6 Tactics To Get Back At Your Boss – 3 Ways To Avoid

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Our workplace discussions always revolve around how bad our boss is! Dealing with such assholes has become difficult but at the same time it’s inevitable to do so for a living.

Such bosses have turned workplaces to nepotism empires where only their favourites can get to the top.

How To Get Back At Your Boss – 6 Tips To Remember

All the wrong bosses are in the right places, and all the right bosses are in the wrong place. But the question is how to get back at such a boss who’s making your life hell?

This article has some tips you can use to get back at your boss.

1. Is Your Werewolf Boss Eating You?:

Do you really think that you are working with a manager who is more of a jerk? He is an uncompetitive person who doesn’t know what he is doing other than praising the seniors.

How To Get Back At Your Boss
Is Your Werewolf Boss Eating You?

If you are sure about his nature, you should ask yourself if you’re ready to adjust and continue this job? If not, then how are you going to get a new job?

In case you decide to stay how will you get back at your boss?

– Would you want to adjust to the situation and continue the job?

– Do you resign from this job and find a new one?

– How to get back at your boss?

2. What’s The Point Of Your Leaving Then?:

If your manager didn’t deserve this job and he treats you like a slave, then he’s no doubt on the wrong page. He’s taking advantage of you and the workplace.

Suppose it is so, why you should suffer the pain of resigning from your job. Leaving the company only because of a bad boss is not a wise decision.

Because running away from the problems is not the solution to anything.

Don’t you think you should change this foot licking trend and focus on the talents?

3. Speak A Bit More Loud:

You surely don’t want to get beaten like a drum around in your office. Also, getting blacklisted for standing up against the flaws of the system seems unfair to you.

But you need to think in this regard because sitting quietly in a corner won’t solve the problem.

Make Sure The Management Hears Your Concern
Speak A Bit More Loud

These systems got developed overages and aren’t going to change unless we voice our concerns.

It’s an era with a trend of raising voice for anything, anywhere, so why not the office politics.

4. How To Get Back At Your Boss – You’re Legally Entitled To Do It All:

Not all the people in the corporate world are wear-wolves. But, of course, there are professionals out there who’d identify your skills and hire you for who you are!

It’s just a matter of time; soon, you’ll get recognized and receive the perks you deserve.

If you are confident about your skills and talent, then you don’t have to follow the old beaten path.

5. Your “Jerk” Boss Has The Same Skills As Yours:

Don’t let yourself feel that you are working only for your manager. Remember that you both got employed by the company, and both are working for the company.

You Have The Right To Confront Your Boss Because You Both Are Equal
Your “Jerk” Boss Has The Same Skills As Yours

As a concerned employee, you have the right to raise your voice against the manager if he’s a jerk.

You get paid by the company, and hence it’s your duty to identify the false coin and throw it out of the company.

6. Don’t Lye Down To Be Preyed Upon:

You don’t need to adjust to bullies just because you don’t have a job in line. 

The most important part in your job is You, you need to take care of yourself first, then comes anything else. You’ll get a new job for sure, but you can’t get back the peace of your mind.

You are a respectable employee of your company and deserve equal rights.

Consider yourself worthy enough as you got employed fairly and the job wasn’t gifted to you.

6 Tactics That Works To Get Back At Your Boss

People use different ways to get revenge on their boss. But the best way is to be sane in whatever you do.

Here are six tactics you can use to get back at your boss.

1. Drag Yourself Out Of His Influence:

Try to think of ways to get rid of your boss. For example, resign from your job and find new opportunities to advance in your career.

It depends on your luck that you either find a good boss or work under a new jerk.

Get Yourself Out Of The Influence Of Your Boss
Drag Yourself Out Of His Influence

You can also look out for internal postings within the company to move out of your boss’s influence.

So get out of his control and look at him in the eyes to show him that he doesn’t control you.

You can also choose to report it to HR and state why you don’t want to work with your jerk boss.

2. How To Get Back At Your Boss – Breath On His Neck To See His Activities:

You have to closely observe your boss’s behavior in order to strengthen your case. Turn the tables and tell him that you can be a jerk as well.

Look out for proofs that you can use against him. For instance, you can note down your boss’s racial jokes, which are inappropriate in the office.

