16 Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You: Dealing Insecure Boss

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Does your boss act weird even though you do different jobs? Maybe it’s one of many signs your boss is threatened by you. Why would that happen, and what can you do about it?

Is your boss mad at you, or is it all in your head?

This blog will help you figure it out! Here are some signs to watch for, plus solutions to improve your work life.

Key Takeaways

  • Yells over small mistakes: Gets mad at you for tiny errors and makes them seem like a big deal.
  • Gives impossible tasks: Sets deadlines that can’t be met, almost like he wants you to fail.
  • Never says good job: Doesn’t care about your successes or ideas, no matter how good they are.
  • Leaves you out of meetings: Excludes you from important talks so you can’t share your thoughts.
  • Stops you from talking to his boss: Won’t let you speak to higher-ups, maybe to hide his own mistakes.
  • Steals your credit: Takes credit for your work, making it seem like he did it all.
  • Stressed and Anxious: Always worried about what your boss will do next and how it will affect your job.
  • Left Out: Feeling alone and unsupported at work, like nobody cares.
  • Hard to Do Your Job: With all the pressure, focusing and doing your best work is difficult.

16 Clear Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You

Bosses are people too, so even though they’re in charge, they can get stressed out sometimes.

Did you know that your boss might be threatened by you? If so, here’s what to watch out for:

1. Rings The Red Alert Over Trivial Matters:

Your boss loves to catch you on little mistakes. He even threatens to fire you over stuff that shouldn’t matter.

Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You (3)

For example, you might forget your pen after a meeting, and suddenly you’re “irresponsible.”

He aims to find your flaws and make you feel like a bad worker.

2. Gives You Impossible Deadlines To Meet – Sign Your Boss Is Threatened By You:

Big red flag! Your boss might feel threatened by you. Why else give you impossible tasks?

The situation of overloading where he enlists you for a large quantity of work is observable.

Example: He assigns a one-week project with only two days! If you can’t do it, he threatens to fire you.

It’s a trap! If you say no, he can blame you for being incompetent.

3. Your Boss Looks Down Upon Your Achievements:

A good boss knows how to recognize the achievements of his employees. But your boss won’t do that ever!

Even if you have a good idea, he might make you feel like it’s nothing.

If your idea gets chosen, he might take credit for it himself. He might even get jealous if you get praise from others.

Getting recognition from higher management makes him jealous of you.

4. Giving You A Small Talk

Everyone gets to say their ideas at work, but a scared boss might not listen or try to stop you from talking.

Your good ideas might make them feel bad, so much so they won’t even talk to you anymore.

Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You (3)

If you try to chat with them about work problems, they might just avoid you. They might also not give you enough info to do your job well.

5. You See The Meetings Getting Held Without You:

There are a few reasons why your boss might not be inviting you to meetings:

  • Meeting focus: Maybe the meetings aren’t relevant to your work.
  • Forgetfulness: It could be an honest mistake.
  • Limited space: Sometimes there’s just not enough room for everyone.

6. He Won’t Let You Rise:

Your boss might feel jealous if you’re good at something they’re not. Instead of learning, they might try to bring you down.

This can be worse if you’re new because people like working with fresh talent.

A jealous boss might fire you for no reason or give you bad reviews that hurt your chances at other jobs.

7. You Never Get To Be The Top Drawer – A Sign Your Boss Is Frightened By You:

Your boss used to be really nice when you started. He always told everyone how hard you worked.

Now it seems like he doesn’t care anymore, even if you do a great job.

Maybe your boss is worried you’re getting too good at your job.

8. You Rarely See His Face: 

Things seem different with your boss lately. You used to chat easily, and he’d guide you even for personal stuff. Now, it’s like he’s avoiding you.

You barely get to talk, and forget about meetings!

Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You (3)

If you can’t even discuss important things, it might mean your boss feels insecure about you.

9. He Takes Credit For Your Work:

The boss might feel like you’re doing too well, making them look bad.

They might try to control you or take credit for your work. This way, they can stop your good ideas later.

Also, it is hard to prove you did the work.

This stinks! It means your boss feels threatened by you.

10. He Blocks Your Way To Go To Higher Management:

If your boss seems to be blocking your way, he might feel threatened by you.

Your boss doesn’t want you to reach out to higher-level managers because he knows his behavior is bad.

He’s afraid you’ll report it, and he’ll get in trouble or lose his job.

You need to understand why he feels insecure. It could be due to his poor performance.

So what they do is try restricting your communication with higher management.

11. He Tries To Damage Your Projects:

If your boss feels like your skills make them look bad, they might make it harder for you to do your job.

