Jobs For People With No Experience, Qualification or Skills

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Jobs for people with no experience mean that the employer is willing to train you on the job.

This can be an entry-level position as an intern or a volunteer.

17 Jobs For People With No Experience

Often, these jobs are in customer service or food and beverage.

If you have no experience, don’t worry, there are plenty of jobs! Just keep looking, and don’t give up.

Some examples of jobs for people with no experience are:

1. Customer Service Representative:

Starting with junior or entry-level customer service jobs is a great way to start your career.

Most likely, you will need excellent communication skills and a can-do attitude.

Customer  service positions - jobs for people with no experience

CSRs have to deal with customers daily. So you must be able to handle difficult situations calmly and professionally.

Companies may hire people with no experience for customer service positions. However, they can train them on the specific skills they need for the job.

2. Food Server:

Food servers play an important role in the hospitality industry. They are responsible for:

– Taking orders from customers

– Serving food and drinks

– Cleaning up the dining area

Food servers typically have no experience when they first start. However, many restaurants are willing to train them on the job.

And with experience, food servers can move up to higher-paying positions such as:

– Head waiter

3. Sales Associate:

Sales associates are responsible for helping customers find the products they need. They also help with:

– Stock shelves

– Cleaning the store

– Cashiering

Many retail stores are willing to train sales associates with no experience. And with experience, sales associates can move to higher-paying positions such as store managers.

However, sales experience is not required for all positions. For example, some stores may hire associates without any sales experience.

4. Receptionist:

Receptionists are responsible for answering phones and greeting customers. They also help with:

– Scheduling appointments

– Filing paperwork

– Data entry

Many businesses are willing to train receptionists with no experience. Maintaining a professional and friendly demeanor is essential for this position.

Whenever you call a company, the first person you speak to is likely the receptionist. This position is important for keeping the business organized and running smoothly.

5. Nanny:

Nannies provide child care in the home of the family they work for. They are responsible for:

– Caring for children

– Supervising playtime

– Helping with homework

– Preparing meals

A nanny must be patient, nurturing, and reliable. Some families may require that nannies have child care experience, but many are willing to train the right candidate.

6. Barista:

A barista is a coffee shop server who specializes in making coffee drinks. They are responsible for:

– Interacting with customers

Baristas - jobs for people with no experience

– Making coffee drinks

– Maintaining a clean work area

Baristas must be friendly and efficient. Many coffee shops will provide on-the-job training, but some may require experience.

However, baristas with certification from any cooking-related course will have a competitive edge.

7. Delivery Driver:

A delivery driver is responsible for picking up and dropping off packages. They may also be responsible for:

– Loading and unloading the delivery vehicle

– Checking packages for damage

– Keeping a log of their deliveries

Most delivery drivers have a high school diploma or GED. In addition, some companies may require a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. But experience is not always necessary.

8. Office Clerk:

An office clerk is responsible for a variety of administrative tasks, including:

– Answering phones

– Filing documents

– Data entry

– Photocopying and faxing

Office clerks may be fresh from high school or college, with little to no experience. However, some office clerk positions may require a year or two of related experience.

Interns Are People With No Experience

An internship is a great way to get your foot in the door and gain valuable experience.

Most internships are unpaid. But they will allow you to learn new skills and grow your network.

Some internships may even lead to a full-time job offer. Just be sure to research before accepting an internship, as some may not be as reputable as others.

There are many industries that offer internships, such as:

1. Accounting Intern:

With a degree in accounting, you could find an internship in auditing and tax. Or you could even become a certified public accountant.

But with no experience, your best bet is to start with a position in accounting.

As an intern, your tasks would include:

– Filing and organizing paperwork

– Answering phones

– Balancing books

– Assisting with audits

2. Design Intern:

There are internship opportunities available if you have a background in design.

You could intern with:

– Fashion designer

– Graphic designer

– Interior designer, or

– Web designer

Your tasks would likely include:

– Assisting with design projects

– Creating prototypes

– Conducting research

3. Human Resources Intern:

Interns without prior experience can take up internships in human resources.

Your tasks would include:

– Assisting with recruitment

Human resources - jobs for people with no experience

– Organizing employee files

– Answering employee queries

HR has many entry-level positions that are perfect for people with no experience.

4. Journalism Intern:

If you have a knack for writing and current affairs, you could be a journalism intern.

Your tasks would include:

– Writing articles

– Conducting research

– Taking photos

– Assisting with social media

Journalism roams around many industries. It gives you a chance to find an area that suits your interests.

After the experience of a few months, you could easily get a job as a journalist.

