9 Reasons Why Boss Is Always Angry – Let’s Deal With It

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A boss who’s always angry will make your job too difficult to be handled. It’s normal to feel angry occasionally as anger is a part of human moods.

Why Boss Is Always Angry – 9 Reasons Of Anger

But if your boss is in a consistent bad mood, you must find out the reason behind it. That’s because your boss’s anger will bring down the team’s morale and decrease the productivity.

Instead of locking yourself up in your cabin and thinking why the boss is always angry, come out and find why is it so?

The anger can be a result of accumulated frustration because of an upcoming deadline. Or sometimes, a boss makes things up to show anger just to gather attention.

Well, before jumping on to any conclusion, see the reasons below to find the exact one in your case.

1. He Wants To Maintain His Power By Showing Anger:

You must be thinking of a reason behind your boss’s consistent anger, but what if there’s not one? Yes, your boss might be showing anger just to exercise power over you and your coworkers.

Why Boss Is Always Angry
He Wants To Maintain His Power By Showing Anger

It’s a tactic to keep people afraid and anxious or what’s coming up next. Your boss uses the same tactic, so you’re afraid every time he’s yelling at someone.

Even if everything’s going smooth throughout the day, he’ll make up an absurd reason to be angry.

2. The Boss Wants Everything To Be Perfect:

Perfectionists are almost always frustrated out because nothing in the world goes perfect. Your boss might be angry and frustrated because he wants every project to go perfect.

Need Of Perfectionism Makes Him Angry
The Boss Wants Everything To Be Perfect

He’s so afraid of a failing team that he strives to be perfect and pours his wrath over employees. Nothing is ever perfect before him, and he seems to be in a bad mood no matter what.

However, if you’re trying harder to make things work for him, he’ll still show tantrums because it’s a habit now.

3. Why Boss Is Always Angry – He Wants To Give You Stress And Anxiety:

Some bosses believe that employees work the best when they’re under pressure. That’s why they keep on giving you stress and anxiety by reminding you of the deadlines.

Either he is reassuring himself that the deadlines will be met on time, or he’s just trying to pressure you.

Every time you see your boss’s face, frustrated expressions make your work even faster.

4. Your Boss Got Self-Esteem Issues:

At times, bosses have self-esteem issues, and they always want to get seen as credible and truthful. This is why they show anger to exercise and maintain their authority.

He Wants To Satisfy His Self Esteem
Your Boss Got Self-Esteem Issues

To reassure this authority and reaffirm their position in the office, they keep on going with that anger.

It’s natural for us as employees to respect and fear a person who’s in a higher position and always annoyed.

5. He Wants You To Bear With His Tantrums:

Some people like it when everyone around them is pampering them and admiring them. Your boss is always angry because he wants you and others to bear with his tantrums.

No matter how well you performed in a project, he’ll ask you for revisions. And when you go to him with the revisions, he’ll accept it by making faces and throwing tantrums.

So you see your boss is never happy!

6. Why Boss Is Always Angry – The Workload Has Stressed Him Out:

If there’s a new and bigger project in-house, then this might be the reason for your boss’s anger. He’s stressed out about how this project is going to get completed within time.

His Anger Is Because Of The Work Stress
Why Boss Is Always Angry – The Workload Has Stressed Him Out

Sometimes your boss is under pressure from the management, he takes his frustration out on you.

So if your boss yells at you and your coworkers, then he might get stressed out because of the workload.

7. The Personal Issues Are Bothering Him:

Your boss is always angry, and the reason behind it can be the condition of his personal life. He might be facing so many ups and downs in his personal life that he frowns at work all the time.

His Frustrated Because Of Personal Problems
The Personal Issues Are Bothering Him

Of course, this is not the right way to maintain the work-life balance, but he has no other option.

The boss is always angry because he can’t do anything else to stress out his personal life.

8. He’s Looking For Attention:

When a boss is angry, all of the employees try to calm him down, so they don’t fall victim to his wrath.

Although they maintain a safe distance while doing so, they try their best to cool down that anger.