They might not give you what you need to succeed.

This is because they might feel jealous or threatened by you.

12. You’re Stranded In Some Laborious Work:

Your boss gives you boring tasks that don’t help your career.

They want you stuck on these tasks so you can’t focus on getting ahead.

unproductive tasks

If you feel like your good work isn’t valued, it might mean your boss feels threatened by you.

13. You Always Idly Sit In Your Cabin:

Your boss might feel threatened by your good work. This could mean they give your tasks to someone else.

To avoid this, try volunteering for extra work to get noticed by the higher-ups.

14. You’re Unsure About Your Personality

Boss bad! Talk bad about you behind your back. Spread lies to isolate you.

They might not invite you to meetings and try to scare you about losing your job.

This could mean your boss is worried about you! But if it keeps happening, talk to HR. This way, everyone high up knows what’s going on, and your job is safe.

15. He Complains About You A Lot:

Boss always complains about you? Maybe they feel scared of you.

They might worry you’ll do their job better or even take it from them. Maybe you saw them mess up and they don’t want you to tell.

Either way, lots of complaining means your boss is feeling shaky.

16. He Tries To Undermine Your Authority:

Your boss might act weird if they feel your decisions are a bit too bossy for them.

This could mean they question your choices, doubt your orders, or make snippy remarks about your work.

They might even try to make you look silly in front of others.

How To Handle When I Threaten My Boss

Your boss feels threatened by you (not your fault!)

Don’t try to make yourself look worse to boost their confidence. It might help a little, but it could hurt your feelings in the long run.

Here’s what you can ACTUALLY do to improve things:

1. Be nice and respectful to your boss. They won’t trust you much if you’re not.

not your fault

2. Avoid making mistakes that upset your boss. But if you do mess up, explain yourself clearly.

3. If you have a serious problem, even if it’s not your fault, speak up for yourself. Try talking to a higher-up if you can.

4. Use your talents, work together with others, and be a team player.

5. If things are really bad and you can’t fix them, ask HR to move you to a different department.

6. Stay positive and talk openly with your boss about how you’re feeling.

If this is also not possible, then lookout for a good job in another company.

How Does It Impact Your If You Threaten Your Boss

Having a boss who feels threatened by you can be a real drag. Here are 10 ways how it can affect you:

1. It’s confusing! You never know what mood your boss will be in.

2. It can mess with your work and make things tense at the office.

3. You might feel like you have to be super careful all the time, which is stressful.

4. Concentrating on work is hard when you’re worried about your boss.

5. You might feel alone and without support from your boss.

6. It can make you doubt yourself and the job.


7. It will be difficult to ask for help or give feedback.

8. In the worst case, you might have to quit to get away from the negativity.

If the situation becomes too toxic, you may eventually decide to leave your job.

How To Impress Your Boss To Get Him On Your Side:

There are a few things you can do to keep your job and impress your boss.

1. Learn what your boss likes and try to do things they approve of.

2. Be a team player and share new ideas.

3. Thank your boss for help and let him know when you finish a task.

4. Be friendly, smile, and make eye contact.

5. Agree with your boss, even if you disagree sometimes.

relationship with boss

6. Dress professionally and take care of yourself.

7. Don’t gossip about past colleagues or bosses.

8. Work well with others and meet deadlines.

9. Take breaks, but not too many!

10. Be on time and only stay late when really needed.

These are some of the measures that you can take to improve your relationship with your boss if he is threatened by you.

If things don’t improve, find a new job that’s a better fit for you.


If you ever feel there are signs your boss is threatened by you. Then you should contact the HR team about this matter.

Remember that you don’t need to leave the company because of one person.

You must stay loyal to the company. If your boss has a bad attitude toward you, try to inform the HR department.

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  1. I have an assistant manager that took me in the office yesterday 3/10 stood and chewed me out because I had another employee say some disturbing words to me regarding my manager and I took this information to him. He recently had a heart attack. He was very upset about this information. So my assistant manager called me in the office and was asking me why would I repeat what I heard and that I was going to cause him another heart attack. Saying she was done with me. I cause drama etc. She got very hostile with me and I had to ask her to calm down and back off. She hasn’t liked me since I walked through the door. I would take this up with the district manager but he is also very close to her husband and her. She creates a hostile work environment. She has her favorite employee s and lets them get away with everything but yet gets on to employee s for doing the same thing. She is very unprofessional for her position. She is a nasty person. She acts like I don’t exist. Very short with me and does things that she thinks upsets me. I’m very uncomfortable when she is at work with me. Need some advise because I’m established at my company and don’t want to leave.


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