5. Social Media Intern:

Nowadays, every company needs to have a social media presence. As a social media intern, your tasks would include:

– Coming up with content for social media platforms

– Managing the social media accounts

– Engaging with users

– Analysing social media analytics

This job is great for creative people with good communication skills. It is also a perfect way to learn more about digital marketing.

Volunteering Requires No Experience Too

If you can’t find a job that doesn’t require experience, another option is to volunteer. This will allow you to learn new skills and build your experience.

Many organizations are always in need of volunteers. Some industries requiring volunteers include:

1. Health Care:

Hospitals need volunteers for a variety of tasks, such as patient care. Volunteers can also offer their time to help with administrative tasks.

However, these allow you to learn new skills and build your experience in the industry.

Volunteering also offers the perfect opportunity to see if a career in this field is for you.

Other potential tasks of a health care volunteer can include:

– Helping out at a community health fair

– Assisting in a physical therapy department

– Transporting patients

– Working the front desk at a hospital or clinic

2. Animal Welfare:

Shelters and rescues always need volunteers to help with the care of animals. This can include cleaning, feeding, and exercising the animals.

Many shelters also offer training programs to teach volunteers. For example, they learn how to handle and care for animals.


Animal welfare has many different aspects. There are also opportunities to volunteer on the administrative side of things. This can include tasks such as:

– Answering phones

– Helping with fundraising

– Working events

3. Fundraising:

Many non-profit organizations are always in need of volunteers to help with fundraising. This can include tasks such as:

Solicit donations

– Plan and organize fundraising events

– Sell tickets or merchandise

Fundraising gives the experience of working with the public. And also give people the opportunity to learn about different causes.

Sales skills also can be developed through this type of work.

4. Sports Coaching:

Sports coaching has become a popular option for people with no experience. This is because it is a great way to give back to the community and help people stay active.

Sports volunteers are into tasks such as:

– Teaching sports skills

– Leading warmups and cool-downs

– Helping with equipment

Sports coaching

Coaching also requires good communication skills and the ability to motivate people.

So these were some 28 of the best jobs for people with no experience. Remember, the key is to start somewhere.

Do not get discouraged if you do not get your dream job immediately.

15+ Jobs For People With No Qualification

Some jobs that typically do not require a degree may require on-the-job training. Or they may require certification from a professional organization.

Some examples of occupations that may not require a degree include:

1. Administrative Assistant:

With experience, you could be promoted to a senior administrative role.

However, from the start, you will be working under the supervision of someone with more experience.

Thus, as an administrative assistant, your duties might include:

– Answering phone calls

Administrative assistant - Jobs For People With No Degree

– Scheduling appointments

– Making travel arrangements

– Organizing files

– Preparing documents

All these require no prior experience or a degree. You will be trained on the job whenever you are handling something new.

2. Bartender:

A bartender is responsible for preparing and serving drinks to customers.

To become a bartender, you generally only need on-the-job training. You can get it by working as a barback (assistant bartender).

However, some states require bartenders to have a license. As a bartender, you can expect to make around $9 an hour per BLS.

Bartenders have tasks of:

– Greeting customers

– Taking orders

– Serving drinks

– Processing payments

3. Bookkeeper:

A bookkeeper is responsible for keeping track of a company’s financial transactions.

This might include:

– Recording transactions

– Preparing invoices and bank deposits, and

– Reconciling bank statements.

Some employers prefer candidates with a degree in accounting or a related field. But it’s not always a requirement.

If you want to become a bookkeeper, consider taking some accounting classes. Or you can complete a bookkeeping certification program.

4. Construction Worker:

The job of a construction worker is to help build, repair, and maintain structures. For instance, homes, roads, and bridges.

It’s a physically demanding job that often requires working long hours. But no formal education is needed to become a construction worker.

You can learn the skills you need on the job or through an apprenticeship program.

However, some construction worker positions may require you to have a driver’s license.

5. Childcare Provider:

If you love working with kids, you may want to become a childcare provider. For example, you can work in a daycare center or people’s homes.

Most states have licensing requirements for childcare providers. These may include completing a training program and passing a background check.

Sitters or nannies usually don’t need any formal education. But some families prefer candidates with a high school diploma or college experience.

6. Commercial Driver:

You can become a commercial driver without a degree. But you must get a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Commercial driver's license (CDL) - Jobs For People With No Degree

To get a CDL, you must pass skills and knowledge tests. The skills test includes a pre-trip inspection, on-road driving, and backing up.

Studying your state’s CDL manual can prepare you for the knowledge test. Most states also require commercial drivers to have a clean driving record.

7. Customer Service Representative:

Many companies will hire customer service representatives (CSRs) without a degree. But some jobs may require CSRs to have a high school diploma or some college experience.

Some companies may also require CSRs to have previous customer service experience.

