How To Get Someone Fired -The Complete Process

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Workplaces always have such coworkers who drive other people crazy in one way or another.

Such people make others want to take more leaves because of the toxicity spread in the workplace.

But in worst scenarios, such people make the workplace unbearable. And you unwantedly think to yourself, “How to get someone fired in workplace?”

8 Steps Of How To Get Someone Fired

You’ll have to be careful while trying to get someone fired. Make sure you don’t go to bad terms with your employer or the company.

Here are some steps from the process of getting someone fired. Following these steps will make it easier for you to get someone fired.

1. Find A Base That’s Persuading Enough:

Before you decide to get someone fired, remember to have a legitimate reason. You can’t get a coworker fired just because you don’t like him.

It’s not enough to say that you want him to go because you can’t get along with him.

Remember that all of us are not the same. Your coworker might be relying on this job to feed his family.

You Must Have A Reason For Getting A Coworker Fired
Find A Base That’s Persuading Enough

Sit and think if you want to be responsible for snatching away his wages. If you have any of the said valid reasons, then it’s considerable to do so:

– Coming in the way of someone’s ability to work.

– Interfering with your ability to work or affecting your productivity.

– Is uncooperative or steals the time of company by being late.

– The coworker harasses you or another coworker in a physical, verbal, or sexual way.

2. How To Get Someone Fired – Talk To That Particular Person

After considering the problem, wait before you take any severe action. If you think you can’t ignore the problem and get along is harder.

Then talk to that person. Communication is the gateway to many solutions.

Make sure to talk politely and don’t be offensive. Tell the person what the problem is and how it affects you and other people at work.

How To Get Someone Fired
How To Get Someone Fired – Talk To That Particular Person

Pull him to a corner and tell him that it affects the productivity of the whole team.

You can also ask other coworkers if they feel the same. If it is so, then go to the person collectively.

But make sure to keep the group small, so he doesn’t feel attacked. Yet, having more than one person will make him realize that you aren’t personal.

3. Keep An Eye On Him From Some Footsteps:

If talking to the person didn’t help, and you have to go for other ways. Then consider keeping tabs on this coworker.

It will help you to have evidence of his behavior, how he causes the trouble.

Also, please keep a record of these pieces of evidence so it can help to prove later. Keeping records of fates and times is necessary here. It will back your argument and make it more valid.

See What Your Coworker Is Upto
Keep An Eye On Him From Some Footsteps

Remember to keep the difference between troubling behavior and minor issues. You can’t get someone fired just because the person forgot to clean the coffee table.

4. To Get Someone Fired Knock At Your Boss’s Door:

Suppose the person doesn’t seem to change his behavior even after the issue got addressed. It’s time to speak to your boss.

Keep the following tips in mind before you go to the boss to get someone fired.

A. See Your Boss In Person

Arrange a specific time to meet your boss to discuss this issue. Try to arrange the meeting beforehand, so you don’t run out of time while discussing.

B. Don’t Let Anger Ruin Everything:

Stay calm while you explain this situation to your boss. Tell your boss that this person is causing trouble for everyone in the workplace.

Don’t let your emotions get involved in this that it sounds like your personal issue.

Focus on the more considerable impact this person’s behavior is causing.

For instance, tell your boss that he is showing up late to meetings. Or his language is offensive while talking to clients.

Talk To Your Manager And Provide Possible Solutions
Don’t Let Anger Ruin Everything

C. Give Examples

Provide examples from the documentation you made earlier. And describe how the person behaved in particular situations.

The documentation having time, date, and event will help you clarify the situation.

Try to keep your examples precise, so it doesn’t take much time for you and your boss.

D. Give Reference Of Others

Your other coworkers must get bothered by the actions of this person.

If they ever mentioned it to you, ask if you can mention their name in the meeting.

It will give more support and credibility to your claim. But don’t mention the names of those people didn’t allow.

E. Look For Solutions

Try to provide solutions to your boss, and don’t directly ask him to fire that coworker. For instance, you can request him to address this problem.

If your boss asks you what you can do in this matter, you must give your opinions.

But keep the opinions near to the truth and be neutral. In the end, your boss would decide to fire your coworker and not yours.

5. Unwind Yourself After Work Is Over:

After the meeting is over, try to let this issue go. It would help if you had to have trust in your employer that he’ll handle this matter.

The ultimate decision will be of your employer. He’ll decide whether to fire the person or keep him.

Try Not To Forget Your Purpose
Unwind Yourself After Work Is Over

Yet, if your coworker doesn’t get fired, keep your focus on your work and never let his actions distract you.

In case if he didn’t get fired and it’s impossible for you to continue. Then consider resigning from your job.

6. How To Get Someone Fired – You Can Use Indirect Means:

Suppose you think that nothing works and the management didn’t take any action. Then you can go for other options. Like you can create such situations that make it difficult for your coworker to continue.

Before you get trapped in a situation, make your coworker get trapped.

How To Get Someone Fired
How To Get Someone Fired – You Can Use Indirect Means

For instance, you can arrange a meeting with your boss in the early morning. And say that your coworker will show up too.

Then see the consequence when he couldn’t come. It will be solid proof for your boss.

If your coworker talks in an abusive manner to the customers. Invite your religious scholar for tea while your coworker is working. And let them complain to your manager instead of you.

7. Go Legal To Get Someone Fired:

At times, the situation becomes so worse that you have to act quickly. For instance, if the person is threatening your and other coworker’s safety. Then it won’t be wise to wait.

It would help if you told your manager instantly. And if the person is doing something illegal like harassment or discrimination.

Then you shouldn’t wait and walk straight to the HR department.

Send an email to HR before you meet a representative. It will help you to have a paper proof for taking any legal action.

Using Legal Way Is The Last Option To Go For
Go Legal To Get Someone Fired

If you want to get your manager fired, then you’ll have to go to higher management.

8. How To Get Someone Fired – Lend A Hand For Help:

The last way to go with is to offer him help. If you want to get him fired in any situation, ask him to look for another attractive job. Or you can also recommend him for a job.

Continually talking about how bad this job is will make him quit eventually. There’s another side to the picture of “helping them.”

You should help him after he’s gone, no matter what situation caused you to get your coworker fired.

Your coworker is jobless and doesn’t have any means to provide for his family.

In such a situation you can offer some help by recommending him a new job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get Fired Without A Written Warning?

Yes, it's possible. Your boss can fire you without giving you a written warning. Employers don't need a valid reason for firing someone if they aren't discriminating. If your termination doesn't involve a reason, it will get mentioned as without cause.

Is It Illegal To Lie To Get Someone Fired?

Yes, it's illegal to lie if you want to get someone fired. It's called defamation or also interference with a contractual obligation. You might have to face legal actions as you got fired by someone through false information.

Can You Sue For Being Wrongfully Fired?

If you think you got fired on the grounds of some unjust decision. You must be thinking if you can sue or not. The answer to this question is Yes. It's necessary to prove that your employer unjustly fired you.

What Are The Grounds For Unfair Dismissal?

Getting an unfair dismissal is when someone gets terminated harshly and unreasonably. If the dismissal isn't a case of general sacking, then it's an unfair dismissal.


Getting someone fired from work is a significant task, and you can’t do it of your own will.

Though if you can’t get a coworker fired even after their behavior is causing harm. Then you must learn the skill of moving on.

If you see the situation alarming and you feel threatened by their presence. Then considering to move to a new job is what you have to do

Whatever decision you take about your work, make sure to think twice.

Share your experience in the comment section below.

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