15 Eminent Signs Of A Bad Coworker – Is That You?

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A bad coworker creates a mess at the workplace. It won’t be suitable to define a bad coworker with some concrete example.

Because different workplaces have different dilemmas.

15 Prominent Signs Of A Bad Coworker

There can be a bad coworker around us, and we haven’t recognized him yet. Do some soul searching; it might be You!

An employee might be the ideal one for management, but he is slowly eroding others’ morale.

Of course! He is a bad coworker for them.

Have a look at the signs given below to see who is a disorder for your company.

1. A Bad Coworker Always Discriminates

A clear sign of a bad coworker is that he discriminates between other coworkers. This discrimination can be joking around at the coffee table or saying abusive words.

A Sign Of Bad Coworker Is To Show Discrimination
A Bad Coworker Always Discriminates

If a coworker refuses to get your coffee yet invites someone else for lunch, he is discriminating.

It’s not only unkind but illegal when someone sabotages your work or uses bad language.

2. Signs Of A Bad Coworker – They Are The Number One Priority

Bad coworkers always portray themselves as the best. They think they deserve the credit for everything.

For instance, a project went well where they didn’t work; you’ll see them stealing the credit.

They Feel Superior And Prioritize Their Needs
signs of a Toxic coworker – They Are The Number One Priority

An assignment they were running fails; they know whose fault is this. But they won’t admit their fault.

Either it’s blaming someone or taking the credit, they are always number one.

Moreover, if you gossip about a coworker or a boss, they will use that information against you.

3. Bad Coworkers Complain For The Sake Of Complaining

Not all conditions at a workplace are fantastic, and no one expects it to be. However, making reasonable complaints is understandable when your workplace lacks essential things.

A person who always complains makes the workplace exhausting for everyone.

The office space is too small; computers are slow, the internet doesn’t work. They are always ready to complain but not to give a solution.

They Will Complain About Everything And Everyone
Bad Coworkers Complain For The Sake Of Complaining

Such people make everyone believe that the workplace is not fair. And eventually, many people start hating what they do.

4. Signs Of A Bad Coworker – They Always Say It’s Not My Job

A good coworker is ready to take responsibility when they are asked for. A bad coworker prefers throwing the whole team into the ocean than admitting their fault.

When workload is shared among coworkers, they say, “that’s not my job.” They are customary to work in their span.

A bad coworker’s behavior extends beyond work. He’ll refuse to clean up the conference room after using it.

A toxic coworker makes everyone believe that this is not their responsibility.

5. A Sign Of A Bad Coworker Is He Causes Office Distraction

Making connections in your office is a good thing; you get a support system. It enhances the morale of the workplace and helps to build professional networks.

Such People Cause Distractions For Others
A Sign Of A Bad Coworker Is He Causes Office Distraction

But it gets hard when a coworker forces you to watch a video ten times. He is trying to waste your time.

Although taking a short break from work is good, but such kind of act is not bearable. You need to step back and report it.

6. Signs Of A Bad Coworker – Highlights The Errors Of Others

While hiding their mistakes, bad coworkers try to broadcast the errors of others. No matter how small someone makes a mistake, they’ll tell it around the office.

Bad Coworker Will Repeatedly Talk About Mistakes Of Other People
signs of a Toxic coworker – Highlights The Errors Of Others

For instance, if you wrote an email and had mistakes, a bad coworker will forward it to everyone. So that others can see the highlighted errors in your email.

Such people always look for ways to humiliate you in front of superiors.

7. They Badmouth Behind Someone’s Back

An obvious sign of a bad coworker is that they speak badly behind everyone’s back.

“Words get around.” It means that what he’ll say about you will eventually reach you.

Signs Of A Bad Coworker
They Badmouth Behind Someones Back

Office gossip is not productive at all, and it creates a threatening air in the workplace.

So you need to keep some space with a bad coworker and try not to be a part of the grapevine. This is one of the toxic coworker signs.

8. Bad Coworkers Eat Away The Success Of Others

A bad coworker will make you feel inadequate even about your accomplishments.

He’ll undermine a project you just finished working on by saying, “I would’ve done better than you.”