To prepare for a job as a CSR, you should brush up on your people skills. And you should learn about the company’s products or services.

CSRs have to be able to handle customer complaints and questions. But, they also have to be able to stay calm under pressure.

8. Data Entry Clerk:

Data entry clerks input data into computers. They often work in offices. And they usually sit at a desk for most of their shift.

Some data entry jobs may require workers to type a certain number of keys per hour.

Most data entry clerks need little to no formal education. However, some companies may require a high school diploma or equivalent.

But with on-the-job training, you could learn the necessary skills in a few weeks.

9. Factory Worker:

Factory workers operate machinery and do various tasks to create or process materials. These workers typically have little to no formal education.

However, they must be able to follow instructions and work safely. In addition, some jobs may require on-the-job training, which can last up to a few months.

Also, factory workers must be able to stand for long periods and lift heavy objects.

So be ready to put in some hard work if you want to pursue this career.

10. Farmworker:

Farmworkers are responsible for tasks such as:

– Planting, watering, and harvesting crops

– Caring for Animals

– Maintaining farm equipment

Farmworkers typically work long hours, sometimes in extreme weather conditions. They also have physical jobs that require them to bend, stoop, and lift heavy objects.

No formal education is necessary for this position. But farmworkers must follow general instructions and complete tasks with minimal supervision.

They may get on-the-job training to learn specific tasks. Such as operating farm equipment.

11. Gardener:

Gardeners are responsible for tasks such as:

– Planting, watering, and maintaining gardens

– Trimming hedges and trees

– Raking leaves and removing debris

Self-taught - Jobs For People With No Degree

Gardeners typically work outdoors in all types of weather conditions. And with nature at their fingertips, they may encounter dirt, dust, and pesticides.

Some gardeners work for private homeowners. Others work for companies that maintain large tracts of land. Such as golf courses or parks.

Gardeners usually are self-taught and have no formal education requirements. Instead, many learn through on-the-job training from more experienced workers.

12. Home Health Aide:

Home health aides help people who are sick, disabled, or recovering from surgery. They work in patients’ homes under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN). Or they may work under Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Home health aides perform a variety of tasks, including:

– Bathing and dressing patients

– Helping with personal hygiene

– Taking vital signs, such as blood pressure and temperature

– Preparing meals and feeding patients

– Providing emotional support to patients and their families

Home health aides must complete a short training program. Some states require certification.

13. Housekeeper:

Housekeepers clean and organize homes and businesses. They vacuum carpets, mop floors, dust furniture, wash windows, and do laundry.

Some housekeepers also cook meals or run errands for their employers. As a result, background checks and cleaning supplies may be necessary.

But, most employers value experience over formal education when it comes to finding a job.

14. Information Clerk:

Information clerks collect and manage data. They work in a variety of settings. For instance, office settings, retail stores, libraries, and hospitals.

They have little to no contact with the public. Information clerks often work with databases and spreadsheets.

With many businesses going digital, information clerks are in high demand. Unfortunately, they usually need a high school diploma or the equivalent.

But if you have experience with office software, you may be able to get the job without a degree.

15. Janitor:

Janitors and building cleaners keep office buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. clean.

They sweep, mop, vacuum, and wash surfaces. Some janitors also do simple repair work. Such as fixing leaking faucets and replacing lightbulbs.

Most janitors and building cleaners learn on the job. However, some positions may require completing a short period of on-the-job training.

However, some large companies prefer to hire workers who have prior experience.

Most janitors and building cleaners work full-time. Some works night and weekends. This is because many buildings are all cleaned when they are empty.

16. Library Assistant:

As a library assistant, your job would be to help people find the materials they need.

You would also help with clerical tasks. Such as checking books in and out and shelving materials.

In some libraries, you might help people use computers. Or you may assist with programs for children.

Library assistant

However, with all these responsibilities, you don’t need a degree. Most library assistants have at least a high school diploma.

But starting as an assistant gives you the chance to learn on the job and advance to a higher position.

17. Sales Representative:

No degree is necessary to become a sales representative. Many companies prefer to train their employees.

However, some basic qualifications are necessary. First, you must have excellent communication skills. Be able to engage with customers and be persuasive without being pushy.

And you must be well organized and detail-oriented. There is a lot of competition for jobs as a sales representative.

But if you have the right skills, you can find work in several industries.

18. Receptionist:

A receptionist is the first contact point for many business visitors. They are responsible for:

– Greeting visitors

– Answering phone calls

– Handling customer inquiries

– Performing administrative tasks

Receptionists need to be warm, welcoming, and efficient. Also, they should have excellent customer service skills and be able to multitask.

