16 Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You & How To Handle It?

Written By Shahzaib Arshad

Are there signs your boss is threatened by you, even when the two of you are working in different positions? You should identify the reasons to deal with it.

But first, make sure that whether your boss has a problem with you or not. Sometimes that matter is different, and the problem is in your thoughts. But what if he is actually threatened by you?

We’ll not only give you the signs but the solutions!  Try out these solutions and see a positive change in your work life.

16 Clear Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You:

We always expect that our bosses should be professional, but they’d become overwhelmed at times no matter what.

Did you know that your boss might be threatened by you? If so, it’s important to take note of the following signs.

1. Rings The Red Alert Over Trivial Matters:

The boss is always ready to point out your little mistakes. He’ll warn to fire you over things that should’ve gone unnoticed.

Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You (3)

For instance, you forgot your pen on his table while coming out of his office, and he states you as an irresponsible person.

His only purpose is to highlight your faults and make you think that you’re worthless as an employee.

2. Gives You Impossible Deadlines To Meet – Sign Your Boss Is Threatened By You:

It’s a sheer sign that your boss feels threatened by you because what can be the point of giving unachievable goals? 

The situation of overloading where he enlists you for a large quantity of work is observable.

He’ll give you only two days to complete a project of one week, when you can’t do that he’ll warn you to fire you.

This is a trick that works for him. When you say “No” to work, he can blame you for not being responsible.

Your boss is trying to show everyone around that you’re incompetent enough to handle the tasks.

But you can negotiate your workload as a defense mechanism. 

3. Your Boss Looks Down Upon Your Achievements:

A good boss knows how to recognize the achievements of his employees. But your boss won’t do that ever! Praising you for your good work is not his cup of tea.

He’ll try his best to make you feel worthless for your ideas. Suppose you come out with some great ideas, he’ll grin and tell you there’s nothing special. 

If an idea gets approved, he’ll credit it to himself and enjoy the clap while you stand there in frustration.

Getting recognition from higher management makes him jealous of you.

4. Giving You A Small Talk – Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You:

When a collective decision is being taken in an organization, everyone has the right to voice their opinion.

But a threatened boss won’t consider your ideas or tries to suppress your voice. Your competitive ideas have threatened him to the point that he doesn’t even talk to you.

When you’ll try to connect with him to discuss your problems, he’ll run away every time you approach him. Also, your intimidated boss will give you very little information to proceed with projects.

Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You (3)

It’s his way of keeping you under control so you won’t get over his head in the future. You can check this in their body language or mood changes.

5. You See The Meetings Getting Held Without You:

It’s either your boss doesn’t consider it important enough to add you to meetings or he is afraid of your personality. You might ignore it once or two, but it happens every time.

It’s a sign of his fear of your ideas as he doesn’t want to include you when the team catches up. 

Your boss might be too fed up to see your face that he chooses not to invite you to meetings.

Sometimes they are haunted by your talent and think you’d surpass them. So they exclude that person whom they think can steal the limelight and try to threaten them in workplace.

6. He Won’t Let You Rise:

Your threatened boss can never digest the fact that you can be better than him. You might have the skills that are absent in him, instead of improving himself, he’ll steal your vibe.

If you’re new in the market, you can be more problematic for your insecure boss. That’s because everyone wants to work with fresh and untiring talent.

It can be a red alert for that oldie, he might fire you and give bad reviews to block your career.

Another way he suggests you not to join a new and better job, he wants to see you struggle at the same position.

7. You Never Get To Be The Top Drawer – A Sign Your Boss Is Frightened By You:

Your boss used to be your supporter when you joined as a newbie. He always bragged about your hard work in front of your coworkers.

But that appreciation and support vanished all of a sudden. You felt a sudden downfall in the boss’s behavior. Now, he never appreciates you. even if you did a great job.

Despite your great efforts, if the boss is doing so, then he must have got threatened or afraid by you.

8. You Rarely See His Face: 

This is the most observable sign. You had easy access to your manager before and could talk to him about anything. He used to mentor and guide you even for your personal matters.

But they shut out you all of a sudden and you don’t see any reason for this. Talking to him is a rare chance you never get and in-person meetings are a dream now.

Signs Your Boss Is Threatened By You (3)

If you can’t get access to meet your manager to discuss even urgent issues, it’s a sign that your boss is threatened by you.

9. He Takes Credit For Your Work:

When your boss starts taking credit for your work It’s a sign that your boss is threatened by you and your skills.

By taking credit for your work, your boss is trying to control you and lower your self-esteem. This will make it easier for him to suppress your ideas in the future.

Moreover, it will be difficult for you to prove that the work was actually done by you.

This is one of the most frustrating things that can happen in a workplace. It is also a sign that your boss is threatened by you and doesn’t want you to succeed.

10. He Blocks Your Way To Go To Higher Management:

There can be several reasons behind this one, feeling threatened still remains at the top. It’s an employee’s right to have access to higher management no matter at what rank he works.

If you feel that your boss is trying to be a hurdle in your way, he must be threatened by you. 

Every time you try to go to the management department, he strangles you in some tiring work until you forget about it.

Your boss doesn’t want you to get in touch with higher-level managers because he is aware of his bad behavior. He might be fearful that you’ll report it to management, and he’ll get kicked out of the job.

You must have to find out the reason behind his insecurities. The boss may be afraid of his poor performance.

So what they do is try restricting your communication with higher management.

11. He Tries To Damage Your Projects:

Your boss might start to undermine your projects and give you less resources as a way of getting back at you. He wants to see you fail so that he can feel superior to you.

