14 Signs Your Boss Is Two-Faced

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Do you have my boss is two faceds? Someone who says one thing to your face but then stabs you in the back when you’re not around? If so, watch out! Here are some signs that your boss is two-faced:

How to deal with two faced employees are often very charming to your face. They may be the party’s life and always seem to be in a good mood.

Here Are 14 Signs Your Boss Is Two Faced

But they may talk wrong about you behind your back when you’re not around. Here’s signs of two faced person.

Here are some more signs of a two-faced person:

1 Good Cop, Bad Cop:

The good cop, bad cop situation is not just in the movies. Your boss might play it too.

They may be playing nice with you. But in reality, they tear you down when you’re not around.

Good cop, bad cop - Signs Your Boss Is Two-Faced

As a good cop, they may tell you that you’re doing a great job. But as the bad cop, they are talking to your co-workers about how incompetent you are.

This double standard can be confusing and frustrating. Signs of a two faced person If you feel your boss is two-faced, you might want to keep an eye on them.

2 Inconsistency Is The Key:

If your boss is two-faced, they will be hard to read. One minute they may tell you you’re doing a great job.

And the next minute, they may be putting you down in front of others. Or they might give you different instructions that contradict each other.

Inconsistency can be a sign that your boss is two-faced. If you’re unsure what to expect from them, it might be best to tread carefully.

With inconsistency comes mixed signals. If you’re not getting clear signals from your boss, it might be because they’re two-faced.

They may give you the silent treatment one day and then act like nothing happened the next.

3 They Are Jealous:

A two faced boss quotes may be jealous of you. They may be threatened by your success or think that you’re trying to take their job.

As a result, they may try to undermine you or make you look bad in front of others.

But in your face, they are like best friends. They don’t want you to think they’re jealous so that they may put on a fake smile. And they act like everything is okay.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to please them. And no matter what you do, it’s never good enough.

4 Your Boss Is A Gossip Girl:

Do you have a boss who loves to gossip? If so, they may be two-faced.

Gossiping is a form of backstabbing. And it’s a sure sign that your boss doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

They may gossip about you behind your back, or they may try to start rumors about you.

Either way, it’s not a good sign. If your boss is always gossiping, you might want to be careful around them.

They can act like your best friend, but they may talk bad about you when you’re not around.

5 They Are Never Satisfied:

A two faced boss is never satisfied. No matter how hard you try, they always find something to complain about.

They may constantly be critiquing your work or nitpicking every little detail.

Or they may make unreasonable demands that are impossible to meet. But they pretend to be supportive and understanding.

This can be very draining and frustrating. Because no matter what you do, you can’t seem to please them.

6 They Have A Dark Side:

Everyone has a dark side. But if your boss’s dark side is always coming out, they may be two-faced.

Dark side

They may have a Jekyll and Hyde personality. They may be nice to your face but then turn into a monster when you’re not around.

Or they may have a split personality. They may be two completely different people depending on the situation.

This can be very confusing and scary. If you think your boss has a dark side, it’s best to be careful around them.

7 They’re A Master Of Deception:

A two faced manager is a master of deception. They are experts at lying and manipulating.

Also they may lie about their intentions, or they may make false promises.

They may also try to deceive you into thinking that they’re your friend when they’re your enemy.

Not only do they deceive others, but they also deceive themselves.

They may have a false sense of selfimportance and think they’re better than everyone else.

This sense of entitlement can make them dangerous.

8 Your Boss Is A Hypocrite:

Hypocrisy is another sign of a two faced toxic manager. They may preach one thing but then do the complete opposite. 

For example, they may talk about how important honesty is. But then they lie to you.

Or they may say that they care about their employees. But then they mistreat you.

Hypocrites are two-faced because they have a false sense of morality. They think that their own rules don’t apply to them.

And in this false sense of morality, they can rationalize their bad behavior.

9 Your Boss Is A Drama Queen:

A two-faced boss may be a drama queen. They may create conflict and chaos just for the sake of it.

They may also love to play the victim. And they may always be complaining about something.

You may feel like you’re walking on eggshells around them. And they may always be making a scene.

They do this because they crave attention. And they want to be the center of attention.

10 Your Boss Is A User:

Taking advantage of you and using you for their gain is what users do. And your boss may be a user.

They may take credit for your work. Or they may use you to do their dirty work.

They may also try to take advantage of your skills and talents. And they may try to use you to further their career.

For instance, they may ask you to do a presentation for them. But then they take all the credit.

Or they may put you in charge of a project. But then they take all the credit for the success.

If your boss is always using you, it’s a sign that they’re two-faced and not to be trusted.

11 Your Boss Is A Brown-Noser:

Quotes on Buttering boss quotes is a common practice in the workplace. But some people take it to the extreme.

Buttering up

And your boss may be one of them. They may be a brown-noser who is always kissing up to the boss.

They may also be a yes-man who always agrees with the boss, no matter what.

This can be frustrating because it feels like they’re not being sincere. All their compliments and flattery may seem fake.

12 They Have A Hidden Agenda:

A two-faced boss may have a hidden agenda. They may seem friendly and supportive, but they have ulterior motives.

They may be trying to get ahead by kissing up to the boss. Or they may be trying to sabotage you.

Either way, their hidden agenda can be dangerous. It’s best to be careful around someone who has a hidden agenda.

13 Your Boss Rages:

Rage is another sign of a two-faced boss. They may be calm and collected in front of others.

But when you’re alone with them, they may fly into a rage. They may yell and scream at you. And they may say hurtful things.

Not only is this behavior scary, but it’s also abusive. If your boss is raging at you, it’s best to complain about them to HR.

They have no right to treat you like that. And you should not tolerate that kind of behavior.

14 They Are Always Smiling:

A two-faced boss may always be smiling. But their smile may not reach their eyes. And it may not be genuine.

This fake smile is a sign that they’re hiding something. They’re not being authentic. And you can’t trust someone who’s not being authentic.

They might be smiling because they’re trying to manipulate you. Or they might be smiling because they’re up to something sinister.

No matter the reason, it’s best to be careful around someone who is always smiling.

Can You Beat A Two-Faced Boss?

Working for a two-faced boss can be difficult. But it’s not impossible.

1. Be Aware:

The first step is to be aware of the signs. You can spot a two-faced boss from a mile away if you know what to look for. 

And you can avoid them. But if you’re already working for one, you can still protect yourself.

For signs, you need to pay attention to their behavior. Do they praise you in front of others but criticize you in private?

Mile away

Or do they take credit for your work? Do they make promises they don’t keep?

Do they backstab you? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you’re probably working for a two-faced boss.

2 Keep Your Distance & Don’t Trust Them:

If you can, try to keep your distance from a two-faced boss. Don’t get too close to them.

And don’t share too much with them. The less they know about you, the better.

It’s hard to trust someone who is two-faced. And you shouldn’t. They will probably betray you at some point. And when they do, it will hurt.

Thus, it’s best to keep your distance and not trust them.

3 Set Boundaries:

You need to set boundaries with a two-faced boss. Don’t let them take advantage of you.

And don’t let them walk all over you. Tell them no if they’re always asking you to do things for them.

If they’re constantly criticizing you, tell them to stop. If they’re being abusive, report them to HR.

It would help if you stood up for yourself. And you need to set boundaries. Otherwise, they will continue to take advantage of you.

Final Word:

These are some of the signs that your boss is two-faced. If you notice any of these signs, stay away from them.

And if you can’t trust your boss, it might be time to find a new job because a two-faced boss is not someone you want to work for.

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