No formal education is necessary to work as a receptionist. But many employers prefer candidates who have at least a high school diploma.

19. Salon/Spa Worker:

Salon and spa workers provide beauty services to clients. Some common salon and spa services include:

– Haircuts

– Hair styling

– Hair coloring

– Facials

– Massages

– Manicures

– Pedicures

Beauty industry.

Salon employers need skills and a passion for the beauty industry. With experience, salon and spa workers may eventually become managers or owners.

Most salon and spa workers have a high school diploma. Some vocational schools offer programs in cosmetology. They can be helpful but is not always required.

20. Truck Driver:

Truck drivers transport goods from one location to another. They typically have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). It requires both a written and driving test.

Most truck drivers learn through on-the-job training, which usually lasts a few weeks.

They don’t need a specific degree, but they do need a clean driving record. And they need to pass a physical examination to ensure they can do the job.

So these are some jobs that don’t need any particular degree or qualification.

There are many other jobs that don’t need any degree, but the position may vary according to the country you live in. So, research about it and then decide what is best for you!

Jobs For People With No Skills At All

Many companies are always looking for entry-level employees to fill various positions.

And, with the right attitude, you can easily land one of these jobs. Then you can begin working your way up the corporate ladder.

Some of the best jobs for people with no skills are:

1. Call Center Jobs:

Working in a call center can be a great job for someone with no skills. This is because most companies will provide on-the-job training.

Call center - Jobs for people with no skills

So, you’ll have the opportunity to learn as you go. Sometimes the job might be monotonous, but it’s a great way to earn a paycheck while you learn new things.

Call centers are always hiring entry-level employees. So, this is a great place to start if you’re looking for a job.

There are different types of call center jobs. You can find one that’s a good fit for your skills and interests.

For example, some call center jobs might require you to sell products or services. Others might require you to provide customer service.

And some call center jobs might require you to do both. Outbound and inbound call center jobs are available.

2. Office Cleaning Jobs:

You don’t need a college degree to be an office cleaner. All you need is a good work ethic and the ability to follow directions.

Office cleaning jobs are shift-based and usually involve cleaning during the evening or overnight.

This is a great job for someone who doesn’t have many other obligations. And, it’s a great way to earn some extra money.

Office cleaning jobs are usually lowstressThey don’t require much interaction with other people.

3. Warehouse Jobs:

Warehouse jobs are another great option for people with no skills. Again, this is because most warehouses will provide on-the-job training.

Warehouse jobs can be physical and involve lifting heavy objects. But, they’re usually not as physically demanding as other jobs.

Warehouse jobs are often entry-level positions. But, many warehouse jobs require more experience.

The most common warehouse jobs are order picker, packer, and the shipper.

4. Salesperson:

Sales is another way to go if you have no skills. Again, this is because most companies will provide on-the-job training.

Sales jobs can be commissionbased or salarybased. And there are many different types of sales jobs.

For example, you can find sales jobs in the automotive industry. Or you can find a place in the insurance and real estate industries.

You can also find sales jobs in the retail industry. For example, you can work as a cashier or in the store’s customer service department.

Assisting customers find what they’re looking for is a great way to earn commission.

5. Bloggers/ Influencers:

Nowadays, bloggers and influencers are in high demand. Many businesses are looking for people to promote their products and services.

Bloggers and influencers usually work independently. But, they may also work with a team of other bloggers and influencers.

They don’t need degrees or experience. But, they need to be good at writing and promoting their content.

If you have the knack for it, this could be the perfect job.

6. Event Planner:

Event planners organize events. They usually work in the hospitality industry. But, they can also work in other businesses.

No experience

Event planners need to be good at organizing and communicating. They also need to be able to work in a fast-paced environment.

You can start working as an event planner with no experience. But, having a degree or certification in event planning is helpful.

Some event planners start as interns or assistants. But, there are also many entry-level positions.

So these are some of the jobs for people with no skills. If you’re looking for a job, you should consider one of these options.

How To Gain Job Experience

Whatever job you end up taking, make sure to do your best and learn as much as you can.

The experience you gain from your current job may be what you need for your dream job.

Here are some tips to make the most of your current job:

– Be punctual and don’t take too many days off

– Get to know your co-workers and build relationships

– Offer to help with tasks outside of your job description

– Be proactive and take initiative

– Complete assignments on time and to the best of your abilities

– Constantly look for ways to improve and do things better

– Show potential employers that you are committed to your chosen career path.

Final Word:

Jobs for people with no experience are not always easy to find. However, internships and volunteering jobs can help you get in the door.

Once you have some experience, you can start applying for entry-level jobs. Again, be willing to start at the bottom and work your way up.

With hard work and dedication, you will eventually get there.

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