One Sign Of A Bad Coworker Is That He Makes You Feel Bad For Your Achievements
Bad Coworkers Eat Away The Success Of Others

One advantage here is that other coworkers or your boss must be aware of such things. So even if he tries to make you look small, relax! Your boss will do something about it.

You can help yourself by documenting each task performed by you and protect your success.

9. A Bad Coworker Encourages Others To Leave The Company

Bad coworkers want to rule the office. So they try to get rid of everyone working around them.

For this purpose, they’ll send interesting job postings to other people. And tell them that they would love to work there and be happier than at this job.

Bad coworkers attract you towards other offers by depicting the flaws of the company.

Stay away from such tactics and be mindful of your current job. If you do believe your bad coworker and leave the job, you might lose the gem!

10. Signs Of A Bad Coworker – Constantly Disagrees With Everyone

Bad relations at work can damage the sense of peace of a person. A bad coworker can ruin the peace of everyone around.

Before someone presents an idea, he’ll be the only one opposing no matter what.

If a person speaks off his idea, the bad coworker will be ready to shoot it down.

Signs Of A Bad Coworker
Signs Of A Bad Coworker – Constantly Disagrees With Everyone

He doesn’t want anyone else to put a good idea on the table and take credit for it.

His dislike towards other people is so strong that he’s biased against everyone.

11. A Bad Coworker Lacks Trust

If a coworker is making unnecessary questions about your motives, he is the one. The bad coworker wants to know about you only to deny you later.

There Is A Lack Of Trust In Such People
A Bad Coworker Lacks Trust

Hence, he’ll be successful in sabotaging your career.

But, if you ask them anything, they won’t answer appropriately because they fear you. There’s a sheer lack of trust in your bad coworker.

Such people don’t make your concerns a priority and consider it unnecessary.

12. Signs Of A Bad Coworker – He Gets Defensive

Have you seen one of your coworkers getting defensive on small things? It is also a sign that they have a lack of trust.

Such coworkers generally don’t like others or do this out of habit.

However, signs of a bad coworker aren’t bound with an actual example.

13. Your Gut Tells You About That Coworker

If you think you have a bad coworker around, it may be just in your head, but it can be true too.

If they show a differentiating treatment towards you, they probably don’t like you.

So you should believe in your gut and keep looking for other such signs.

14. Giving Off Negative Body Language Is A Strong Sign

Your coworker’s body language says a lot about their personality. They always assume a closed-off position with arms crossed on their chest.

Negative Body Language Is The Specialty Of A Bad Coworker
Giving Off Negative Body Language Is A Strong Sign

Also, giving subtle eye rolls is a sign they have a negative personality.

Such people will limit their communication with you. And you’ll get negative vibes whenever they are around you.

15. Signs Of A Bad Coworker – Assumes Unauthorized Power

A bad coworker wants to muscle in your position. He will try to play the boss even when he has no authority to do so.

He pictures himself as superior to you so that he can satisfy his ego.

But your boss needs to deal with it and show who the real boss is.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Toxic Coworker?

A toxic coworker is the one whose behavior is harmful to the company and its people. Such coworkers can harm by making the company bear different costs. So look out for yourself as your job depends on it.

How Do You Know If Someone Dislikes You At Work?

If someone dislikes you at work, they won't maintain eye contact with you. Taking credit for your work and feeling happy for it is their habit. Such people will exclude you from their circle and spread rumors about you.

How Do You Know You Have A Bad Coworker?

Bad coworkers lead a meeting after it's already done to show their superiority. They think that experience is their commodity and no one else can have it. And they love to gossip.


No one of us wants drama at the workplace because of the presence of a toxic coworker. Such situations can be alarming in case things go out of hand.

So dealing with a bad coworker before time is essential. Because you certainly don’t want to leave a job because of someone else.

To handle such a scenario, you need patience and strategy. Be patient and do your job with full focus.

Remember what you are here for and what the company pays you for. Then use strategies to tackle your bad coworker.

Make him tangled in his own trap, and don’t let him get over you.

You’ll always need focus, energy, patience, and tactics to deal with such people.

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