The boss is always in a bad mood because he is liking that attention and wants to enjoy this recognition.

9. The Boss Wants To Feel The Sense Of Authority:

If you’re fed up with thinking about the reason behind your boss’s anger, this can be the last one to ponder upon.

Why Boss Is Always Angry
The Boss Wants To Feel The Sense Of Authority

Your boss is always angry because he enjoys that authority which he has over other people.

Everyone around the workplace fears him and praises him for saving themselves from anger. He wants to elicit attention and validation from others.

The boss gets engaged in such behavior, not knowing that it will eventually harm his health.

5 Simple Steps To Deal With An Angry Boss

Dealing with an angry boss and handling their random outbursts is difficult for sure! If you aren’t aware of how to tackle this situation, here’s what to do next.

1. Look At The Greener Side:

When your boss is angry, he will rant for sure that nothing is going right and the deadlines will not be met. What should you do?

Keep A Positive Mindset
Look At The Greener Side

You should keep your mindset productive and positive. If you let yourself fall victim to the same beliefs, the whole team will be in despair.

Tell your boss to take a deep breath and assure him that things will go alright. Reassure him that you’ll help him get through this.

2. Find Out The Origin – Where It’s Coming From?:

Most of the time, our moods get affected by certain triggers that can happen anywhere, anytime. So this can be the case with your boss!

He gets angry due to certain uncontrollable conditions. For instance, he’s always angry or frustrated before a meeting. That might be because he is nervous.

You can offer your help to ease your boss’s pressure; it will save everyone from his wrath.

3. Why Boss Is Always Angry – Avoid The Encounter:

It would be a good idea to let the storm pass! If your boss is in a bad mood, talking to him about a project is not necessary.

Avoid Talking To Your Boss At That Time
Why Boss Is Always Angry – Avoid The Encounter

You can delay the idea for a later time when his mood is a bit lighter.

If there’s something important, you can email it to your boss instead of knocking on his door.

4. Do Not Blame It To Yourself:

Even if your boss is pouring all his wrath on you, never assume that you’re the sole reason for his anger.

You never know what’s going on in his head and what problems he has to overcome. Maybe he’s stressed out because of the work deadlines or an issue at home.

So don’t take it personally as long as you did nothing wrong at your end.

5. Help Him In Getting Out Of It:

Although you can’t control what he feels, you can offer your help to lessen his stress.

Offer Your Boss Some Help
Help Him In Getting Out Of It

If your boss is stressed out because of a project deadline, you can lend them a hand. Or you can offer some notes that will help in lowering down his pressure.

Don’t forget to do your job to the best of your abilities while dealing with the surrounding mess.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Your Boss Is Always In A Bad Mood?

When your boss is in a bad mood, it will deeply impact the entire workplace. His mood will bring down the mood of workers as well. It will cause a decline in productivity and team morale. Coworkers will start getting mad at one another.

How Do You Cheer Up A Stressed Boss?

When you're dealing with your boss who gets stressed out because of workload, you'll have to be patient. Try to anticipate what he needs and provide him with those factors. Help him in solving the problems of the company.

How Do You Deal With A Boss Who Is Never Satisfied?

Avoid taking your boss's constant criticism over your nerves. You must be intact while responding to your boss's rants. You can get constructive feedback from other sources to keep yourself moving on. Never give up on yourself!

How Do You Tell If Your Boss Is Sabotaging You?

A boss who sabotages you will always throw you under the bus whenever there's chaos. He'll steal your ideas and belittle you. You won't get invited to important meetings or parties. He'll never give you feedback and criticizes you publicly.


Working under a difficult boss is a big deal, and you should be proud of yourself if you’re doing so. However, if your boss is always angry, it has nothing to do with you, and you aren’t always the reason for it.

It’s good if you can keep working under such kind of boss without harming your mental health. If you can help your boss overcoming this problem at work, you must lend him a hand.

If it’s nerve-wracking for you, then it might be time to consider an exit. Because at the end of the day, nothing is more important than your mental peace!

You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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