If your boss is threatened by your skills, he will try to damage your projects.

This is a way of getting back at you and making sure that you don’t succeed. Moreover, it is also a sign that your boss is afraid of you.

12. You’re Stranded In Some Laborious Work:

Instead of giving you challenging and productive jobs. Your boss keeps you stranded in tiring work that won’t do good for your career.

His purpose is to keep you busy with unproductive tasks. So you don’t find time to do something for your advancement.

unproductive tasks

Making you feel undervalued is one of the clear signs your boss is endangered by you.

13. You Always Idly Sit In Your Cabin:

Contrary to the above situation, your boss may try to remove all the work from you and give it to someone else.

You can see they have a fear of you because you’re a good performer. It also belongs to signs your boss is endangered by you.

This wuld result in your work loss. All the work might get removed from your plate. That even you will have to ask, “what should I do?”

As a defense, you should try enlisting yourself for jobs. Present yourself as a volunteer for different tasks so that higher management notices you.

14. You’re Unsure About Your Personality – A Sign Your Boss Is Threatened by You:

Your boss will back-bite you and have conversations behind your back. They might try to distant and isolate you by spreading false rumors.

You can observe this when he didn’t invite you to meetings and try to tell you that you have no job security.

This is also one of the signs your boss is scared of you.

If it happens more than one time, you should inform the human resources. So the higher management knows everything, and you get job security.

15. He Complains About You A Lot:

If your boss can’t go a day without complaining about you to other people, it might be a sign that he’s threatened by you.

Maybe he’s worried that you’re going to outshine him or take his job.

Or you might have caught him in a lie, and he’s worried that you’re going to expose him.

In any case, if your boss is constantly badmouthing you, it’s a sign that he’s feeling threatened.

16. He Tries To Undermine Your Authority:

If your boss is constantly trying to undermine your authority, that means your authority threatens them.

He might do this by questioning your decisions, or second-guessing your orders. Also, he might be making snide comments about your work all the time

Or he might try to make you look bad in front of other people.

Whatever the case, if your boss is trying to undermine your authority, it means he doesn’t feel comfortable with you having any power.

How To Handle When My Boss Is Threatened By Me:

Find out what to do when your boss is threatened by you.

First of all, remember that it’s not your fault if your boss is showing such behavior. 

Suppose your boss is insecure of you, you don’t have to demean yourself for increasing his worth.

Your boss’s insecurity might go away for a time. But it can cause your self-esteem more harm than good.

Yet, you can improve the attitude of your boss towards you by taking some measures.

1. Show consistent and outward respect to your manager. Because our superiors aren’t going to hold us in a high place until we earn their trust and respect.

not your fault

2. Try not to say anything or do something that makes your boss concerned. But if something like this happens, then you should clarify your position.

3. If you are facing a real problem even if everything is right on your end. Then you should take a stand for yourself. Go to the higher management if possible.

4 Use your skills, cooperate and be a good team player.

5. If the previous situation is not possible. Then you can request HR to transfer you to another department.

6. Always keep a positive attitude and work hard to stay out of your boss’s radar.

7. Have an open discussion with your boss to convey your feelings and concerns.

If this is also not possible, then lookout for a good job in another company.

How Does It Impact Your If Your Boss Is Threatened By You

Working in an environment where there are absolute signs your boss is threatened by you can be very frustrating. Here’s 10 ways how it can affect you:

1. You will never know what to expect and it will be hard to build trust with your boss.

2. This can also impact your work performance and cause tension in the workplace.

3. You may feel like you’re always walking on eggshells and this can be very stressful.

4. It’s hard to focus on your work when you’re constantly worried about what your boss is going to do or say next.

5. This can cause you to feel isolated and unsupported at work.

6. You may start feeling like you don’t belong in the company or that you’re not good enough for the job.


7. The relationship with your boss can be very tense and this can lead to conflict.

8. It will be difficult to ask for help or give feedback when your boss is threatened by you.

9. You may feel like there’s no way to improve the situation and this can cause a lot of frustration.

10. You may eventually decide to leave your job if the situation becomes too toxic.

If the situation becomes too toxic, you may eventually decide to leave your job.

How To Impress Your Boss To Get Him On Your Side:

If you want to keep your job and impress your boss, then there are 15 things you can do.

1. Find out what are his likes and dislikes. And try to do something that he would like.

2. Attend all the meetings and take notes.

3. Be a good team player and help other members whenever possible.

4. Offer new ideas

5. Don’t forget to thank him for his guidance and support in the past.

6. Follow up with him after leaving the meeting or finishing your task.

7. Smile and make eye contact when you talk to him.

8. Respect his decisions even if you don’t agree with them.

9. Dress appropriately for work and be well-groomed.

10. Take care of your personal hygiene.

11. Don’t talk badly about your previous boss or colleagues in front of him.

12. Cooperate with other teams and try to finish your task on time.

relationship with boss

13. Avoid taking too much or too little break time during the day.

14. Report to work on time, every time and stay late if needed but don’t come in late often.

15. Be an early riser so that you can have some peace and work on important tasks without any distractions.

These are some of the measures that you can take to improve your relationship with your boss, if he is threatened by you.

But if the problem still persists, then it is better to find another job that is more suited for your skills and interests.


If you ever feel there are signs your boss is threatened by you. Then you should contact the HR team about this matter.

Remember that you don’t need to leave the company because of one person.

You should continue if you are doing great and are happy.

You must stay loyal to the company. Try to inform the Human Resources department that your boss has a bad attitude towards you.

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