Can Text Them:

Getting a co-worker’s phone number can be tricky and potentially risky.

Before asking for their number, make sure you have established a friendly and comfortable rapport with them.

It isn’t meant to be if they still act weird around you after you start flirting. But if everything goes well and you get along well, then congratulations.

6. How To Flirt With A Coworker – Have Fun And Relax:

Having fun and relaxing around a co-worker is important when flirting with them.

One way to do this is to engage in activities that you both enjoy, such as grabbing lunch together or participating in a work-sponsored event.

Enjoy yourself and don’t be nervous. If everything goes well, then you’ll finally get to know them better. You can see if there might be something between the two of you!

7. Tell Them About Your Weekend Plans:

Sharing your weekend plans with a co-worker can be a good way to initiate conversation and show your interest.

Keep it casual and friendly, and be sure to ask about their plans as well.

You can even ask if they want to come along and hang out with all of your friends. Who knows, this might be the perfect opportunity for you and your crush to get closer and start dating.

8. Don’t Spill The Beans Too Early On:

When flirting with a co-worker, it’s important not to reveal too much too soon.

Keep the conversation light and friendly, and avoid sharing overly personal information until a deeper level of trust and connection has been established.

There is no way they would ever date their coworker! Make sure to keep flirting with them and make them want to date you before telling them how you feel!

9. Ask Them Out On A Group Date:

Asking a co-worker out on a group date can be a good way to flirt without putting too much pressure on either person.

Choose a fun activity that you both enjoy and invite other co-workers to join. If they think you’re flirting because of their looks, this might be a chance to prove them wrong.

You can also get other friends involved so that it won’t be too intense for either of you!

candy bar

And if they come along, it means that they already know about your feelings towards them. They want to date you too.

10. Flirt Without Being Sleazy:

To flirt with a co-worker without being sleazy, keep the conversation respectful and focused on shared interests.

Avoid making any overly sexual or suggestive comments and be mindful of their comfort level.

So even if you have a crush on them, it’s best not to flirt too much or send them any saucy texts that might scare them away!

11. Ignore Your Fellow Coworkers:

When you’re flirting with your crush, ignore other coworkers trying to talk to you.

Smile and give them a quick answer when they try to start a conversation, so they’ll leave you alone. You don’t want them to get in the way of your relationship!

12. Be Patient While Doing Flirt:

When flirting with a co-worker, it’s important to be patient and let things progress naturally.

Rushing into anything can make the other person feel uncomfortable and put a strain on your work relationship.

If everything goes well and it looks like you will end up together, then congratulations.

You succeeded in flirting with your crush at work! You might even get asked out on a date or start an official relationship!

13. Don’t Talk About Your Personal Life:

When trying to flirt with your crush, it’s best to avoid discussing anything personal. That might scare them off.

This includes sharing details about your family friends. It is anything related to your life outside of work. It’s essential to keep talking professionally and not let yourselves get too close!

14. Be Better Than Their Exes:

If they had a bad breakup with their ex, then this means you’ll have some serious competition. You’ll need to prove yourself by being much better than any ex they’ve ever had in the past.


Show them how much better suited you are for each other! Of course, if they don’t mention an ex, it’s best not to bring up the topic.

15. How To Flirt With A Coworker – Take Things Slow:

Sometimes, coworkers might date each other because their lives are hectic. Also, they spend lots of time together anyway.

This won’t be good for either party, though. If things end badly, then you’ll both have to see each other at work every day.

It’s best not to rush things and wait until you’re ready before asking them out or getting more involved.

16. Flirty Dialogues:

There is a list of non-creepy flirty dialogues that you can use, such as:

– Talking to/about them: You look perfect today. Have you done something with your hair?

– I’m glad that we’ve had this conversation since it’s given me the chance to get to know you better.

– I’d love to get to know you better! What do you usually do for fun?

– Wow, your eyes are captivating. I can’t look away.

– You have a fantastic smile! It even makes me smile, too.

17. Conversation Starters:

The following are some conversation starters to get things going between the two of you:

– If they put something away, ask them where it goes. This will make them feel needed and appreciated.

– Tell them how glad you are to have them as your coworker. People love compliments, so it’s a great way to get on their good side.

– You look great today! Are you wearing a new cologne or perfume?

– I’ve never seen you laugh so much. What’s making you smile like that?

– You seem to be very dedicated to what you do. I’m glad to have the opportunity to work with someone like you.

18. How To Flirt With A Coworker – Bring Them Tiny Gifts:

If you can afford it, some ways to flirt with a coworker are by bringing them some small gifts now and then. This could be anything from delicious candy to cool buttons or stickers they’ll like.

thinking of you

Just make sure not to get something that’s too pricey! It can be something like:

– A bag of mints

– A postcard from your city

– Your favorite candy bar, in a gift box

– A flower from a street vendor

– Their favorite book

19. Get Ready For Rejection:

Some people aren’t interested in dating anyone at work. There are already plenty of potential partners within their social circles.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the same sex, opposite sex who isn’t interested in dating someone else at all. It’s essential to know your limits and get ready for the possibility of rejection.

20. No Touching:

While flirting with your crush at work, it’s essential to avoid touching them. It’s easy to make a flirty gesture like brushing hands and thinking it means nothing.

But this kind of thing can get you in trouble if they don’t see it the same way!

21. How To Flirt With A Coworker – Be Super Professional:

Don’t forget that your crush is also your coworker. It would help if you were trying to get along well with all your coworkers instead of only one person.

Make sure that none of your actions goes against any office policies. This way, you won’t have any problems later on down the road.

22. No Sexual Harassment:

Do not go that road, or else you are in for termination. It’s best to focus on making them laugh and having a good time.

How To Flirt With A Coworker

Make light jokes or pick something they’re wearing or holding that you can compliment.

23. How To Flirt With A Coworker – The “How To” Part:

If you’ve been flirting with your crush, but nothing seems to be working, then it’s time for some fresh ideas! How about surprising them the next time you see them by bringing in doughnuts and sharing one?

Or if they seem like someone who likes movies, suggest catching a movie after work one night. You can share an Uber, so no one has to drive home alone afterward.

If all else fails, turn on some romantic music in the background. This might not seem like it has much to do with flirting. They’ll more likely stay and talk if there’s something pleasant playing in the back.

Final Word:

Remember that flirting can go both ways. It isn’t just one person showing interest in the other. Your crush may have an interest in getting to know you more as well. 

Don’t let your fear of rejection stop you from showing your feelings! Everyone has some awkward moments when flirting with someone they like.

 But the bottom line is that there is no harm in trying and who knows what might happen? Good luck with learning how to flirt with your coworker and have fun!

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