Notice if your boss has abusive behavior like shouting at employees in public? 

These behaviors are against the law, and you can easily get your manager terminated for doing so.

3. Turn The Game On With Your “Detective Glass”:

Before contacting HR for help, become a detective on your own! Put on your detective glasses and take notes of every action and reaction.

Evidence Will Prove That You Are Right
Turn The Game On With Your “Detective Glass”

Prepare a petition against your jerk boss and ask your coworkers to sign it if they think the same.

You can also make use of your phone to collect photographic evidence. If you think that your manager is involved in illegal activities, get the facts to support your case.

4. Go Hand In Hand With Your Coworkers:

Find out if one or more of your coworkers are also dealing with the wrath of your devil boss.

If you find such people, connect with them and communicate about what you’re up to. 

Convince your coworkers to join your plan. It’s a fact that more people will make the case stronger.

It will be a thunderstorm for your boss and make him run around for help!

5. Don’t Forget To Prepare “Your Project Report”:

While you collect evidence of your manager’s faults, don’t forget your main goals.

Your company isn’t paying you for being a superb detective; rather, they are paying you for their work.

Focus On Your Work While Trying To Get Back At Your Boss
Don’t Forget To Prepare “That Report”

The job your company assigned you is your responsibility, and you need to excel in it no matter what. So don’t leave room for finger-pointing, and do the best you can.

You should fulfill your responsibilities and show your loyalty towards the company.

6. File A Claim With EEOC:

Is your company employee-centric? It depends on the size of the company. Many small companies don’t even have Human Resources to help. So what to do in such a case?

You need to contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to get anti-discrimination help.

You can file your complaint with the EEOC department by submitting your evidence.

3 Tactics To Avoid When Getting Back At Your Boss

The relationship between you and your boss is already fragile. So you can’t take any risk while getting back at your boss.

Move with caution and avoid the following tactics to protect your job.

1. Making Your Boss’s Life Pathetic:

Some bosses treat their employees as their personal slaves. They think that even if they order the employee at the last moment, it’s his job to do it.

If your boss does the same, but you’re unable to perform as per their conditions. Then chances are he’ll try to get back his control.

How To Get Back At Your Boss
Making Your Bosss Life Pathetic

Some bosses are jerks by birth, and unfortunately, you can’t do anything to help it.

No matter what you do, they’ll always be the same, so your efforts will be fruitless.

So if you are thinking that you should make your manager’s life miserable, then quit this idea right away.

2. Reforming Your Boss’s Behavior:

It isn’t a movie where your good nature and kind heart will bring anything good to you. You can’t hope to change your boss’s heart and mind.

No magic can suddenly change your devilish boss into a kind-hearted person.

So don’t think of this tactic because such things won’t happen in real life.

3. Getting Your Boss Fired:

You must have started making plans in your mind to get your boss demoted or fired. Open your eyes and get out of your dreamland because you can’t do anything to affect his reputation.

Quit This Idea Of Getting Your Boss Fired
Getting Your Boss Fired

Your boss must have links and contacts with people in the company who are also jerks. So thinking of getting your boss fired is just a waste of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Professional Revenge?

The best way to take professional revenge is to stay supremely rational. Grow your network and make connections all around the industry. Hijack the focus of your enemy and create a void for them. Let them wander in their own fog.

How Can I Get My Boss Fired Anonymously?

Observe the behavior of your boss, see how he behaves with other people. Focus on your work while doing so. Learn about legal employee rights and protect your job. Then, keep a close eye on your boss.

How Do I Reconnect With My Boss?

Set up monthly one-on-one meetings with your boss. Try to develop a positive relationship with him. Strive for open communication and understand your boss's perspective. Remember, your boss is a human too, and he can make mistakes.

What Is The Greatest Revenge?

The best revenge in the world is to smile at the hatred. Control your anger and show your opponent that your happiness is in your hands. There's no better strategy than to act calmly and wisely. Move forward with a peaceful heart.


An excellent way to take revenge on your employer is to get a job at a competitor and take away their business.

Success is the best answer! If you keep complaining to the public about what happened to you, it will do nothing good.

So focus on your career and quit the plan of taking that brutal core revenge from your boss.

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